תמונות בעמוד
[blocks in formation]


HE fable queen of shades retires,

Encircled with her fading fires ;
Yok'd to her iron car, the dragons fly,
With flow wing black’ning many a league of sky.

Go, melancholy goddess; go,
Nurse of despondency and woe.

'Tis time; the cock's Thrill clarion calls
The dawn, and strikes the prowling wolf with fear,

And bids the phantoms disappear,
That glimmer ʼmidst yon mould’ring walls :

They startle at the found,
And gliding o'er the trackless ground,
Loth, to their marble mansions hafte away.
No more their livid lightnings play ;
The terrors of aërial tumults cease,
Hufh'd to serenity and smiling peace.

For, lo! in heav'n's ambrosial bow'rs,

Wak'd by the stationary hours,
Parent of day, the morn unveils her eyes,
And vermil blushes streak the orient skies:

How Nature triumphs at the fight,
Renew'd in all her beauty bright!

Her fragrant groves their incense yield;
The zephyrs, from her humid stores, diffuse

The sweetness of melliAuous dews;
And pleasure paints the lilied field.

Here, gilt with splendid rays,
The spires and lofty turrets blaze ;
There the canals reflect a pleasing gleam;
While dancing down the pebbly stream,

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The silver radiance chears the feather'd throng, Woods, hills, and dales, re-echo with their song.

Thus, like the morn, will faireft Freedom come,

In inaje ly divine,
With dawning glory to disperse the gloom
Of dire Oppre:lion; and illame the mind,
To darkness and despondency confin’d.

Arile, O Liberty! 'tis thine,

The charms of Nature to refine; With blooming hope and harmony to please, To crown with plenty, and to bless with ease; To light up awful Virtue's living ray, And pour the flood of intellectual day,

Place me in Africk's desart lands,
Where Thirst fits gaping on the sands ;
If there auspicious Freedom fix her feat,
'Midft burning blasts, I'll hail the rude retreat;

Soon shall the wild, more polish'd grown,
Admire new beauties, not her own :

Sage Industry shall dig the well
Capacious, yawning many a fathom deep;

While lowing herds, and bleating sheep,
Stand frequent in the cooling cell.

Soon shall the mantling vine
Be taught around the palm to twine;
And social arts the stranger Naïads wake,

That seep beneath the cistant lake,
Curious to view young Commerce gaily roam,
And bring full harvests to his barren home,

Place me beneath the gelid zoné,

Near winter's adamantine throne, Where farthest ocean foams with icy roar; Along the bleak, inhospitable shore :

If Freedom to the smoky dome

With fur-cloath'd mortals deign to roam;
Thro’ snowy wastes the dome I'll seek;
What hinders to enjoy the freezing year!

For Property will there appear;
And chearful Health, with rosy cheek,

Pursue the panting prey;
Or, mindful of the lengthen’d day,
Sit chaunting on the mountain's chrystal brow,

Where hanging torrents shine below;
Nor will Cimmerian Sleep forget to bring
Safe flumbers, waving at his downy wing.

Come then, Celestial, let thy with'd return

This happier clime serene ;
This happier clime, if Rome thy absence mourn,
No more with smiles of pleasure entertains,
Nor Baia’s groves, nor rich Campania's plains :

Heartless we view the splendid scene

Of turrets, and the painted green;
Heartless the musick of the groves we hear,
As when, new harness”d out by Wrath and Fear,
Night's chariot moves in storms; and thunders hurl'd,
Roll their broad terrors round the groaning world,

[blocks in formation]




Othee, my Digby, I devote my lay;

To thee, or Friendship, equal would I fing:
Reflecting Memory, faithful to this day,

Shall ne'er forget to touch th' harmonious string.

This day, for ever sacred, ever dear!

This day did Heav'n it's faireft boon bestow A Friend !--Thy gracious kindness 1 revere,

And thank thee for the gift, in weal or woe!

In weal or woe, how sure hath been it's aid;

My cares how soften'd, how my joys improv'd! To foothe each murm’ring thought, how oft effay'd;

When itern Misfortune frown’d, it's frown remov'd.

How form'd thy gentle bosom to controul

Each growing tempeft of th' impaffion'd breaft! How oft it's influence on my mind hath stole,

And hulh'd the raging tumults into rest!

Though many years have roll'd their periods round,

And a vait ocean parts us from the scene
Where firft fair Friendship's warmeft fmiles we found,

Anů beft affections hail'd her for their queen:

Yet Memory, ever faithful to our love,

With her soft hand hath drawn each rifing view ; The scenes which tendereft Friendship muft approve,

Her traits still give in ev'ry picture true.

Recording Time, turn o'er each page with care,

Our history since that period first begun; When each affection claim’d'an equal thare,

And sympathetick friendship made them one.

On each fair page our friendship stands fecure,

No change, no chance, but proves it's potent power ; Each growing period glows with love more pure,

And faith still firmer each advancing hour.



Through ev'ry varying scene which time hath given,

Her bright'ning influence beam'd it's rays around; From the pain'd breast each throbbing care hath driven,

And chac'd defpair when lost in thought profound.

O Carter! could I reach thy polish'd verse,

On this delightful theme how sweet the lays !
My Digby's name each charming line should grace,

To speak her truth and love in warmest praise.

Her well form'd mind, by Wisdom's influence bless'd,

Where mild Religion bears an equal part; Where calm Experience foothes our cares to reft,

And virtues prove the goodness of her heart.

Her heart with tenderest sentiments doth glow,

And Sympathy's endearing powers are there, To feel for others in their joy or woe,

And from the weeping eye to wipe the tear.

How bless’d to know this gentle bosom mine,

By those soft ties which tenderest friendships prove! Through all my mind the accents breathe divine,

And harmonize the passions into love.

Hail, facred Friendship! hail, thou beft-lov'd name!
To thee will I devote


future days; Since Truth and Time have fanctify'd the flame,

Can I do less than live to speak thy praise ?


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