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Kings of

Denmark. Eric II.

1101 Nicolas

1135) Eric III.

1138) Eric IV.

1147 Canute V.

1155 Sweyn III.

1157 Waldemar

11821 Canute VI.

and is encouraged in the university of Camhridge. The pope declares

war against Roger king of Sicily, who takes from his holiness Capua and

Beneventum. The council of

Clarendon held against Becket. The kings

of England and France go to the Holy Land. Henry II. of England, being called by one of the Irish kings to assist him, takes possession of Ireland.

Kings of

Poland. Uladislaus

1102 Boleslaus

III. 1139 Uladislaus

II. 1146 Boleslaus

IV. 1173 Micislaus

1178 Casimir II.

1195 Lescus or Lecho V.

Kings of Jerusalem. Baldwin I.

1118 Baldwin II.

1131 Foulques or

Fulk 1141 Baldwin 1II.

1162 Almeric

1173 Baldwin IV.

1185 Baldwin V.

1186 Guy of Lusignan.

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Emperors of Innocent III. Hub. Fitz Joachim. The Walden. The Moslem re-Roger Ba. the East.

1216 Walter John, bishop ses. ligion triumphs con, one of A. D. Honorius 1204) of Macedo-Nestorians.

over Christianity the great reIII. 1226 Stephen nia: Jacobites. in China and the storers of Alexis III. Gregory IX. Langton Demetrius The Brethren northern parts of learning and dethroned


1228 Chomate and Sisters Asia, by flatter- philosophy. in 1203 Celestine IV. Richard Le nus. Mark, of the Free ing the passions Saxo GramAlexis IV. 1243 Grand 1231 patriarch of Spirit, of voluptuous

maticus. dethroned Innocent IV. St. Edmund Alexandria. otherwise princes. Ralph de in 12041

1254 1242 Malachy, called Beg- A papal ambassy Diceto. Alexis Du- Alexander Boniface archbishop hards and is sent to the Walter of cas, sur


1261 1270 of Armagh. Beguttes, Tartars by In- Coventry. named Urban IV. Robert Kil. Nicetas Cho- Beghins and nocent IV. Alexander of Murzuphle 1264 wardby niata. Turlupins. A fourth crusade Paris, the 1204 Clement IV.

1278 François

Amalric. is undertaken by founder of 1268 John Peck

d'Assise. Joachim. the French and French poe.

ham 1291 Alan de Wilhelmina. | Venetians, who try. rors of the

Robert Win- l’Isle. The sect of make themselves Villehar

1276 East resid

Jacobus de chelsey.

the Apo

masters of Con- douin, an Innocent V. ing at Con

Vitriaco. stles. stantinople, with historian. 1276 stantinople.

Peter, the John of Par- a design to re-Accursi of Balduin I, Adrian V.

monk. ma, author store the throne Florence. 1205 1276

Antony of of the ever- to, Isaac An- Kimchi, a Henry, 1216 John XX.

Padua. lasting gos- gelus, who had Spanish Peter 1221 1277

Gerinanus pel. been dethroned] Jew.

Latin Empe-Gregory X.

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Robert 1229 Nicolas III.

Cæsarius. Flagellants. by his brother Conrad de
Balduin II.

William of Circumcelli- Ducas.

1259 Martin IV.


Jolin Holy-
Raymond of

Isaac is put to wood, call-
Greek Empe-Honorius IV.


death in a sedi- ed De Sarors resid


tion, and his son cro Bosing at Nice. Nicolas IV.


Alexis strangled co, author


by Alexis Du-l of the Lascaris Celestine V.

Rich, arch

cas, the ring- Sphæra
bishop of

leader of this Mundi. John Ducas


faction. Actuarius, a III. 1255

Thomas of

The crusaders

Greek phyTheodore


take Constanti-sician. Lascaris

John Peck.

nople a second Rod. Xime1259

ham, arch

time, dethronel nes, archJohn Lasca

bishop of

Ducas, and elect bishop of ris IV.1259|


Baldwin, count Toledo, Michael


of Flanders, em- Michael Palæologus


peror of the Coniat, bie retakes

Albert, the


shop of Constanti


The empire of the Athens. nople in the

Rob. Grosse

Franks in the Ivel. year 1261,


East, which had Rigord, an and thus

Vincent de

subsisted fifty- historian. unites, in

seven years, is Pierre de his person,

Robert of the

overturned by Vignes, the Latin


Michael Palæo. Matthew and Greek



Paris. empires; he


A fifth crusade, Suffridus. dies in

Hugo de St.

which is carried Sozomen, 1283.


on by the con- author of Andronicus

George Me

federate arms of the Univer11.


Italy and Ger- sal Chrono-


logy, which Emperors of

de St. A.

The fleet of the is yet in MS. the West.

crusaders ruined in the posPhilip_1208


by the Saracens. session of Otho IV.


The fifth crusade the Regular 1218


undertaken by Canons of Frederic II.


Louis IX, who Fesoli, near 12501


takes Damietta, Florence. Gilbert of

but is afterwards Barthol, Civil wars


reduced, with Cotton, of and an in

John of Pa

bis army, to ex- Norwich; terregnum,

tremities; dies see Wharduring

poser of

of the plague in ton's Anglia which Con


a second crusade, Sacra. Tad of Sua


and is canonized. Engelbert. bia, Wil

and papal

The knights of the Thomas liam count with


Teutonic Order, Wicke, an of Holland,

John Beccus.

under the com- English hisRichard


mand of Herman torian. king of Eng-7Acomina

de Saliza, con- Vitellio, a land, Al


quer and convert Polish mae. phonso of


to Christianity thema. Spain, Otror att hon Lascaris.

the Prussians, at tician,

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pear on the scene of ac

tion. Rodolphus of Hapsburg is elected em. peror in 1273, and dies in 1291 Adolphus of Nassau, deposed in

128 Albert I.

of Leon and

Castile. Alphonso IX.

1214 Henry I.

1217 Ferdinand

III. 1252 Alphonso X.

1284 Sancho IV.

12951 Ferdinand IV.

the desire of Albert the Conrad, duke Great. of Masovia. Colonna, Christianity is archbishop propagated of Messina's among the Ara- Michael

bians in Spain. Scot, the The philosophy translator of

of Aristotle tri- Aristotle. umphs over all Gregory the systems that Abulfarawere in vogue gins. before this cen-Foscari of tury.

Bologna. The power of Alphonso, creating bishops, king of Casabbots, &c. 'is) tile. claimed by the Cavalcanti of Roman pontiffs, Florence. whose wealth Dinus, a faand revenues are mous jurist. thereby greatly Marco Polo, augmented. a Venetian, John, king of whose tra

England, excom- vels in Chia municated by pope Innocent rious. III. is guilty Francis Barof the basesti berini, an compliances, through his slavish fear of that

insolent pontiff. The inquisition

established in
Narbonne Gaul, Topoli!!!
and committed
to the direction
of Dominic and
his order, who
treat the Wal-
denses, and
other reputed
heretics, with the
most inhumane

The adoration of

the Host is in-siento
troduced by
Pope Honorius it.

The Magna Char-

ta is signed by A70361
king John and clear to
his barons on the si
15th of June, ato sit

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