Why Am I Here?: Chosen by God for His Purpose

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AuthorHouse, 13 ביוני 2006 - 136 עמודים
DISCOVER YOUR PLACE. STAY FOCUSED. BE FAITHFUL. Can you think of anything better than knowing that your life is spent doing something to which you are passionately committed? Do you know what God requires of you? Why Am I Here will help you discover or rediscover the path God has chosen for you. It will help stir up the passion you need to serve others in ministry. It will guide you to find your "niche." Do you want an effective ministry? Then follow the guidelines within this book and stay in the place where God has chosen for you to serve. Topics include: -You Have a Purpose -How to Use Your Authority -Why Does It Take So Long? -How to Hear and Receive from God Why Am I Here will inspire you and help you understand God's purpose for creating you. It will change your life forever!

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מידע על המחבר (2006)

Born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, West Indies, Lynette Phillip learned early in life how to overcome adversity. While in Trinidad, Lynette was employed as an Administrative Professional Secretary at Caribbean Industrial Relations Limited. She migrated to the United States in 1985 and began a course of study at the University of Houston-Downtown, from which she graduated thirteen years later with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. It was extreme determination that caused Lynette to persevere through financial setbacks and difficult times. Sometimes, she completed only one class per semester, but destiny would not have been fulfilled if she had given up. Lynette accepted her calling into ministry while attending a weekend church retreat. She completed her biblical studies at C. H. Mason Bible College, and Greater Emmanuel Bible Institute in Houston, Texas. Lynette is a licensed evangelist missionary. She serves faithfully at Sheepfold Church of God in Christ, Houston, Texas, under the leadership of Pastor Larry C. Baker and Evangelist Missionary Terrye F. Baker. Lynette Phillip is also certified by the State of Texas, and teaches at a local area high school.


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