Scapegoat: The Jews, Israel and Womens' Liberation

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Simon and Schuster, 2000 - 448 עמודים
On Yom Kippur, Jews of antiquity would sacrifice two goats: one as an offering to a harsh and judging god, the other turned loose in the wilderness as a carrier of the group's sins. But throughout history, says Andrea Dworkin, women and Jews themselves have served as society's scapegoats. From the Inquisition, when women were targeted as witches and Jews as heretics, to the Nazi assault on Jewish and female bodies, these groups have been doomed to the twin fates of slaughter and exile.

In Scapegoat Dworkin draws on history, literature, philosophy, and politics to create a series of pairings -- homeland/home, pogrom/rape, Palestinians/prostitutes -- that elucidate the misogyny and anti-Semitism of the past millennium's atrocities. Sure to incite debate, Dworkin presents a startling new view of how Nazism waged war on the female body. She offers a profound indictment of Israel's "scapegoating" of the Palestinians and critiques the supremacy Israeli men exert over Israeli women. Most provocatively, she imagines a world in which women betray the men of their ethnic/racial groups to fight for their own rights. Dworkin's exploration of when and how scapegoats themselves use violence will shock and disturb -- and no reader will look at the world the same way again.


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SCAPEGOAT: The Jews, Israel, and Women's Liberation

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Feminist writer Dworkin (Life and Death, 1997, etc.) exploits a common analogy between the inferior status of diaspora Jews and women to highlight the function of both groups as scapegoats.Dworkin ... קרא סקירה מלאה

Scapegoat: the Jews, Israel, and women's liberation

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Dworkin's (Life and Death; Intercourse) exegesis on anti-Semitism and misogyny traces the often-parallel paths of both forms of hatred. The atrocities of the Nazi Holocaust and the particularities of ... קרא סקירה מלאה

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Andrea Dworkin, internationally renowned radical feminist activist, was the author of many books, including the collection of essays"Life and Death" and the novel "Mercy".

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