תמונות בעמוד

presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; (for where one is, there is God all whole in majesty, together with all his power, wisdom, and goodness,) and Fear not, I fay, the danger and peril of so traitorous a desiance and departure? Good Christian brethren and sisters, advise yourselves, consider the dignity that ye be now set in, let no folly lose the thing that grace hath so pretiously offered and purchased, let not wilfulness and blindness put out so great light that is now (hewed unto you. Only take goodhearI s unto you, and put upon you «//Ephes. vi. the armour of God, that ye may jland agamjl your enemies, vibicb would again subdue you, and bring you into their thraldom. Rememher ye he hought from your vain conversa- i Pei. i. tion, and that your freedom is purchased neither -with gold nor Jifoir, but with the price of the precious blood of that innoeent Lamb Jesus Chrjl, which was ordained to the fame purpose hefore the world was made. But he was so declared in the latter time of grace for your fakes, which by him have your faith in God, who hath railed him from death, and hath given him glory, that you should have your faith and hope towards God. Therefore as you have hitherto followed the vain lusts of your mind's, and so displeased God to the danger of your souls; so now, likeobedient children thus purisied by faith, give yourselves to walk that way which God moveth you to, that ye may receive the end of your faith, the falvation of your souts. And as you have given your bodies to unrighte- i Pei i. ousness, to sin after sin; so now give yourselves to righteousness, to be fanctisied therein. If ye delight in this article of our faith, that Christ is risen again from death to lise, then follow you the example of his refurrection, *s St. Paul exhortetn us, faying, As we he buried with Rom. vi. Cbrijl by our baptism into death, so let us daily die to fin, mortifying and killing the evil desires and morions thereof. .dud as Cbrijl was rased up from death by the glory of the father, so let us rife to a new life, and walk continually therein, that we mav likewise as natural children live a conversation to move men to glorify our Father which is in heaven. If nie then he risen with Chrijl by our faith to the hope Mtu. v. of everlajling life, let iis rife also -with Christ, after his example, to a new life, and leave our old t We shall then he truly risen, if we leek for things that he heavenly, if we have our affection on things that he abeve, and not on things that bion the earth. If ye desire to know what these earthly things be which ye should put off, and what be the heavenly things above, that ye should leek and ensue, St.

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Paul in the Epistle to the Colossians declareth, when he

Cotoss. iii. exhorteth us thus: Mortify your earthly memhers, and old ofi-Mim of fin, as fornication, uncleanncfs, unnatural lv.fi, evil concupiscence, and covetousness,which is worshipping of idols; for the which things, the wrath of God is wont to fall on the children of unbelief; in which things once ye walked, whenye lived in them. But now put ye also away fromyou, wrath, fierceness, maliciousness, cursed speaking, filtby speaking, out of your mouths. Lie not one to another, that the old man with his works he put off, and the new he put on. These be the earthly things which St. Paul moved you to cast from you, aud to pluck your hearts from them: for in following these, ye declare yourselves earthly and worldly. These be the fruits of the earthly Adam. These should you daily kill by good diligence, in withstanding the desires of them, that ye might rife to righteousness. Let your affeblion from henceforth he set on heavenly things, sue and search for mercy, kindness, meekness, patience, forhearing- oue another, and forgiving one another. If any man have a quarrel to another, as Chrijl forgaveyou, even so doyc. Jf these and such other heavenly virtues ye enfue in the residue of your lise, ye shall (hew plainly that ye be risen with Christ, and that ye be the heavenly children of your Father in heaven; from whom, as from the James i. g'ver, cometh thele graces and gifts. Ye shall prove by this manner, that your converlation is in heaven, where your hope is; and not on earth, following the beastly appetites of the slesh. Ye must consider that ye be therefore cleansed and renewed, that ye should from hencesorth Phil. iii. serve God in holiness and righteousness all the days of your lives, that ye may reign with him in everlasting lifeLuke i. If ye refuse so great grace, whereto ye be called, what other thing do ye, than heap to you damnation more aud more, and lo provoke God to cast his displeasure upon you, and to revenge this mockage of his holyfecratnents in so great abusing of them? Apply yourselves, good friends, to live in Christ, that Christ may still live in you, whole favour and assistance if ye have, then have ye everlasting lise already within you, then can nothing Johov. hurt you. Whatsoever Is hitherto done and committed, Christ, ye see, hath ofsered you pardon, and clearly reteived you to his favour again, in full furety whereof ye have him now inhabiting and dwelling within you. Only Cotoss. iii. shevv yourselves thankful in yourlives, determine with yourselves to refuse and avoid all such things in your converfations aa should ofsend his eyes of mercy. Endeavour

youryourselves that way to rise up again, which :way" ye sell into the well or pit of (in. If by your tongue yon have offended, now thereby rise again, and glority God therewith; accustom it to laud and praise the name or God, as ye have therewith dishonoured it. And as ye have hurt the name of your neighbour, or otherwise hindered him, so now intend to restore it to him again.' For without: restitution God accepteth not your consession, nor yet Restiiuiion. your repentance. It is not enough to forfake evil, except you set your courage to do good. By'what occasion soever you have offended, turn now the occasion to the honouring of God, and prosit of your neighbour. Truth Psai. ixivi. it is that lin is strong, and affections unruly. Hard it is to subdue and resist our nature, so corrupt and leavened with the sour bitterness of the poison, which we received by the inheritance of our old father Adam. But yet take Man. \i. good courage, faith our Saviour Christ, for I have overcome the world, and all other enemies for you. Sin shall not have sower over you, for ye he now under grace, faith St. Paul. Rom. vi. Though your power be weak, yet Christ is risen again to strengthen you in your battle, his holy Spirit shall help Rom. viii. your insirmities. In trust of his mercy, take you in hand to purge this old leaven of sin, that oorrupteth and soureth the sweetness of our lise before God; that ye may i Cor. v. be as new and fresh dough, void of all sour leaven of wickedness; so (hall ye shew yourselves to be sweet bread to God, that he may have his delight in you. I fay, kill and ofser you up the worldly and earthly assections of your bodies. For Christ our Easter Lamb is offered up for us, to slay the power of sin, to deliver us from the danger thereof, and to give us example to die to sin in our lives. As the Jews did eat their Easter Lamb, and keep their seast in rempmbrance of their deliverance out of Egypt; even so let us keep our Easter seast in'the thankful remembrance of Christ's benesits, which he hath plentifully wrought for us by his resurrection and passing to his Father, whereby we are delivered from the captivity and thraldom of all our enemies. Let us in like manner pass over the affections of our old converfation, that we may be delivered from the bondage thereof, and rise with Christ. The Jews kept their seast in abstaining Exod. vii, from leavened bread by the space of seven days. Let us Christian folk keep our holy-day in spiritual manner j that is, in abstaining, not from material leavened bread, but from the old leaven of sin, the leaven of maliciousness. and wickedness. Let us cast from us the leaven of cor

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rupt doctrine, that will insect our souls. Let us keep our seast the whole term of our lise* with eating the bread of pureness, of godly life, and truth of Christ's doctrine. Thus (hall we declare that Christ's gifts and graces haw their effect in us, and that we have the right belief and knowledge of his holy resurrection: where truly, if we apply our faith to the virtue thereof in our lise, and conform us to the example and signification meant thereby, we shall be sure to riso hereafter to everlasting glory, by the goodness and mercy of our Lord Jefus Christ: to whom with the Father and the HoJy Ghost be all glory, thanksgiving, and praise, m mfinUa Jiculorutn jeadg. Amen. :••••



H O M I L Y,


Worthy receiving and reverent esteeming of the
Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ,

THE great love of our Saviour Christ towards man-
kind, good Christian people, doth not only appear
in that dear-bought benesit of our redemption and falva-
tion by his death and passion, but also in that he so
kindly provided, that the lame most merciful work might
be had in continual remembrance, to take some place in
us, and not be frustrate of his end and purpose. For as
tender parents are not content to procure for their chil-
dren costly poffeffions and livelihood, but take order that
the lame may be conserved and come to their use; so our
liord and Saviour thought it not sussicient to purchase for
us his Father's favour again, (which is that deep fountain •
of all goodness and eternal lise) but also invented the
^rays most wisely, whereby they might redound to our
commodity and prosit. Amongst the which means is
the public celebration of the memory of his precious
death at the Lord's table. Which although it leem of
stnall virtue to some, yet being rightly done by the faith-
snl, it doth not only help their weakness (who by their
poisoned nature readier to remember injuries than bene-
sit*) but strengtheneth and comforteth their inward man
with peace and gladnefe, and maketh them thankful to
their Redeemer, with diligent care and godly converfa-
tion. And as of old time God decreed his wondrous Eiod. xji.
henesits of the deliverance of his people, to be kept in
memory by the eating of the paffover, with his rites and
ceremonies; so our loving Saviour hath ordained and
fstablifhed the remembrance of his great mercy expreffed
in his passion, in the institution of his heavenly lupper, M^. tj,

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