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Military Strength.] There are about 20,000 fighting men in this state. About 10 men are kept to guard Fort Johnson, on James Island, at the entrance of Charleston harbour, by which no vessel can pass, unless the master or mate make oath that there is no malignant diftemper on board. These ro men are the only standing force of this state. The militia laws, enacting that every freeman between 16 and 50 years of age, shall be prepared for war, have been but indifferently obeyed fince the peace.

Public Revenue and Expences.] The public revenue of this state is, nominally, about 1.90,000 fterling. But a great part of this is either not collected, or paid in public securities, which are much depreciated. The expences of government are about f.16,000 sterling.

Mode of Levying Taxes.] There is a general impoft of 3 per cent, and other impofts varying from 3 to 10 per cent. payable on the importation of merchandize from foreign countries. The great bulk of the revenue of the state, is raised by a tax on lands and negroes. The lands, for the pure pose of being taxed according to their value, are divided into three grand divisions; the first reaches from the sea coast to the extent of the flowing of the tides; the second from these points to the falls of the rivers; and thence to the utmost verge of the western settlement makes the third. These grand divisions, for the sake of more exactly ascertaining the value of the lands, are subdivided into 21 different species. The most valuable of which is estimated at fix pounds, and the least valuable at one thilling per aere. One per cent. on the value thus estimated, is levied from all granted lands in the state. The collection of taxes is not annexed to the office of sheriff, but is committed to particular gentlemen appointed for that purpose.

Ellimate of Damages sustained in the late War.] The damages which this ftate sustained in the late war are thus estimated. The two entire crops of 1780 and 1781, both of which were used by the British—The crop of 1782 taken by the Americans About 25,000 negroes—Many thoufands of pounds worth of plate, and houshold furniture in abundance.—The villages of George-town and Camden burnt- The loss to the citizens directly by the plunderings and devastations of the British army-and indirectly by American impressments, and by the depreciation of the paper currency, together with the heavy debt of 6.1,200,000 sterling, incurred for the support of the war, in one aggregate view, make the price of indee pendence to South Carolina, exclusive of the blood of its citizens, upwards of £..3,000,000 sterling.

State of the Practice of Phyfic.] The practice of Physie throughout the ftate, is reputable, particularly in Charleiton, which contains more regular bred physicians, in proportion to its numbers, than any city in the United States. It is to be lamented, however, that, in common with the other parts of America, extraordinary merit is unrewarded, and persons of real Skill rarely fare better, and sometimes worse, than those of moderate talents and contracted education.

Commerce, Commerce.] The little attention that is paid to manufactures occasions ha vast consumption of foreign imported articles; but the quantities and value of their exports generally leave a balance in favour of the state, except when there are large importations of negroes. The following lid of exports, which was copied from the custom-house books in Charles ton, will give an accurate and satisfactory idea of the variety and quantity of articles exported from the port of Charleston. GENERAL ABSTRACT of the Debt of the State of South CAROLINA,

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AMERICAN produce imported into, and exported from, Charlefton. Barrels four, . 8,783 Bushels ditto, - 1,238 Barrels bread,

235 Barrels onions, . Kegs ditto, - - 835 Bunches ditto, - - 14,624 Barrels fish,

965 Bushels oats, Quintals ditto, - - 110 Barrels apples, - Pounds ditto,

. 900 Barrels cyder, - - 56 Barrels potatoes,



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I'ESSELS cleared out at the culom- house, Charleston, from November, 1786 to November, 1787, belonging to the following nations :

AMERIC A. 40 Ships, mcafuring

7,372 Tons. 3 Snows, dirto,

252 ditto. 95 Brigs, ditio,

9,824 ditto. 285 Sloops, ditto,

- 11,650 ditto. 312 Schooners, ditto,

12,433 ditto.

41,531 Tons.
Ships, measuring

7,152 Tons,
Snows, ditto,

535 ditto. Brigs, ditto,

5,652 ditto. 35 Sloops, ditto,

2,160 ditto. 28 Schooners, ditto,

1,288 dicto. 148 Vefsels,

16,787 Tons.

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Brigs, measuring, -

273 Tons, Sloops ditto

150 ditto, Schooners dito, ..

650 ditto, Vessels. - - - - 1,073 Tons.

Snow, measuring

180 Tons. Brigs ditto,

235 ditto, Sloops ditto,

138 ditto, Schooners ditto,

162 ditto,

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Supposed value of imports
of West India and European
goods, as per entries, made
at the treasury office.

Amount of imports, with
charges on dry gsods, which is
are included in the Europes
an invoices, though not in the
entries at the treasury, the
average of which is from

Laft Balances.

Jusuad ST 0101

Number of Negroes imported.

Supposed neat proceeds of
negroes, for which the ven-
der is here held accountable]
to the merchant in Europe.

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14,246,613 511,650,000 1,856,250 18737'352,537 19/212,330 131

N. B. Vast quantities of goods imported in the above years, were on account of foreigners, and fold at vendue and otherwise, greatly under their first coft in Europe, and many bad debts were contracted, both which ought to be deducted from the above balance of 6.1,626,761 16, which deducted, it is computed, will reduce the balance to about f.1,400,000.--It is computed that the goods now left in stores, will amount to at least ..500,000; but as there was likewise a confiderable value at the evacuation, as well as debts contracted during the time the British held the city as a garrison, no deduction can, with propriety, be made on that account. Statement of the supposed future trade of the state (allozving an annual importation

private debts of the State,

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