תמונות בעמוד

- Ecclesiastical Sovereign Popes, or Archbishops and Heretics, Remarkable Profane F. Bishops of o Theological real o no t Authors. Rome. Canterbury. Writers. reputed. igious Rites, Great, king converted archs of thatmaof Denmark Jew. tion, by Philip, 1035 John Xiphi- king of France, Harold lin. and by the BriHarefoot Lambert. tish and Ger1039 Adam of Bre- man churches. Hardicanute men. Baptism is per1041 John Curo- formed by triple Edward the palata. immersion. Confessor Benno of The Sabbath 1066 Ravenna. Fasts introduced Harold 1066 Nicholas of by Gregory VII. Norman Methone. The Cistercian, Line. Philip the Carthusian, and William the Solitary. Whipping OrConqueror Othlon of ders, with many 1087 Fulda. others, are William Ru- Tangmar. founded in this fus 1100 Guido Are- century. tino, The emperor Kings of Eugesippus. Henry IV. goes Scotland. A famous, barefooted to Grime 1003 but anony- theinsolent pon-1. Malcolm II. mous work, tiff Gregory 1033 called Mi- VII. at CanuDonald VII. crologus, sium, and does by some appeared in homage to this called Dun- this cem- spiritual tyrant can 1040 tury. in the most igMacbeth Dominic of nominious man1057 Grado. ner. The Malcolm III. Alberie. same emperor, 1093 Osborn, a however, beDonald VIII. monk of sieges Rome dethroned Canterbury. soon after, and 109.4 makes a noble Duncan II. stand against 1096 the pontiff. Donald Domesday-book again 1097 is compiled from - - a survey of all Kings of the estates in Sweden, England. Olaus II. Jerusalem is 1019 taken by the Asmund Crusaders. 35 Asmund- -slem 1041 Hakon 1059 Stenchil 1061 Ingo III. | - - 1064 Alstan 1080 Philip, - |

Archbishops |*| Heretics, Remarkable and real or Events.

of Canterbury. Too reputed. | Religious Rites.


Popes, or
Bishops of



Kings o #:. Sweyn 1014 Canute the Great, king of England 1035 Hardicanute 1041 Magnus 1048 Sweyn II. 1074 Harold 1076 St. Canute 1085 Olaus 1093 Eric II. Kings of Poland. Boleslaus, first king, 1025 Micislaus 1034 Interregnum. Casimir 1058 Boleslaus II. 1081 Uladislaus.

Kings of Jerusalem. Godfrey, chosen king in 1099, dies in 1100 Baldwin I.

Popes, or

Sovereign ...
Arinces. ". of

Heretics, Remarkable

- real or Events.
To:o reputed. | Religious Rites.

Archbishops Ecclesiastical


Emperors of Pascal II.

Anselm Gilbert, ab-The Bogo-The Sclavonians

the East. 1118 1109 botof West-l miles andl and the inhabi

A.D. Anti-Popes,
Alexis I, Clement,

Ralph 1122 minster. Catharists | tants of the is-
William de Guibert, were a kind land of Rugen

Anselm of


- - - - Popes, or Archbishops * Heretics, Remarkable $oreign | Bishops of of To all “". Events. Profane Princes. Rome. Canterbury. o *: reputed. | Religious Rites. || Authors. Comnen. Albert, Corhoil Sigebert of of Mani-I receive the light| the sup1118. Theodore, 113tl Gemblours. I cheans. of the Gospel, posed introJohn II. and . . Ma. Theobald Peter Al- The Pasagi- and their ex- ducer of Comnen. ginulph. 1161 phonso. nians were ample is follow. Latin 1143|Gelasius II. Thomas Odo of Or- a kind of ed by the Li-I. rhymes. Emanuel 1119. Becket leans. Arians, who vonians and Fin-Boger HoveComnen. Calistus II. 1170|Godfrey of also disco-| landers. den. 1180 . 1134|Richard Vendôme. I vered a The state of af John of SaAlexis II. |Honorius II. 1183|Rupert of strange at- fairs in Asiatic | lisbury. Commen. 1130|Baldwin Duitz. tachment | Tartary changes|William of 1183|Innocent II. 1191|Baldric. to the cere- in favor of the MalmesAndronicus 1143|Reginald Arnulph, monial law| Christians, by bury. Comnen. Celestine II. Fitz-Jocelin bishop of of Moses. the elevation of John Zona1185 1144 1191| Lisieux. Eon, a mad. | Prester-John. ras. Isaac Il. Lucius II. Hubert Fitz |Bernard of man, rather|The Crusade is George CeAng. 119% 1145| Walter. Clairval. than a he-l renewed. drenus. Alexis III. [Eugenius Abelard. retic. The kingdom of John Cinna- * 1153 . * same | Jerusalem is so G mporors of Anastasius aldwin, thing may overturned, and Silvester Gi* of IV. 1154 archbishop be said . the affairs of rald, bishop Henry IV. Adrian IV: of Canter- Tranquil- the Christians in of St. Da1 106 1159 bury. linus. Palestine de-l vid's. Henry V. Alexander Euthymius |As to Arnold cline. - Godfrey of 1125.14s. 1181 Zigab. of Brescia, A third Crusade] Witerbo. Lothaire IITLucius III. William of the Petro- undertaken. William of 1138 1185 Malmes- brussians, The three famous Newburgh, Conrad III. Ur III bury. Henricians, military orders an English 11.5% 1187 John of Sa || Waldenses, instituted, viz,] historian. Frederic I. Gregory ..lisbury. and Apo-|The Knights of Pelagius, surnamed V 11s. 1.188 Thomas stolics, if al-| St. John of Jeru-| bishop of Barbarossa | *ment Ill Becket, lowance bel salem—The Oviedo. 119s 1191 archbishop made for Knights Tem-|John of MiHenry VI. Celestine of Canter: some few plars–The Teu- lan, author 1198 III. 1199 bury. points, they tonic Knights of of the poem Philip. Gervase, a rather de-| St. Mary. called SchoKings of monk of serve , the The original MS.] la SalerniSpain, i. e. Canterbury.| title of Re: of the famous tana. of Leon and Nicephorus formers and Pandect of Jus-|Robert Castile. of Brienne. Witnesses | tinian , is dis- Pullein, an Alphonso VI Anselm, to the Truth, covered in the English car1109 bishop of than that of ruins of Amal. dinal. Alphonso Havelberg. | Heretics. phi, or Melfi, Abraham VII. 1154 (0. Zonaras. Peter Abe: when that city Aben-EzAlphonso Mich. lard and was taken by ra. t VIII. 1157 Glycas. Gilbert del Lothaire II. in John and Sancho III. Hugo Victo- la Porrée 1137, and this Isaac 1158 rinus, differed enlperor makes|| Tzetzes. Ferdinand Eadmerus. | from the no- a present of is Henry of II. 1175 George tions com- to the city of HuntingAlphonsol X. Cedrenus. || monly re-| Pisa, whose fleet don. Peter, the ceived with had contributed, Nicetas. -- Venerable..] respect, to in a particular Werner. Kings of Honorius of the . Holy manner, to the Moses France. Autun, Trinity. success of the MaimoniPhilip I. Foucher. The Albigen-| siege. des. 1108 Alger, ses, abranch|The contest be-Anvari, a


P - Ecclesiastical *a* opes, or. Archbishops and Heretics, Remarkable j.o: Bishops of of Theological real or Events. Profane - Rome. Canterbury. Writers. reputed. Religious Rites. Authors. Louis VI. Gratian. of the wal- tween the em- Persian A surnamed Peter denses, are perors and popes astronomer. the Gross Lombard. branded is renewed un-Portius Azo. . ...1137 Henry of with the de- der, Frederic Nestor, a Louis VII. Hunting- nomination l Barbarossa andl Russian surnamed don. of Mani- || Adrian IV.- historian. the Young William chaeans. The insolence of Falcandus. ... 1180 bishop of the popes ex-Benjamin of Philip Aug. Rheims. cessive. Tudela, a Constantine Becket, archbi- Spanish Harmen. shop of Canter- Jew, whose Kings of Orderic bury, assassina- Travels England. Vital. ted before the were transHenry I. Constantine altar, while he lated by 1135 Manass. was at vespers in Baratier. Stephen Zacharias his cathedral. Averroes, or 1154 Chrysop. The scandalous! Ebn-Zohr. Henry II. Peter of traffic of indul-Eustathius, 1189. Blois. gences begunby bishop of Richard I. Peter the bishops, and Thessa1199 Comestor. soon after mono- lonica. John. ": de o by the so elies. Cs. archi. Peter of The Scholastic Al-Hasen, -- Poictiers. Theology, an Arabian, Kings of John Cinna- whose jargon! who comScotland. illus. did such mis- posed a Edgar 1106 John Beleth. chief in , the large work Alexander Helmold. church, had its on Optics. 1124 Gislebert, rise in this cen-|George AlDavid 1153 bishop of tury. Makin, Malcolm London. The seeds of the author of IV. 1165 Stephen Reformation the History William Harding. were sown, in of the Sara- George. this century, by cens transXiphilim. the Waldenses, lated by Kings of Alexand. and other emi-| Erpenius. Sweden. do: . o Geoffrey of Philip 1110 ". of to: and Monmouth. Ingo IV. Theod. Pope Paschal II. 1129 Balsamon. orders the Lord's Ragwald Richard cf supper to be ad114) St. Victor. ministered only Magnus, de- William of in one kind, and posed in Auxerre. retrenches > the 1148 Bruno of cup. Suercher Asti. The Canon-Law Eric * Simeon of formed into a y bodv. b Holy 1161 Durham. . y Gra Charles Academical deVII. 1168 grees introduced Canute 11' 2 in this century. Suercher II. Learning revives

Soverei Popes, or . Archbishops * Heretics, Remarkable i." Bishops of of Theological real or Events. Profane rinces, Rome. Canterbury.| so. reputed. | Religious Rites. Authors. Rings of and is encouDenmark. raged in the uniEric II. versity of Cam1101 bridge. Nicolas The pope de1135 clares war aTeric III. gainst Roger 1138 king of Sicily, IEric IV. who takes from 1147 his holiness Canute V. Capua and 1155 Beneventum. Sweyn III. The council of 1157 Clarendon held Waldemar against Becket. 1182 The kings of Canute VI. England and France go to the - Holy Land. Henry II. of Uladial England, being adislaus called by one 1102 of the Irish kings Boleslaus to assist him, III., 1139 takes possession Uladislaus of Ireland II. 1146 Boleslaus IV. 1173 Micislaus 11.78 Casimir II. 1195 Lescus or Lecho V. Kings of Jerusalem. Baldwin I. 1118 Baldwin II. 1131 Foulques or Fulk 1141 Baldwin III. 1162 Almeric 1173 IBaldwin IV. 1185 IBaldwin V. 1186 Guy of Lusignan, * f

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