The Rise and Progress of the People Called Quakers

כריכה קדמית
H. Perkins, 1838 - 106 עמודים

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עמוד 82 - There is a great deal in the world that is delightful and beautiful; there is a great deal in it that is great and engrossing; but it will not last. All that is in the world, the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, are but for a little while.
עמוד 78 - I have been surprised at his questions and answers in natural things; that whilst he was ignorant of useless and sophistical science., he had in him the foundation of useful and commendable knowledge, and cherished it everywhere. Civil, beyond all forms of breeding, in his behaviour; very temperate, eating little, and sleeping less, though a bulky person.
עמוד 74 - ... sympathy and compassion upon all such occasions, carefully looking into the respective cases, and endeavouring speedy relief, according to the nature of them. So that the Churches, or any of the suffering members thereof, were sure not to be forgotten or delayed in their desires, if he were there. IX. As he was unwearied, so he was undaunted in his services for God and His people; he was no more to be moved to fear than to wrath.
עמוד 72 - But above all he excelled in prayer. The inwardness and weight of his spirit, the reverence and solemnity of his address and behaviour, and the fewness and fulness of his words have often struck even strangers with admiration, as they used to reach others with consolation. The most awful, living, reverent frame I ever felt or beheld, I must say, was his in prayer.
עמוד 79 - His works praise him, because they are to the praise of Him that wrought by him; for which his memorial is, and shall be blessed. I have done, as to this part of my Preface, when I have left this short epitaph to his name ; " Many sons have done virtuously in this day ; but, dear George, thou excellest them all.
עמוד 73 - ... and doctrine, and discipline in England, Scotland, and Ireland, turning many to God, and confirming those that were convinced of the truth, and settling good order as to church affairs among them. And towards the conclusion of his travelling services, between the years seventy-one and seventy-seven, he visited...
עמוד 69 - God sent him, in that no arts or parts had any share in the matter or manner of his ministry ; and that so many great, excellent, and necessary truths, as he came forth to preach to mankind, had therefore nothing of man's wit or wisdom to recommend them. So that as to man he was an original, being no man's...
עמוד 84 - If the disciples, that had lived with Jesus, .were to stay at Jerusalem till they received it, much more must we wait to receive before we minister, if we will turn people from darkness to light, and from Satan's power to God. I fervently bow my knees to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you may always be like-minded ; that you may ever wait reverently for the coming and opening of the Word of Life, and attend upon it in your ministry and service; that you.
עמוד 21 - ... people had been vainly seeking without, with much pains and cost, they by this ministry found within; where it was they wanted what they sought for, viz., the right way to peace with God. For they were directed to the Light of Jesus Christ within them, as the seed and leaven of the kingdom of God; near all, because in all, and God's talent to all; a faithful and true witness and just monitor in every bosom; the gift and grace of God to life and salvation, that appears to all, though few regard...
עמוד 90 - ... particular care of the several branches of it, in reference to them more immediately concerned in it. For though good and wise men, and elders too, may reside in such places, who are of worth and importance in the general, and in other places ; yet it does not always follow, that they may have the room they deserve in the hearts of the people they live among ; or some particular occasion may make it unfit for him or them to use that authority. But you that travel as God's messengers, if they...

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