תמונות בעמוד

things, and believeth them affuredly, as they are to be believed, even from the bottom of his heart, being established in God in this true faith, having a quiet conscience in Christ, a sirm hope and affured trust in God's mercy, through the merits of Jesus Christ to obtain this quietness, rest, and everlasting joy, (hall not only be without fear of bodily death, when it cometh, but certainly, as St. Phit. i. Paul did, so shall he gladly (according to God's will, and when it pleaseth God to call him out of this lise) greatly defire in his heart, that he may be rid from all these occasions of evil, and live ever to God's pleasure, in persect obedience of his will, with our Saviour Jefus Christ; to whose gracious presence the Lord of his insinite mercy and grace bring us, to reign with him in lise everlasting: to whom, with our heavenly Father, and the Holy Ghost, be glory in worlds without end. Amen.





Good Order, and Obedience to Rulers and Magistrates.

A Lmigbty God hath created and appointed all things J\_ in heaven, earth, and waters, in a most excellent andpersect order. In heaven he hath appointed distinct and several orders and states of archangels and angels. In earth he hath assigned and appointed kings, princes, with other governors under them, in all good and neceffary order. The water above is kept, and raineth down in due time and season. The sun, moon, stars, rainbow, tbunder, lightning, clouds, and all birds of the air, do keep their order. The earth, trees, seeds, plants, herbs, corn, grafs, and all manner of beasts, keep themselves in order: all the parts of the whole year, as winter, summer, months, nights, and days, continue in their order: all kinds of sishes in the sea, rivers, and waters, with all fountains, springs, yea, the seas themselves, keep their comely coarse ana order: and man himself also hath all his parts hoth within and without, as soul, heart, mind, memory^ understanding, reason, speech, with all and singular corporal members of his body, in a prositable, neceffary, and pleafant order: every degree of people in their vocation, calling, and ossice, hath appointed to them their duty and order: some are in high degree, some in low, some kings and princes, some inseriors and fubjects, priests and laymen, masters and servants, fathers and children, husbands and wives, rich and poor; and every one hath need of other; so that in all things is to be lauded and praised the goodly order of God, without the which no house, no city, no commonwealth can continue and endure, or last. For where there is no right order, there reigneth all abuse, carnal liberty, enormity, sin, and Eabylonical confusion.

G 4 Take Take away kings, princes, rulers, magistrates, judge's, and such estates of God's order, no man shall ride or go by the way unrobbed, no man shall sleep in his own house or bed unkilled, no man (hall keep his wife, children, and poffessions in quietness, all things shall be common; and there must needs follow all mischief and utter destruction both of souls, bodies, goods, and commonwealths. But bleffed be God that we in this realm of England seel not the horrible calamities, miseries, and wretchedness, which all they undoubtedly seel and suffer, that lack this godly order: and praised be God that we know the great excellent benesit of God (hewed towards us in this behalf. God hath sent us his high gift, our most dear sovereign King Edward, with a godly, wise, and honourable council, with other superiors and inferiors, in a beautiful order, and godly. Wherefore, let us subjects do our bounden duties, giving hearty thanks to God, and praying for the preservation of this godly order. Let us all obey, even from the bottom of our hearts, all their godly proceedings, laws, statutes, proclamations, and injunctions, with all other godly orders. Let us consider the Scriptures of the Holy Ghost, which persuade and command us all obediently to be subject, sirst and chiesly to the King's majesty, supreme governor over all, and next to his honourable council, and to all other noblemen, magistrates and ossicers, which by God's goodness be placed and ordered. For Almighty God is the pnly author and provider for this forenamed state and order, as it is written of God in the Book of the Proverbs,

Pfor. vill. Through me tings do reign, through me counsellors make just laws, through me do princes bear rule, and all judges of the earth exreute judgment: I am loving to them that love me. Here let us mark well, aud remember, that the high power and authority of kings, with their making of laws, judgments, and ofsices, are the ordinances, not of man, but of God; and therefore is this word (through me) so many times repeated. Here is also well to be conlidered and remembered, that this good order is appointed by God's wisdom, favour, and love, especially for them that love God; and therefore he (aith, I love them'that love me.

Wisd. vi. Allb in the Book of Wisdom we may evidently learn, that a king's power, authority, and strength, is a great benesit of God; given of his great mercy, to the comfort of our great misery. For this we read there spoken to Kings, Hear, O ye kings, and understand; learn ye that be judges of the ends of the earth; give ear ye that rule the multitudes:

tades; for the power is given you of the Lord, and the strength from the Highest. Let us learn also here by tie infallible and undeceivable Word of God, that kings, «nd other supreme and higher ossicers, are ordained of God, who is most high: and therefore they are here taught diligently to apply and give themselves to knowledge and wisdom, necefffary for the ordering of God's people to their governance committed, or whom to govern they are charged of God. And they be here also taught by Almighty God, that they should acknowledge themselves to have all their power and strength, not from Rome, but immediately of God most high. We read in the Hook of Deuteronomy, that all punishment pertaineth to God, by this sentence, Vengeance is mine, and I will reward. Deui. But this sentence we must understand to pertain also unto"""the magistrates which do exercise God's room in judgment, and punishing by good aud godly laws here on earth. And the places ot Scripture which seem to remove from among all Chriltian men judgment, punishment, or killing, ought to be understood, that no man (of his own private authority) may be judge over others, may punish, or may kill. But we must reser all judgment to God, to kings and rulers, judges under them which be God's ossicers to execute justice; and by plain words of Scripture have their authority and use ot the sword granted from God; as we are taught by St. Paul, that dear and chosen Apostle of our Saviour Christ, whom we ought diligently to obey, even as we would obey our Saviour Christ, if he were present. Thus St. Paul writeth to the Romans, Let every foul submit himself unto the au- Rom. xiii. tbority os the higher powers, for there is no power but of God. The poivers that he, he ordained of God. Whofoever therefore witbjlandetb the power, witbjlandetb the ordinance rf God: but they that refill, or are againjl it, (ball receive to themselves damnation. For rulers arc not fearsul to them that do good, but to them that do evil. JVilt thou he without fear of the power? Do well then, and so shalt thou he praised of the fame; for he is the minijler of God for tby wealth. But, and if thou do that which is evil, then fear; ftr he heareth not the sword for nought, for he is the mimfler of God, to take vengeance on him that doth evil. Wherefore ye mujl needs ohey, not only for fear of vengeance, but also hecause of conscience; and even for this cause pay ye tribute, for they are God's ministers, serving for the fame purpofe.

Here let us learn of St. Paul, the chosen vessel of God,


that all persons having souls (he excepteth none, nor exempteth none, neither Priest, Apostle, nor Prophet, faith St. Chrysostom,) do owe of bounden duty, and even in conscience, obedience, submission, and subjection to the higher powers which he set in authority by God; forasmuch as they be God's lieutenants, God's presidents, God's ossicers, God's commissioners, God's judges, ordained of God himself, of whom only they have all their power, and all their authority. And the fame St. Paul threateneth no less pain than everlajjling damnation to all disohedient persons, to all resisters against this general and common authority, forasmuch as they resist not man, but God; not man's device and invention, but God's wisdom, God's order, power, and authority.

The Second Part of the Sermon of Obedience.

FOrasmuch as God hath created and disposed all things in a comely order, we have been taught in the sirst Part of the Sermon, concerning good Order and Obedience; that we ought also in all commonweals to observe and keep a due order, and to be obedient to the powers, their ordinances and laws; and that all rulers ate appointed of God, for a goodly order to be kept in the world: and also how the magistrates ought to learn how to rule and govern according to God's laws; and that all subjects are bound to obey them as God's ministers, yea, although they be evil, not only for sear, but also for conscience fake. And here, good people, let us all mark diligently, that it is not lawful for inseriors and subjects, in any case, to resist and stand against the superior powers: for St. Paul's words be plain, that whofoever witbjlandetb, shall get to themselves damnation; for whofoever withjiandeth, -witbflandeth the ordinance oj God. Our Saviour Christ himself, and his Apostles, received many and divers injuries of the unfaithful and wicked men in authority: yet we never read that they, or any of them, caused any sedition or rebellion against authority. We read oft, that they patiently suffered all troubles, vexations, standers, pangs, and pains, and death itself, obediently, without tumult or resistance. They committed their cause to him that judgeth righteously, and prayed for their enemies heartily and earnestly. They knew that the authority of the powers was God's ordinance; and therefore, both in their words and deeds, they taught ever obedience to it, and never taught nor

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