תמונות בעמוד
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Athanasius, ans, and stantine the Great, thematician.

bishop of Psathyrians. | by a vision repre- Prudentius. Alexandria.

senting a fiery Rufus Festus. Antonius, who Photi nus, cross in the air. Avienus. (with Paul the Apollinaris, First General Coun- Themistius. Hermit) was Father and cil. It was held Flavius Vegethe first insti. Son.

at Nice in 325. tius. tutor of the Macedonius. In it the opinions Hierocles. monastic life. The Anthropo. of Arius were con- Julian. Marcellus, morphites. demned, and the Ammianus bishop of Priscillian. popes

declared Marcellinus. Ancyra.

Andæus. merely equal in Symmachas. Theodore,


Messa- dignity to other Lactantius. bishop of lians, or Eu- Christian bishops. Jamblichus.

Heraclea. chites. A second general Ælius Lam. Julius, bishop Collyridians. council is held in pridius. of Rome.

Eustathians, the year 381, at Eusebius of Jul. Firm.

Constantinople, in Cæsarea. Matemus. Coluthus. which the errors of Jul. Firmicus Pachomius. Helvidius. Macedonius are Maternus. Eusebius, Bonosus. condemned. Chalcidius. bishop of Vigilantius.

Remarkable pro. Pomponius. Emessa. Three schisms gress of the Chris. Festus. Serapion.

of the Mele- tian religion a-Quintus Cyril, bishop of tians, Luci. mong the Indians, Curtius.

Jerusalem. ferians, and Goths, Marcoman-Macrobius.
Hilarius, bishop Donatists. ni, and Iberians.
of Poictiers.

The famous dona-
Lucifer, bishop

tion of Constantine
of Cagliari.

in favor of the Phæbadius,

Roman bishop of

mere fable.

The miraculous de-

feat of Eugenius
|Zeno, bishop of

by Theodosius.

Julian's attempt to
Titus, bishop of

invalidate the pre-

dictions of the Damascus,

prophets, by en bishop of

couragingthe Jews Rome.

to rebuild the Epiphanius,

temple of Jerusa. bishop of

lem, defeated by Salamis.

an earthquake and Optatas,bishop

fiery eruption. See of Milevi.

the learned bp.

Marius Vic.

teresting and in-

genious work, enLiberius,

titled Julian.
bishop of

Theodosius thel

Great is obliged
Ephraim thel

by Ambrose, bi-

shop of Milan, to

do public penance

for the slaughterof 2 c


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natdin Basil, bishop of

the Thessalonians. Cæsarea.

The Eucharist was, chủ tulo | sit ali ni Gregory, bi-aging| during this cenis a shop of Na


e units tury, administered alas rond

Liew in some places to have asi 27 Gregory, bi-infants and persons verloor consequat shop of Nyssa.no deceased. ailem na svet Amphilochius

, 11 i Something like the Rune boste dobishop of

doctrine of TranIconium.

substantiation is ceclmps. Hegesippus,

maintained, and sibodo vs Apollinaris,

97 the ceremony of daodaidh name Father and

the elevation used

- putea in the celebration

mobing blur ai i Eusebius, bi-qudsid of the Eucharist,
shop of Ver-

council of
239 alustaden

Elvira in Spain, 2,222 หนา 1.270hานะมห่ง 14ะ Diodore,

held in the year 170 mino shop of Tar.

312 305, not only so


o lemnly forbids the sino onlith Proba Fal

adoration of picconia.

tures or images, The three

but even prohibits Macarii,


the use of them. Ambrose. sidentSZSYRIA,

The use of incense narlt me


lesa pornid, and of the censer,
oh Ron

sziale with several other items

Yeridi superstitious rites,

Paulinus, bi-
shop of Nola.

helly introduced. The

ener churches are con de Augustin.

sidered as exter-3 setin John Chryso

W nally holy, the stom,

Enimsaints are invoked, anaofas

jo qoided images used, and

the Cross worsansbild

to quieid


The clerical order 179 vd der

augmented by new

76 ranks of ecclesiDed

astics, such as archdeacons, country

bishops, archbito shops, metropoliGorlati tans, exarchs, &c.



Popes, or
Bishops of




Remarkable Events.
Theological real or reputed.


Profane Authors.

Emperors of the Anastasius 402 Gaudentius, Vigilantius.

Foundation of the Anienus. West. Innocent 417 bishop of

French monarchy Martianus A.D. Zosimus 418 Bresse. Pelagius, by Pharamond, or Capella. Honorius 423 Boniface I. 423 Sulpicius Cælestius, rather by Clovis. Claudian. Valentinian A schism be- Severus. Julian,


earthquake Eunapius. III. 455) tween this Palladius. authors of swallows up se- Macrobius. Maximus 455 pope

and Heraclides. what is called veral cities in Pa-Olympiodorus. Avitus 456 Eulalius. Innocentius. the Pelagian lestine.

Orosius. Majorianus Celestine I. Polybius. Heresy.

A third General Peutinger. 461

432 Pelagius. John Cassian, Council held at Rutilius Severus, 465 Sixtus III, 440 Cælestius. Faustus, Ephesus, at which Claudius, Anthemius 472 Leo the Great Theodore, Gennadius, Nestorius was de- Numantianus. Olybrius 472

461 bishop of Vincent of posed, in the year Servins HonoGlycerius de- Hilarius 467 Mopsuesta. Lerins, Semi- 131.

ratus. posed in 474 Simplicius 483 Polychronius. | Pelagians.

A fourth General Sidonius Julius Nepos Felix IIL. 492 Nonnus.

Council held at Apollinaris. deposed Gelasius 496 Synesius. Nestorius, Chalcedon against Candidus, in

475 Anastasius II. Isidore of Theodoret, Eutyches in the the Isaurian, Romulus 498 Pelusium. Theodore

of year 451.

Zosimus, the Augustulus, Symmachus I. Cyril of Alex-Tarsus, Prog of Christi- historian. who reigned A schism be- andria. Theodore of anity among the Idacius. till the 23d of tween him and Orosius. Mopsus,

Franks and Ger-Quintus, or August, when Laurentius. Marius Mer-Nestorians. mans,

Cointus. Odoacer took cator.

The conversion of Priscus. the title of Maximus, bi- Eutyches.

the Irish to the Musæus. king of Italy,

shop of Turin. Dioscorus. Christian faith at- Proclus. and put anend

Theodoret. The Acephali. tempted in vain Simplicius. to the western

Cassian. -Monophy- by Palladius, but empire.

Peter Chry sites. effected by St. Pa

sologus. -Jacobites. trick, whose origiKings of Italy.


-Armenians. nal name was SucOdvacer 493

Philostorgius. - Theopas cathus, who Theodoric.

Viricent of chites. rived in Ireland in

Lerins. - Predestina- the year 132. Emperors of the


rians, East.

Sozomenes. Cælicolæ. tions carried on Arcadius 408

Leo the Great. Peter, the against the ChrisTheodosius II.


Fuller. tians in Britain,
Idacius. Xenaias.

by the

Marcianus 457

Scots, and Anglo-
Leo I. 474

Saxons,--in Spain,
Leo II. 474
Arnobius the

Gaul, and Africa,
Zeno Isaur. 491

by the Vandals
Claudian Ma.

-in Italy and

Pannonia, by the
Gothic Kings of

Visigoths—in A.
Felix, the Ro-

frica, by the Do-
Alaric 411
man pontiff.

natists and CirA taulphus 415 Vigilius Tap

cumcellians-in Sigeric 415


Persia, by Isde


Terrible persecu.


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Kings of Italy Symmachus Cæsarius, Deuterius. Several nations Justinian Buë.

514| bishop of Severus, leader converted to thius. Theodoric 526 Hormisdas 523 Arles. of the Ace- Christianity. Trebonian. Athalaric 534 John I. 526 Fulgentius, phali. The canon of the Agathias, who Amalasun Felix IV. 529 bishop of Themistius, mass established continued the

tha 534 Boniface II. Ruspa. chief of the by. Gregory the history comTheodatus 536

531 Boëthius.
Agnoites, who Great.

posed by ProVitiges 540 A schism be-Timothy of naintained

The Benedictine copius. Idebald 541 tween Boni. Constantino. that Christ Order founded. Jornandes. Totila 553 face and Dios. ple.

was ignorant Forty Benedictine Gregory of Teias 554 corus. Ennodius. of the day of monks, with Au- Tours,

John II. 535 Severus. judgement. gustine at their Marius, bishop Emperors of the Agapetus I. Cassiodorus. Barsanians, or head, are sent in- of Avranches, East.

536 Procopius. Semi-dulites, to Britain by Gre- an eminent Anastasius 818 Sylverius 540 Peter, the dea- who maintain- gory the Great, historian. Justin I. 527 A schism be- con.

ed that Christ in the year 596 ; Menander, the Justinian 565 tween Sylve- Maxentius, a had suffered who convert historian. Justin 11. 578/ rius and Vi- Scythian

only in


Ethelbert, king of Stephen of ByTiberius gilius.


Kent, to the Chris- zantium.
II. 586 Vigilius 555 Dionysius, the Jacob Zanzale, tiau faith. Magn. Aure-
Mauritius. Pelagius I. 558 Little.

the chief of The Ostrogothic lius Cassiodo. John III. 572 Fulgentius Fer- the Jacobites, kingdom is de- rus. Gothic Kings of Benedict 1.577 randus. or Monophy- stroyed by Jus- Dionysius the Spain. Pelagius II. Marcellinus. sites.

tinian, who be- Little. Alaric 507

590|Zachary, the Jolin Philopo- comes master of
Gesalric 512 Gregory 1. schoolman. nus, the chief Italy.
Amalaric 531

Hesychius. of the Trithe- The Lombards in.
Theudis 548
Facandus Her- ites.

vade Italy in the Theodegesil

mian. Damianists.

year 568, and 548

Pope Vigilius. Origenists. Agila 552

Rusticus, a Ro-Corrupticolæ. kingdom at TiciAthanagilda

man deacon. Acæmetæ. 567


The Arians, The Christians are Leuva 568

Victor of Ca- Nestorians, persecuted in se-
Leuvigild 585


veral places. Recared.


and Pelagi- The orthodox are Jornandes.

ans, continu- oppressed by the These princes


ed to raise emperor Anasta. were masters

Victor, the

troubles in sius, Thrasamond, also of Nar.


the church. king of the Van bonne and Venantius For

dals, Theodoric, Aquitaine. tunatus.

king of the OstroAnastasius of

goths, &c. Kings of Mount Sinai,

Female convents England. afterwards

are greatly multiThe third Sax. bishop of An

plied in this cen. on kingdom is tioch.

tury. founded in John the

Litanies introduced England by schoolman.

into the church of Cerdic, in Cosmas.






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