תמונות בעמוד
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519, and is called the kingdom of the West Saxons. The fourth, or that of the East Saxons, by Erchenwin in

527 The fifth, thail of Northumberland, by Ida, in 547 The sixth, that of the East Angles by Uffa, in 573 The seventh, that of Mercia, by Crida, in 585 Thus was successively formed the Saxon Heptarchy.

John of Con-

stantinople. Columbanus. Leontius By

zant. Leontius of Cy.

prus. Gregory the

Great. Isidore of Se

ville. Lucius Carinus. Proclus Diado.


The Arians are

driven out. Superstition of the

Stylites intro-
duced by Simeon,
the head of that
crazy sect, who
spent his life on
the top of a pillar,
and foolishly
imagined, that he
would, by this
trick, render bin-
self agrecable to
the Deity. The
Romish writers
say, he chose this
lofty habitation
(for the pillar was
36 cubits high) to
avoid the multi-
tude which crowd-
ed about him to

see his miracles. The Christian æra

is formed in this century by Dionysius the Little, who first began to reckon the course of time froin the

birth of Christ. The Justiniancode, Pandect, Institutions, and Novels, collected and formed

into body. Antioch, that was

destroyed by an earthquake, is rebuilt by Justini


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among the

four sons of Clotaire I. viz. Chere. bert, Paris

566 Gontran, Or.

leans 593 Chilperic, Soissons

The fifth general council assembled at Constantinople in the year 555, under Justinian I. in which the Origenists and the Three Chapters were condemned.


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Learned Men, and

Heretics, Remarkable Events, Historians, Theological real or reputed. &c. Philosophers, Writers.

and Poets.

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Emperors of Gregory 1. Augustine, John Philo-The ancient An extraordi. The author of the East. 604 first arch- | ponus.


pary progress the Alexan. A. D. Sabinianus

bishop of John Malela. were still in is made in the drian Chro

605 Canterbury, Hesychius vigor dur- conversion of nicle. Mauritius Boniface III. was nomi of Jerusa. ing this cen- the English. Isidore of Se

6021 606) nated to that lem. tury; to The archbishop-1 ville, who,

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Phocas 610 Boniface IV. high office Theophylact. these were rics of London beside his 1 leraclius 641

614 in the year Simocatta. added the and York are theological Constan Deodatus617 597 by Gre-Antiochus. sects of the founded, with produc

tine III.641 Boniface V. gory the Modestus. Paulicians 12 bishoprics tions, comHeraclia

625 Great, bi-Cyrus of and Mono- under the juris- posed a 642 Honorius I. shop of

Alexand. thelites. diction of each. History of Constans II. 63 Rome, with Jonas.

The archbishop- the Goths 668 Severinus I. the consent Gallus.

ric of London and VanConstan639 of Ethel- John Mos

is translated to dals, and a tine IV. 685 John IV. bert, king of chus.

Canterbury work entiI.eontius 698 641| Kent: he Andreas

The Gospel is tled EtyTiberius III. Theodore I. died in the Damasce

propagated mologicon 703 648 year 611,

with success in ScientiaJustinian II. Martin I. 655 or, as some George Pi.

Holland, Frise- rum, in Eugenius I. say, in 605. sides.

land and Ger- which he Kings of the 656 Laurence 619 Eligius.


gives an acGoths in Vitalianus Mellitus 624 The two

The schism, be- count of the Spain. 671 Justus 634 Theodores.

tween the origin and Victeric. Adeodatus Honorius 653 Paulus.

Greek and La- nature of Gondemar. 676 Adeodatus The emp.

tin churches, the differSisebut 621 Domnus 678

664 Heraclius.

commences in ent sci. Recared II. Agatho I. Theodore Maximus

this century.

ences. 621 682 690 Conf.

The rise of Mo-In this cenSuinthila 631 Leo II. 684 Brithwald Theodore the

hammed, and tury comSizenand 636 Benedict II.


the rapid pro- menced Chintila 640 685

gress of his re- that long Tulga 642 John V. 686


ligion, which is period of Chindasu Conon 687


propagated by ignorance inthe 649 Sergius 1.701

Martin, bi.

fire and sword. and darkRecesuinA schism oc

shop of

The Muham-ness, which the 672 casioned by


medanæra,call remained Vamba 680 the preten.

Maurus of

ed the Hegira, until the Ervige 687 sions of


commences light of the Egica. Theodore Anastasius a

with the year of Reformaand Paschal.) monk

Christ 622. tion arose. Kings of


The destruction France.


of the Persian Clotaire II.


monarchy un 628

Peter, me.

der the reign of Dagobert 638


Isdegerdes III.

Nicomedia. Sigebert II.

Boniface IV. re654

Julian Pome

ceives from that Clovis 660


odious tyrant Clotaire III.


Phocas (who 668

Sohn of

was the great Childeric II.


patron of thel 673


la richiesta popes and the Dagobert II. ob Cresconius.

chiefpromoter of 679


their grandeur) Theodoric


thefamous PanSOS 690

John Clima Bolero theon, which is upload Clovis III.695 PB

T chus.

converted into Childebert

at 2 57 Fortunatus

ya sa church. Here III.

TU Venant.

Via Cybele was The race of

daily said Isidore of Se in a succeeded by si the weak 23 tville, whole of the Virgin

Mary, and the

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kings be


Pagan deities by gins with


Christian mar-
Tories on the

tyrs. Idolatry
III. and
bay Historical

still subsisted
ends with

Books of

but the objects of Childeric

the Old

is it were changed. III.


Ina, king of the -otion and is ac-West Saxons, re. England. is knowleged

al signs his crown, காவி The Heptar-loiets verdicto have

and assumes the
O SU been the

y monastic habit
Steu principal

in a convent at Kings of the beach 10

Cast Rome. During itsed Lombards in the

the Heptarchy, Italy.

inc Mosarabic
Agilulph 616 Wales Liturgy,

kings took the
ai duo-02 0797
which is the

same religious
626 ) for sort bold ancient Li-

turn. Pope Aga-
to -8391 turgy of

tho discontinued
638 nige 9


the payment of
Rotharis 653
und Dorotheus.

the tribute
Rodoald 656 lenders Sophronius,

o which the seevo Aripert662-3wg grid | bishop of

of Rome had
will alsoi | Jerusalem.

been accustom-

ed to pay the Tydytos
1673 godt,

emperor at the Garibald 673


election of its Bertharit 689 le-anales

pontiff. Cunipert 706

The Sixth General colo 1

council is held at
Exarchs of


under Constan-

tine Pogonatus, 610

against the MoJohn 615

115 albo

nothelites, in the Eleutherius

year 680.

boda 617

The Seventh,

which is looked

upon by some as Calliopa 649

bol Olympius 650

plement to this, Theodore

was held in the

Trullus, under

Justinian II, in
Theodore 687

the year 692,

and 'is called Plato 702


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Emperors of John VI.

Brithiwald Venerable The Euty- Rapid progress Alcuin- see the East.


731| Bede. chians, of the Sara-' the fourth A.D. John VII.

Tatwin 734 John Dama. Monothe cens in Asia column. Justinian

707 Nothelm 741 scenus. lites, and and Africa. Bede. II. 711 Sisinnius 708 Cuthbert 758 The anony- Jacobites, The subversion Fredegarius. Philippicus Constantine Bregwin 762 mous author continue to of the king-John Dama. 713

714 Lambert 790 of a book propagate dom of the seenus. Anastasius Gregory II. Athelard. entitled,

their doc- Lombards and George II. 714


Ordo Ro- trines. of the exar- Syncellus. Theodosius Gregory III.

de The Paulo- chate of Ra-Virgilius. III. 716

Divinis Johannists,

venna, the latLeo III, Zachary 752

Officiis, who were so ter of which is Isaur. 741 Stephen II.

published in called from granted to the Constantine


the Bibl. their lead- see of Rome, Stephen III.


Paul by Pepin, king Copron. 775


Charle and John, of France. Leo IV. 780 Paul 767

magne : see and embra- Charlemagne Constantine A schism be

the Capi- ced the per- adds to the VI. tween Paul

tularia, pub- nicious er- grant of Pepin Porphyr. 797 and Theo

lished by rors of Va- several proIrene. phylact.

Baluze at lentine and vinces, though
Stephen IV.

Paris, in Maues. the titles and
Kings of the 772

1677, and The Agono- acts of this Visigoths in A schism be

the Codex clites, a

grant have not Spain. tween ConCarolinus, wrong.

been pro. stantine,

published at headed set duced by the Egica 701 Philip, and

Ingolstadt, of people, Roman CaVitiza 710 Stephen IV. in 1634, by who prayed tholic

histoRoderic, the Adrian 795



Ambrosius Adelbert. last king of Leo III. the Goths

Authpertus. Felix, bishop The ceremony 713

The popes

of Urgel.

of kissing the Gregory I. Elipand, bi- pope's toe in.

Gregory II. shop of troduced. Kings of Leon

and Adrian. Toledo. and the Astu

Paul the Leo, the The rias.

Lombard. Isaurian,



Paulinus, who de kind, their Pelagius 737

stroyed the monarch, conFavila

bishop of 739

Aquileia. images in verted to Alphonso 757

Alcuin, a na- the church- Christianity.

tive of Eng- es, and was Froila 768

land, and the chief of The Christians Aurelio 774

one of the the Icono- persecuted by Silo

783 Mauregato

principalin- clastes; and the Saracens,

struments Clement, who massacre

employed who prefer- five hundred
by Charle- red the de- monks in the
magne for cisions

of abbey of
the resto- Scripture to Lerins.



Alphonso II.

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