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cus II.

Emperors of Boniface Robert Nicephorus Waldenses. Fruitless attempts Dante, the the East. VIII. 1303 Winchelsey Callistus. Palamites, made to renew principal A. D. Benedict

1313 Raymond Hesychasts, the crusades. restorer of XI. 1304 Walter Ray- Lully. and Quiet-Christianity en- philosophy Androni. Clement V. nold 1327 Matthæus ists, three couraged in Tar- and letters,

1314 Simon Mep-Blastares. different tary and China; and also one 1332 John XXI. ham 1353 Greg. Acin- names for but loses ground of the most Androni

1334 I. Stratford dynus. one sect. towards the end sublime A schism be

1348 John Can- Spiritual of this century. poets of Younger tween Peter Thomas tacuzenus. Francis The Lithuanians modern 1341 and John, Bradward- Nicephorus cans.

and Jagello, times. ine

1349) Greg. Ceccus Ascu- their prince, con- Petrarca,

cus, the

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re- vet.

till the year

XI. occa


John Canta-Benedict Simon Islip Duns Sco- lanus, who verted to the Boccaccio. cuzenus XII. 1342 1365 tos.

was burned Christian faith Chaucer. usurps the Clement Simon Andrew of at Florence in the


Matthew of government VI. 1352 Langham Newcastle. by the In- 1386.

Westmin. under John Innocent

1374 Francis quisition for Many of the ster. Palæologus, VI. 1362 Simon Sud. Mayron. nuaking

Jews are com-Nicolas Triand holds it Urban V. bury 1381 Durand of some expe- pelled to 1372 W. Courte

St. Portian. riments in ceive the Gos-Nicephorus: 1355 A schism be- nay 1396 Nicolas de mechanics pel.

Gregoras, John VI. tween Ur- Thomas

Lyra. that ap. Philosophy and a compiler Palæol. 1390 ban and Arundel. John Bacon. peared mi- Grecian litera- of the ByAndronicus Clement.

William raculous to ture are culti. zantine His IV. 1392 Gregory XI.

Occam. the vulgar. vated with zeal tory. Emanuel II.


Nicolas Tri-Beghards, in this century. Theodore The death of


and Be. The disputes be- Metochita. Emperors of Gregory

Andrew guines. tween the Guillaume the West.

Horne. As to the Realists and de Nangis, sioned that

Richard Cellites or Nominalists re- historian. Albert I. violent Bury. Lollards, vive.

Henry Stero, 1308 schism

Walter Bur- they cannot Philip the Fair, historian. Henry VII. which threw

ley. be deemed king of France, Dinus Muof Luxem the western

Richard heretics.

opposes with gellanus, burg 1313 church into

Hampole. The followers spirit the tyran-Evrard, hisLouis v. the utmost

Robert Hol- of John nic pretensions torian. Bav. 1347 confusion.


Wickliffe of the pope to Hayton, Charles IV. The church of

Thomas deserve an a temporal American 1378 Rome had

Bradward eminent jurisdiction liistorian. Wences.

ine, archbi- place, with over kings and Albertino laus 1406 one residing

shop of

their leader, princes, and Mussato. at Rome,

Canterbury. in the list of demands a ge-Orderic de Kings of The other at

John Wick. Reformers.neral council to Forli. Spain, i. e. Avignon.

litte. Nicolas of deposc Boni-Leopold,

Thomas Calabria. face VIII. bishop of Leon and Ac Rome.

Stubbs. Martin Gon. whom he ac- Bamberg. Castile. Urban VI.

John de salvo. cuses of heresy, Peter of Ferdinand

Burgo. Bartold de simony, and

Duisburg, IV. 1312 Boniface IX.

William Rorbach. several enormi-l an his.Alphonso Wolfort. The Dancers. ties.

torian: XI. 1350 At Avignon.

The last thir

The papal au-Albert of Pedro the Clement

teen all

thority de

Strasburg, Cruel 1369 VII. not

English au


an historian. Henry II. acknow. thors.

The residence of Balaam of 1379 leged 1394

Peter Aure

the popes re- Calabria, John I. 1390 Benedict


moved to Avi- master of Henry III. XIII. John Bas


Petrarch. solis.

The universities Joinville. Kings of


of Avignon, Peter “de France.


Perugia, A pono, Philip the


Orleans, An-, physician Fair 1314


gers, Florence, and astroLouis X.


Cahors, Heidel- nomer. Hutin 1316

bishop of

berg, Prague, Marsigli of Philip V.


Perpignan, Co. Padua, a 1322


logne, Pavia, famous law Philip VI. of


Cracow, Vien.

yer. Valois 1350


na, Orange, Jolin Andre,

two popes,

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Sienna, E fort, an eminent
Geneva, found- jurist.

The rise of the Pilato, one

great western of the re-
schism, which storers of
destroyed the learning,
unity of the Gentilis de
Latin church, Foligno.
and placed at Ismael Abul
its head two ri- feda, an
val popes,

John Wickliff

prince. opposes the Peter of fermonks, whose

rara. licentiousness Arnold of and ignorance Villa-Nova.

scanda-William Grilous, and re- sant, an commends the English mastudy of the themaHoly Scrip- tician. tures.

Homodi of A warm contest Milan. arises

among Albergotti of the Franciscans Arezzo. about the po- Philip of verty of Christ Leyden, and his Apo-Baldus de stles.

Ubaldis. Another be

Froissart, tween the Sco


histists and Tho

mists, about
the doctrines
of their respec-

tive chiefs. Pope Clement

V. orders the
Jubilee which
Boniface had
appointed to be
held in every
hundredth year old
to be celebrat-
ed twice with-

in that period. The Knights

Templars are
seised and im-
prisoned ; the
greatest part of
them put to
death, and

est to do

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XI. and
Gui of Per-
Nicolas Ca-

basilas, archbishop of Thessalonica. Richard, bi.

shop of

Petrarch. b
Peter Ber-

chorius, John Cypa

rissotes. Nicolas Oresme.it

2 E

Sovereigns of

Denmark. Eric VIII.

1321 Christopher II.

1333 Waldemar

III. 13750 Olaus 1387 H Einiai Margaret.


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The Golden

{$999 Bull, contain 2010 ច៖ ing rules for the

election of an
emperor of

di 10
Germany, ander
a precise ac Wisma
count of the gerbst
dignity and pri-Totes
vileges of the labisa-se
electors, is issu-
ed by Charles

Clement VI.

adds the county
of Avignon to
the papal terri-

The emperor

Henry VII. dies, and is supposed by some authors to have been poisoned by a consecrated wafer, which he received at the sacrament, from the hands of Bernard Politian, a Do minican monk.

bio This account is denied by authors of good! credit, The matter, how-tot ever, is still undecided. Gunpowder is invented by Schwartz, a monk. The mariner's compass is invented by John Gioia, or, others allege, by Flavio. The city of Rhodesis takenda from the Sara cens, in the year hin 1309, by the Knights Hostal pitalers, subset og

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teenth century. Othman

1327 Or Khan

1359 Amurath, or

Morad 13891 Bajazet or Ba-yezid.

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