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- Popes, or Archbishops and Heretics, Remarkable Sovereign Bishops of o Theological real." Events. Profane Princes. Rome. Canterbury. #. reputed. | Religious Rites. Authors. of the Lom- bishop of to convert the bards, which Sherborne, Frisons ; he subsisted under the was the first biduring the heptarchy, shop of Utrecht. space of 206 and nephew years, was to Ina, king overturned of the West by Charle- Saxons.

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The Exarchate subsisted during the space of 185 years.

It ended in
the reign of
king of the

who reduced
and added it
to his do-
But this
prince was
obliged by
Pepin, king
of France,
to surrender
the Exar-
chate, with
all its terri-
tories, cas-
tles, &c. to

- Popes, or || Archbishops * Heretics, Remarkable Sovereign Bishops of o Theological real or Events. Profane Princes. Rome. Canterbury. Writers. reputed. Religious Rites. Authors. be for ever held by Stephen III. and his successors in the see of Rome. This is the true foundation of the temporal grandeur of the popes. CENTURY IX. - - Ecclesiastical Sovereign fo, * Th and o *...* Profane Princes. Rome. Canterbury. ; reputed. | Religious Rites. Authors. Emperors of Leo III. Athelard Nicephorus, Paulicians, a The conversion|Photius. the East. 816 806 patriarch of branch of of the Swedes, Smaragdud. A.D. Stephen W. Wulfred Constanti- the Mani. Danes, Saxons, Eginhard. Irene 802 817 830|nople. cheans. Huns, Bohemi-Rabanus Nicephorus |Paschal I. Theogild 830|Amalarius, Iconoclastes.|ans, Moravians, Maurus. 811 824|Celnoth, 871 bishop of |Iconolatrae, Sclavonians, Abbon. Stauratius Eugenius |Ethelred 889, Treves. or image- Russians, Indi-Herempert. - 811| II. 827|Plegmund. Theodore worship- ans, and Bul-Leon. Michael. A schism be- Studita. ers, garians: by the Sergius. Curopolites tween Eu- Agobard, Praedestinari- last a contro-Methodius. 813 genius II. archbishop ans. versy is occa-Walafridus Leo Armen. I and Zizin. of Lyons. Adoptians. sioned between Strabo. - 820 mus. Eginhard. Transubstan-| the Greek and John Scot . Michael Valentine Claudius. tiarians. Latin churches. Erigena. , Balb. 829 827 Clement, Clement, bi-|The rise of tran-Alfred the Theophilus Gregory bishop of shop of substantiation | Great, king - 842| IV. 844 Turin. Turin, whol and the sacrifice of England. Michael ... [Sergius II. Jonas, bishop followed the of the mass. His Saxon III: ... 867 847 of Orleans.l.. sentiments The cause of version of Basil I, Leo IV. Freculph, of Felix of Christianity suf- Orosius was Macedo 886 855 bishop of Urgel. fers in the east never pubLeo WI. Pope Joan Lysieux. under the Sara-l lished. Philos. Bened. Moses cens, and in Abou-Nabas, - III. 858 Barcepha. Europe under an Arabian Emperors of A schism Photius, pa- the Normans. poet. the West. between triarch of The power of The khalif The Western Benedict Constanti- the pope in- al-Mamoun, Empire was and Ana- nople. creases; that of an eminent restored inl stasius. Theod. the bishops di- mathemati


- Popes, or Remarkable Soreign #. of Th and, l Events. *... Princes. Rome. o Religious Rites. the year Nicolas I. Abucara. - minishes; and cian and 800, infavor 867 Petrus Sicu- the emperors are astronomer. of Charle-Adrian II. lus. divested of their] N. B. Hamagne, who 872 Nicetas Da- ecclesiastical roun, the fadied in 814|John VIII. vid. authority. ther of this Louis, the 882 Rabanus The Decretals | prince, sent Debonnaire |Marimus I. Maurus, are forged, by to Charle810 884. archbishop which the popes magne a Lothaire 855Adrian III. of Mentz. extended the striking Louis II. 885 Hilduin. limits of their clock, with 875|Formosus Servatus jurisdiction and springs and Charles II. 897 Lupus. authority. wheels, surnamed 'A schism be- Drepanius The fictitious re-I which was the Bald tween him Florus. lics of St. Mark, the first 877 and Sergius. Druthmar. St. James, and ever seen in Louis III. Boniface VI. Godeschal- St. Bartholo- | France, and 879 897 cus. mew, are im- shows that, Carloman Stephen VII. Paschasius posed upon the at this 880 901 Radbert, | - credulity of the period, the Charles III. A schism be- the chief-o - people. arts were deposed tween Ste- the Tran- Monks and ab-, more culti887 phen VII. substantia- bots now first wated in After the John IX. rians. employed in Asiathan in death of this Romanus I. Bertram or civil affairs, and Europe. prince,(who and II, and Ratram of called to the Albategni, was the last. Theodore Corby, who courts of princes.| the matheking of II. refuted the The festival of matician. France that monstrons All-Saints is Albumasar, was empe- errors of added, in this or Abouror) Ger- Radbert, century, to the Mashar, the many and and was at Latin calendar Arabian Italy were the head of by Gregory IV. astronomer. entirely se- those who though some parated denied the authors of note from the corporal place this instiFrench presence of tution in thesemonarchy. Christin the venth century, Arnolph 899 Eucharist. and attribute it Louis IV. Haymo, bi- to Boniface IV. -- shop of Hal- The superstitious Kings of berstadt. festival of the Spain, i.e. Walafridus Assumption of of Leon and Strabo. the Virgin the Astu- Hincmar, Mary, instituted rias. archbishop by the council Alphonso the of Rheims. of Menta, and Chaste 824 John Scot confirmed by Itamiro 851 Erigena. pope Nicolas I. Ordogno 862 Ansegisus. and afterwards Alphonso Florus, the by Leo X. III. deacon. The trial by cold Prudens, bi- water introKings of shop of duced by pope France. Troyes. Eugenius II. Charle- Remy of thoughlebrun, magne 814 Lyons,

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The origin of this kingdom is covered with uncertainty and fables. Some historians reckon 36kings before Biorno III., but it is with this prince that chronologers generally begin their series. Biorno III. 824 Brantamond 827 Sivard 842 Heroth 856 Charles VI. 868 Biorno lv. 883


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