Whence the Mountains?: Inquiries Into the Evolution of Orogenic Systems : a Volume in Honor of Raymond A. Price

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James W. Sears, Tekla A. Harms, C. A. Evenchick
Geological Society of America, 1 בינו׳ 2007 - 417 עמודים
The 19 original papers on the tectonic evolution of mountain systems were collected to mark the 50th anniversary of Price's description of the Canadian Cordillera. A sampling of topics turns up the driving mechanism and three-dimensional circulation of plate tectonics, the Belt-Purcell Basic as the keystone of the Rocky Mountain fold-and-thrust belt in the US and Canada, Silurian-Devonian orogenic events in the central Appalachians and the crystalline southern Appalachians, and defining the eastern boundary of the North Asian craton from structural and subsidence history studies of the Verkhoyansk fold-and-thrust belt. A fold-out sheet of color maps and diagrams is tucked into a pocket inside the back cover.

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Driving mechanism and 3D circulation of plate tectonics
Petrotectonics of ultrahighpressure crustal and uppermantle rocks Implications for Phanerozoic collisional orogens
How much strain can continental crust accommodate without developing obvious throughgoing faults?
Insights from numerical models
Comparisons and tectonic implications
of the central and southeastern Canadian Cordillera Exploring links across the orogen
Keystone of the Rocky Mountain foldandthrust belt United States and Canada
Thermochronometric reconstruction of the prethrust paleogeothermal gradient and initial thickness of the Lewis thrust sheet southeastern Canadian C...
Character of rigid boundaries and internal deformation of the southern Appalachian foreland foldthrust belt
Balancing tectonic shortening in contrasting deformation styles through a mechanically heterogeneous stratigraphic succession
Links among Carolinia Avalonia and Ganderia in the Appalachian periGondwanan realm
SilurianDevonian orogenic events in the central Appalachians and the crystalline southern Appalachians
the Northland Allochthon of New Zealand Response of a siliceous claystone to obduction
Strain analysis and fabric geochronology
Wedge tectonics in southern Qaidam basin and the Eastern Kunlun Range
Defining the eastern boundary of the North Asian cratonfrom structural and subsidence history studies of the Verkhoyansk foldandthrust belt

Reconstructing the Snake RiverHoback River Canyon section of the Wyoming thrust belt through direct dating of clayrich fault rocks
Passage of a Jurassic forebulge?
Structural metamorphic and geochronologic constraints on the origin of the Clearwater core complex northern Idaho

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עמוד xvii - Cordilleran structural province, in Price, RA, and Douglas, RJW, eds.. Variations in tectonic styles in Canada: Geological Association of Canada Special Paper 1 1, p.

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