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s - Popes, or * Remarkable Events, Profune }." Bishops of Theological Heretics, , and Religious. Rites 1. rtnces. Rome. writers, real or reputed. and Institutions. Basil, bishop of the Thessalonians. Caesarea. The Eucharist was, Gregory, bi- during this censhop of Na- tury, administered zianzum, in some places to Gregory, bi- infants and persons shop of Nyssa. deceased. Amphilochius, Something like the bishop of doctrine of Tran- Iconium. substantiation is Hegesippus, maintained, and --Apollinaris, the ceremony of --Father and the elevation used --> Son. in the celebration -Eusebius, bi- of the Eucharist, -shop of Wer- The council o ceil. Elvira in Spain, Diodore, bi- held in the year shop of Tar. 305, not only soSus. lemnly forbids the Proba Fal- adoration of picconia. tures or images, The three but even prohibits Macarii, the use of them. Ambrose. The use of incense |-Jerome. and of the censer, --Ruffinus. with several other --Philastrius. superstitious rites, ---.

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CENTURY V. Popes Ecclesiastical Sovereign opes, or and Heretics, Remarkable Events. Profane Princes. Boy o real or reputed. }. Emperors of the Anastasius 402 Gaudentius, Vigilantius. |Foundation of the Anienus. |West. Innocent 417 bishop of French monarchy Martianus A.D.I.Zosimus 418 Bresse. Pelagius, by Pharamond, or Capella. Honorius 423|Boniface I. 423|Sulpicius Coelestius, rather by Clovis. Claudian. Valentinian |A schism be-, Severus. Julian, An earthquake|Eunapius. III. 455] tween this Palladius. authors of swallows up se-Macrobius. Maximus 455 pope and Heraclides. what is called veral cities in Pa-Olympiodorus. Avitus 456 Eulalius. Innocentius. the Pelagian lestine. Orosius. Majorianus Celestine I. |Polybius. Heresy. A third General|Peutinger. 461 432|Pelagius. John Cassian, Council held at Rutilius Severus , 465 Sixtus III. 440 Coelestius. Faustus, Ephesus, at which Claudius. Anthemius 472|Leo the Great Theodore, Gennadius, Nestorius was de-Numantianus. Olybrius 472 461 bishop of Vincent of posed, in the year|Servius HonoGlycerius de-Hilarius 467 Mopsuesta. Lerins, Semi- o; ratus. posed in 474|Simplicius 483|Polychronius. | Pelagians. A fourth General|Sidonius Julius Nepos Felix III. 492|Nonnus. * Council held at Apollinaris. deposed Gelasius 496 Synesius. Nestorius, Chalcedon against Candidus, in 475|Anastasius II, Isidore of Theodoret, Eutyches in the the Isaurian. Romulus 498 Pelusium. Theodore of year 451. Zosimus, the Augustulus, Symmachus 1. Cyril of Alex- Tarsus, Progress of Christi- historian. who reigned A schism be- andria. Theodore of anity among the Idacius. till the 23d of tween him and Orosius. Mopsus, Franks and Ger- Quintus, or August, when Laurentius. |Marius Mer-|Nestorians. lmans, Cointus. Odoacer took Cator. - The conversion of Priscus. the title of Maximus, bi-Eutyches. the Irish to the Musaeus. king of Italy, shop of Turin.|Dioscorus. Christian faith at-Proclus. and putanend Theodoret. The Acephali. tempted in vain Simplicius. to the western Cassian. —Monophy- | by Palladius, but empire. Peter Chry- sites. effected by St. Pa- sologus. —Jacobites. trick, whose origiKings of Italy. Hilarius. —Armenians. nal name was SucOdoacer 493 Philostorgius. —Theopas- cathus, who ar- ** Theodoric. Vincent of chites. rived in Ireland in Lerins. —Predestina- the year 432. JEmperors of the Socrates. rians. Terrible persecuEast. Sozomenes. —Coelicolae. tions carried on Arcadius 408 Leo the Great.Peter, the against the ChrisTheodosius II. Prosper. Fuller. tians in Britain, 450 Idacius. Xenaias. by the Picts, Marcianus 457 Basil. Scots, and AngloLeo I. 474 Seleucus. Saxons,—-in Spain, Leo II. 474 Arnobius the Gaul, and Africa, Zeno Isaur. 491 Younger. by the Vandals Anastasius. Claudian Ma- —in Italy and mertus. Pannonia, by the Gothic Kings of Faustus. Visigoths—in Ain. Felix, the Ro- frica, by the DoAlaric 411 man pontiff. natists and Cir

Ataulphus 415
Sigeric 415


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Persia, by Isde


Popes, or Ecclesiastical Sovereign Bio. of Thocal ". * ... - - - - ites. u. S. Princes. e- Writers. real or reputed eligious rate thor Wallia 420 posed by some gerdes — beside Theodoric 451 learned men the particular perThorismond to have been secutions carried the author of on alternately aTheodoric what is com- gainst the Arians II. 466 monly called and Athanasians. Euric 484 the Athana- The extinction of Alaric II. sian Creed. the western emVictor the Afri- pire. Kings of can. The Theodosian o France. Gennadius. Code drawn up. o Pharamond, Zosimus. The city of Venice first king, 420 Prosper. founded by the Clodion 451 - Sidonius Apol- inhabitants of the Meroveus 456 linar. adjacent coast, Childeric 481 AEneas Gaza. who fled from the Clovis I. incursions of the Barbarians. The Kings of Felix III. bishop the Vandals in of Rome (whom Africa, where Bower and others they settled in look upon as the the year 429 second pope of Genseric 466 that name) is exHuneric 484 communicated, Gontamond and his name 496 struck out of the Thrasamond. diptychs, or sacred registers, by Kings of Acacius, bishop of England. Constantinople. Vortigern. Many ridiculous fa- Kingdom of bles are invented Kent founded during this cenby Hengist tury; such as the the Saxon, in story of the phial 457, and that of oil, brought of Sussex by from heaven by a 42|la, in 499. pigeon at the bap- tism of Clovis— --- - the vision of Attila, &c. o

CENTURY WI. So Ecclesiastical Io. Men, verei and - - istorians, . T. Heritics. |* * pi ..., Writers. and Poets. Kings of Italy Symmachus, Caesarius, Deuterius. Several nations ljustinian BoéA. D. -, 514 bishop of Severus, leader converted to Theodoric 526|Hormisdas 523| Arles. of the Ace-| Christianity. Trebonian. Athalaric 534|John I. 526|Fulgentius, phali. The canon of the Agathias, who Amalasun- Felix IV, 529 bishop of Themistius, mass establishedl continued the tha 534|Boniface II. Ruspa. chief of the by Gregory the history comTheodatus 536 Boëthius. Agnoites, whol Great. posed by ProVitiges 540|A schism be-Timothy of maintained The Benedictine Idebald 541 tween Boni-I Constantino- that Christ | Order founded. Jornandes. Totila 553 face and Dios- ple. was ignorant|Forty Benedictine|Gregory of Teias 554 corus. Ennodius. of the day of monks, with AuJohn II. 535|Severus. judgement. gustine at their Marius, bishop Emperors of the Agapetus I. Cassiodorus. Barsanians, or head, are sent in- of Avranches, East. 536|Procopius. Semi-dulites, to Britain by Gre- an eminent Anastasius 818|Sylverius 540|Peter, the dea- who maintain- gory the Great, historian. Justin I. 527|A schism be-l con. ed that Christ in the year 596;|Menander, the Justinian 565 tween Sylve- |Maxentius, a had suffered who convert historian.

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only in ap-

Ethelbert, king of
Kent, to the Chris-
tian faith.

Stephen of ByS Popes, or Bowl P. Men, overei ove, l w8tornams, ; ho of Tool Heretics. |Remarkable Events. Philosophers,


Gothic Kings of Benedicts. 577 randus.

Spain. Pelagius II.

Alaric 507

Gesalric 512|Gregory I.

Amalaric 531
Theudis 543

Agila 552
Leuva 568
Leuvigild 585

These princes
were Inasters
also of Nar-
bonne and

Kings of England. The third Saxon kingdom is founded in England by Cerdic, in


590|Zachary, the

schoolman. Hesychius.


man deacon.

Victor, the


tunatus. Anastasius of


tioch. John the

schoolman. Cosmas.

Venantius For

Mount Sinai,

bishop of An

Dionysius, the Jacob Zanzale,

the chief of

Fulgentius Fer- the Jacobites,

or Monophy-

John Philopo-
nus, the chief
of the Trithe-

Facundus Her-1 ites.


Pope Vigilius. Origenists.
Rusticus, a Ro-Corrupticolae.

The Arians,

Victor of Ca- Nestorians,

and Pelagi-
ans, continu-
ed to raise .
troubles in
the church.

The Ostrogothic

kingdom is de-
stroyed by Jus-
tinian, who be-
comes master of

The Lombards in

vade Italy in the
year 568, and
erect a new
kingdom at Tici-

The Christians are
persecuted in se-I

veral places.

The orthodox are

oppressed by the
emperor Anasta-
sius, Thrasamond,
king of the Wan-
dals, Theodoric,
king of the Ostro-
goths, &c.

Female convents

are greatly multi-
plied in this cen-

Litanies introduced

into the church of


Aurelius Cassiodo

Dionysius the

one. Writers. and Poets.

519, and is Gildas. The Arians are

called the Leander. driven out.

kingdom of John of Con- Superstition of the

the West Sax- stantinople. Stylites intro

Ons. Columbanus. duced by Simeon,

The fourth, or Leontius By- the head of that

that of the zant. crazy sect. who

East Saxons, Leontius of Cy- spent his life on

by Erchenwin prus. the top of a pillar,

in 527 The fifth, that of Northumberland, by Ida, in 547 The sixth, that of the East Angles by Uffa, in 573 The seventh, that of Mercia, by Crida, in 585 Thus was successively formed the Saxon Heptarchy.

Kings of

France. Clovis I 511 The kingdom is divided among his four sons, viz. Thierry, Metz 534 Clodomir, Or

leans 534 Childebert, Paris 558

Clotaire, Soissons 562 A second division of the kingdom among the four sons of Clotaire I. viz. Cherebert, Paris

566 Gontran, Orleans 593 Chilperic, Sois$0.118 584

Gregory the

Isidore of Se-

Lucius Carinus.

Proclus Diado-

and foolishly
imagined, that he
would, by this
trick, render him-
self agreeable to
the Deity. The
Romish writers
say, he chose this
lofty habitation
(for the pillar was
36 cubits high) to
avoid the multi-
tude which crowd-
ed about him to
see his miracles.

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