תמונות בעמוד

besides that punishment which should have happened unto him in the world to come. When Ahab heard this, he rent his clothes, and put sackcloth upon him, and fa/led, and lay in sackcloth, and went barefooted. Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah, saying, See/I thou how Ahab is bumbled hefore me? Because he submitieth himself hefore me, 1 will not bring that evil in his days; but in his sons days will 1 bring it upon his bouse. Although Ahab, through the wicked counlel of Jezabel his wisej had committed shameful murder, and against all right disinherited and dispolffeffed for ever r^aboth's stock of that vineyard; yet upon his humble submisiion in heart unto God, which he declared outwardly by putting on fackcloth and fasting, God changed his sentence, so that the punishment which he had determined sell not upon Ahab's house in his time, but was deserred unto the days of Joram his son. Here we may see of what force our outward fast is, when it is accompanied with the inward fast of the mind, which is (as is faid) a sorrowfulness of heart, detesiing and bewailing our sinful doings. The like is to be seen in the Ninevites: for when God had determined to desiroy the whole city of Nineveh, and the time which he had appointed was even now at hand, he sent the Prophet Jonah to fay unto them, Jonah iii. Yet forty days, and Nineveb /ball he overthrown. The people by and by helieved God, and gave themselves to fajitng; yea, the king, by the advice of his counsel, caused < to he proclaimed, faying, Let neither man nor heajl, bullock nor jheep tajle any thing, neither feed nor drink water: but let man and heajl put on sackeloth, and cry mightily unto God; yea, let every man turn from his evil zuay, and from the wickedness that is in their hands. Who can tell if God will turn and repent, and turn away from his fierce wrath, that we persh not? And upon this their hearty repentance, thus declared outwardly with fasting, renting of their clothes, putting on fackcloth, and sprinkling themselves with dust aud ashes, the Scripture faith, God saw their works, that they turned from their evil ways; and God repented of the evil that he bad said he would do unto them, and he did it not. Now, beloved, ye have heard sirst what fasting is, as well that which is outward in the body, as that which is in^ ward in the heart. Ye have heard also that there arq three ends or purposes, whereunto if our outward fail be directed, it is a good work that God is pleased with.


Thirdly, hath been declared, what time is most meet for to fast, either privately or publicly. Last of all, what things fasting hath obtained of God, by the examples of Ahab and the Ninevites. Let us therefore, dearly beloved, seeing there are many more causes of fasting and mourning in these our days, than have been of many vears heretofore in any one age, endeavour ourselves both inwardly in our hearts, and also outwardly with our bodies, diligently to exercise this godly exercise of fasting, in such sort and manner, as the holy Prophets, the Apostles, and divers other devout persons for their time used the fame. God is now the fame God that he was then; God that loveth righteousness, and that hateth iniquity; God which willeth not the death of a sinner, but rather that he turn from his wickedness and live; God that hath promised to turn to us, if we refuse not to turn to him: yea, if we turn our evil works from before his eyes, cease to do evil, learn to do well, seek to do right, relieve the oppreffed, be a right judge to the fatherless, desend the widow, break our bread to the hungry, bring the poor that wander into our house, clothe the naked, and depise not our brother which is our own slesh; Then jbalt thou call, faith the Prophet, and the Lord shall answer; thoushalt cry, and he shallsay, Here am I: yea, God, which heard Ahab and the Ninevites, and spared them, will also hear our prayers, and spare us so, that we, after their example, will unseignedly turn unto him: yea, he will bless us with his heavenly benedictions, the time that we have to tarry in this world, and, after the race of this mortal lise, he will bring us to his heavenly kingdom, where we shall reign in everlasting blesi'edness with our Saviour Christ, to whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost be all honour and glory, for ever and ever. Amen.




Gluttony and Drunkenness.

YE have heard in the former Sermon, well-beloved, the description and the virtue of fasting, with the true use of the fame. Now ye shall hear how foul a thing gluttony and drunkenness is before God, the rather to move you to use falling the more diligently. Understand Tiiusii. ye therefore, that Almighty God (to. the end that we might keep ourlielves undesiled, and serve him in holiness and righteousness, according to his word) hath charged in his Scriptures so many as look for the glorious appearing of our Saviour Christ, to lead their lives in all sobriety, modesty, and temperance. Whereby we may learn how neceffary it is for every Christian, that will not be found unready at the coming of our Saviour Christ, to live sober-minded in this present world, forasmuch as otherwise being unready, he cannot enter with Christ into glory: and being unarmed in this behalf, he must needs be in continual danger of that cruel adverfary, the roaring i Pet. v. Lion, against whom the Apostle Peter warneth us to prepare ourselves in continual sobriety, that we may relist, being steadfast in faith. To the intent therefore that this soberness may be used in all our behaviour, it shall be expedient for us to declare unto you how much all kind of excess offendeth the Majesty of Almighty God, and how grievously he punifheth the immoderate abuse of those his creatures, which he ordaineth to the maintenance of this our needy lise, as meats, drinks, and apparel; and again, to shew the noisome diiea!es and great mischiefs, that commonly do follow them that inordinately give up themselves to be carried headlong with such pleasures as are joined either with dainty and over-large fare, or else with costly and sumptuous apparel.

And sirst, that ye may perceive how detestable and hateful ail excess in eating and drinking is before the face of Almighty God, ye shall call to mind what is nritten by St. Paul to the Galatians, where he number- Gatai. r. eth gluttony and drunkenness among those horrible crimes, with the which (as he faith) no man should inherit the kingdom of heaven. He reckoneth them among the deeds of the slesh, and coupleth them with idolatry, whoredom, and murder, which are the greatest offences that can be named among men. For the sirst fpoileth God of his honour; the second desileth his holy temple, that is to wit, our own bodies; the third maketh us companions of Cain in the slaughter of our brethren; and whoso committeth them, as St. Paul faith, cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Certainly, that sin is very

causeth him to turn his favourable countenance so far from us, that he should clean bar us out of the doors, and disinherit us of his heavenly kingdom. But he so much abhorreth all beastly banquetting, that, by his Son our Saviour Christ in the Gospel, he declareth his terrible indignation against all belly-gods, in that. he pronounceth them accursed, faying, Woe be to you that are full, for ye Luke vi. Jball bunger. And by the Prophet Ifaiah he crieth out, Woe he to you that rife up early, to give yourselves to drunken- Isa. T. nifs, and set all your mind so on drinking, that you fit svilling thereat until it he night. The harp, the lute, the fbalm, and plenty of -wine are at your feajls: but the works of the Lardye do not hehold, neither confider the works of his hands. Woe he unto you that arejlrong to drink wine, and are mighty to advance drunkenness. Here the Prophet plainly teacheth, that seasting and.banquetting make men forgetful of their duty towards God, when they give themselves to all kinds or pleasures, not considering nor regarding the works of the Lord, who hath created meats and drinks, as St. Paul faith, to be received thankfully of them that 1 Tim. Ir. helieve and know the truth. So that the very beholding of these creatures (being the handy-work of Almighty God) might teach us to use them thankfully, as God hath ordained. Therefore they are without excuse before God, which either silthily feed themselves, not respecting the fanctitieation which is by the word of God and prayer, or else unthankfully abuse the good creatures of God by surseiting and drunkenness, forasmuch as God's ordinances in his creatures plainly forbid it. They that give themselves therefore to bibbing and banquetting,

odious and loathsome


being without all consideration os God's judgments, are suddenly oppreffed in the day of vengeance. Therefore Luke xxi. Christ iaith to his disciples, Take heed to yourselves, left at any time your hearts he overcome with surfeiting and drunkenness, and cans of this world, and so that day come on you Luke xii. unawares. Whosoever then will tike warning at Christ, let him take heed to himself, left his heart being overwhelmed by surseiting, and drowned in drunkenness, he be taken unawares with that unthrifty servant, which, thinking not on his majler'scoming, hegan to smite his sclloiuservants, and to eat, and to drink, and to he drunken, and being suddenly taken, hath his just reward with unbelieving hypocrites; they that use to drink deeply, and to seed at full, (wallowing themselves in all kind or wickedness) are brought asleep in that slumbering forgetfulness of God's holy will and commandments. Therefore AlJoet i. mighty God crieth by the Prophet Joel, Awake ye drunkards, weep and howl all ye drinkers of wine, hecause the new wine shall he pulled from your mouth. Here the Lord terribly threateneth to withdraw his benesits from fuch as abuse them, and to pull the cup from the mouth of drunkards. Here we may learn, not to sleep in drunkenness and surseiting, lest God deprive us of the use of his creatures, when we unkindly abuse them. For certainly the Lord our God will not only take away his benessits when they are unthankfully abused, but also, in his wrath and heavy displeafure, take vengeance on fuch Gen. iii. as immoderately abuse them. If our sirst parents, Adam and Eve, had not obeyed their greedy appetite in eating the forbidden fruit, neither had they lost the fruition of God's benesits which they then enjoyed in Paradise, neither had they brought lo many mischiefs both to themselves, and to all their posterity. But when they passed the bounds that God appointed them, as unworthy of God's benesits, they are expelled and driven out of Paradise; they may no longer eat the fruits of that garden, which by excess they had so much abused. As transgreffors of God's commandment, they and their posterity are brought to a perpetual shame and confusion; and as accursed of God, they must now sweat for their living, which before had abundance at their pleasure: even so, if we in eating and drinking exceed, when God of his large liberality sendeth plenty, ne will soon change plenty into scarceness. And whereas we gloried in fulness, he will make us empty, and confound us with penury; yea, we shall be compelled to labour and travel with pains, in


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