תמונות בעמוד
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Popes, or Ecclesiastical
Bishops of and Theological

Heretics. < Remarkable Events. Profane
Rome. Writers.


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299si1 pope Anicetus Pilate - the

St. Peter and si. Annæus Coris placed, by Epistles of

mon the magician nutus. Petau and Seneca

zih di at Rome, and of Lacants Lenglet, in St. Paul, &c.

tool the erection of a Andromachus. weiter of the year 161, must be con- statue to the latter Petronius. by Pearson d as a in that city, seem

Persius. Rai1794 and Pfaff in pocryphal and obouku 162, by Fleu-spurious.

The second perse-Dioscorides.il ry, Walch, The works that percution of the Flavius Jose and Bower, in bear the name puide Christiaus under phus. xunidA 168. of Dionysius

Silius Italicus, As it is impos- the Areopa

from St. John Ilerown in-Valerius Flacsible to recon- gite, were

a caldron of cus. cile these his- forged in the 14 Tato boiling oil, a Pliny the Eldtorians, and fifth century.

74 | doubtful story. difficult often

O The adventures of Pliny the to decide which calcu.

Apollonius Ty-Younger. bonus ei on 19th

Asconius Pedi-
lates best, we
shall follow

Plinius Valeri-
Pearson and gubi 12 enly Bohised
Pfaff as the

surest guides.



Frontinus. E92013 almost

Quintilian. Listato

Dion Chryso

Trogus Pom.


Athenodorus. obtained to be

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Roman Em |Xystus or Ignatius of An-Nazarenes. Third persecution Arrian.

Sixtus 127 tioch. Gnostics. perors.

under T'rajan, mi- Aulus Gellius. A. D. Telespho


Cainites. tigated by the in. Plutarch. 117| rus Trajan

tercession 138 Justin Martyr. Elxai.

of Florus. Adrian 138 Hyginus 150 Hegesippus. Saturninus. Pliny, the Young. Celsus, the Anton, Pius I. 153 Theophilus of The Millena. er.

Lawyer. Pius 161 Anicetus 162 Antioch, the rians. Fourth persecution Enomaus M. Antoni


172) first who made Basilides. under Adrian. Philo of Phe nus

180 Eleutherius 185 use of the word Isidore, tlie "Fifth Persecution nicia.
(Victor 1961 Trinity to ex-Son.

ander Antoninas Ptolemy, the

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press the dis- Carpocrates Pius, continued astronomer tinction of and his follow. under Marcus Au-l and

geograwhat divines ers.

relius and Lucius pher, call persons in Marcellina and Verus.

Salvius Juli. the God-head. Epiphanes.

Conversion of the anius.
The Christian Prodicus, the Germans and Suetonius,
church is very chief of the Gauls, and (if we Apollonius,
little obliged Adamites. may give credit to the philoso-
to him for his Valentive and Bede) of the Bri. pher.
invention, his followers. tons.

The use of this * Tatian sup- The Thundering Fronto.

and other un posed to be Legion—dubi- Maximus
scriptural the chief of the ous event. Tyrius.
terms, to

Encratites, Insurrections of the Taurus Calvi-
which men at- Hydropara Jews against the sius.
tach either no states, and

Romans. Apuleius. ideas, or false A potactics. Sedition and Artemidorus. Ptolomæus

slaughter of that Lucian.
wounded cha. Secundus. people under the Numenes.
rity and peace,

standards of Bar-Pausanias. without pro- Marcion. cocheba, the false Polyænus. muting truth Florinus.

Messiah. Sextus Empiand knowlege. The Docetæ, The Jews are dri-ricus.

or Phantasi ven froin Jerusa-Athenæus. duced heresies asts.


Julius Pollux. of the worst The Melito. Horrible calunnies Diogenes Laer. kind. nians.

thrown out a tius. Melito. The Sacco gainst the Chris- Gallienus. Tatian. phori. tians 'by Lucian, Ammonius Papias. Severians. Crescens, Celsus, Saccas. Claudius Apol-Ophites. and the Pagans in Priscus,

linaris. Artotyrites. general. Cephalion. Hermias. Theodotus, the The perusal of the Aristides. Athenagoras. Tanner, chief Sibylline Oracles Hermogenes, Clemens Alex- of the Alugi. prohibited by an who at the age andrinus. Montanus. imperial edici.

of seventeen Tertullian. Tertullian. Christian assem published his Aquila.

Priscilla and blies are held on Rhetoric ; at Theodotion. Maximilla, Sundays, and o- twenty, his Symmachus. who were call. ther stated days, Bouk on

ed Monta in private houses, Ideas; and, at The unknown nists, Cata and in the bury- twenty-five, is

Author of the phryges, and ing-places of Mar- said to have
Sibylline Ora- Pepuzians. tyrs.

forgotten all cles.

Infant baptism and that he had Irenæus. The Sethites

sponsors used in learned. Polycrates. and Abelites. this century:

Justin Martji. Dionysius of

Various festivals Theophilas of

Heracleon. and fasts esta- Antioch.

Quadratus. Colarbasus. A distinction form-Marcus Anto.

Blastus. ed between bi- ninus.
Add to these Mark.

shops and presby-Harpocration. „several frag- The Valenti ters, who, with Athenagoras. mients of the nians.

the deacons and Celsus the phiwritings of

readers, are the losopher,

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some of the Bardesanes. only orders of ec. Julius Solitas, principal he- Hermogenes. clesiastics known Plotinus. II retics men

Apelles. in this century. Papinian. 19 tioned in the Praxeas, the The sign of the following co-chief of the cross and anointlumn. These Patropassians, ing used. fragments are Seleucus and The custom of collected by Hermias.

praying towards Cotelerius, Artemon. the East introGrabe, &c.


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Roman Em Zephyrinus 219 The author of Adelphius. Sixth Persecution Ælius Maurus. perors. Callistus

under 224 the Acts of Aquilinus.

Severus, Oppian, the A.D. Urban 231 Perpetua and Manes, the in which

Le- Poet. Severus 211 Pontianus 235 Felicitas. chief of the onidas, Irenæus, Quintus Seren. Caracalla 217 Anterus 236 Minutius Felix. Manicheaps. Victor, bishop of Sammonicus. Geta 212 Fabianus

251 Hippolytus.

Hierax. Rome, Perpetua, Julius Afri-
Macrinus 218 Cornelius 254 Ammonius. Noetus. Felicitas, and o. canus.
Heliogaba A contest Julius Africa-Sabellius. thers, suffer mar- Acolus.
lus 222) between

Beryllus. tyrdom.

Dio Cassius. Severus A. hiin and Origen.

Paul of Samo-Seventh Persecu- Ulpian. lexander 235 Novatian. Cyprian.


tion (after one un. Ephorus. Maximin 237 Lucius 256 Novatian,

Novatians. der Maximin) un- Censorinus. Gordian I. Stephen

258 Gregory

Patropassians. der Decius, in C. Curius For. II. 237 Sixtus II. 259 Thaum. Arabians. which Fabianus, tunatus. Pupienus Dionysius 270 Dionysius of Cathari. the Roman pon. Herodian. and Bal Felix 275 Alexandria. Valesians. tiff, Babylas, Nicagoras. binus 238 Eutychia Pamphilus.

Privatus. Alexander, and Amelius. Gordian

283 Anatolius. A schism be others, suffer Gentilianus. III. 244 Caius Mar Arnobius Afri- tween Ste martyrdom. Erennius. Philip the Icellinus 296 canus.

phen and Cy- Eighth Persecution Dexippus. Arabian,

Commodianus. prian, con under Valerian, in Cassius Lonsupposed to

Archelaus. cerning the re. which those more ginus. have been Lucianus. baptising of

illustrious mar- Julius Capitothe first

Hesychius. heretics. tyrs, Cyprian, Lu- linus.

cius, Stephen I. Ælius LampriTheognostus.

Sixtus I. and Lau- dius.
Decius 252

rentius, suffer for Trebellius Pol. Gallus and Paul of Samo

the faith.

lio. Volusi


Ninth Persecution Porphyry. anus 253 Stephen, R.

under Diocletian, Ælius SpartiÆmilianus 253 Pont.

Maximian, Gale anus.
Valerian 259
Eusebius, a

rius, and Max- Flavius VopisGallienus 268 deacon of

imin, much more cus,


emperor 250

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Claudius Poilut 29 20379foAlexandria.

cruel than the pre- M. Aurel. Il. 200270 wonił zesi Dionysius,

ceding, and fa-Olymp. Quintilius 270 tu! 23 R. Pont.

mous for the mar. Nemesianus. Aurelian 275 torgia Basilides,

tyrdom of the Alexander, a Tacitus 275 tons 5 me y Bishop of

Theban Legion, Greek philoFlorianus 276 5930 Pentapolis.

which however is sopher. Probus 282 to on Victorinus.

a very dubious Philostratus. Carus 283bIevos Prudentius.


Julius Paulus, Carinus 284 -01 2

The Jewish Tal-Sextus PompoNumerianus

mud and Targun nius. 284

composed in this Herennius. Diocletian.


Modestinus. Maximian.

The Jews are al- Hermogenia

lowed to return

into Palestine. Palladius RuHIDROTY Jewish schools tilius.

erected at Baby-Taurus Æmi

lon, Sora, and lianus. einer

other places. Justin. ostalore

Remarkable deaths Julius Calmosliuk

of those who per- phuruius. secuted the Chris-Arnobius,

tians, related by Umno M eviloitet

Tertullian, Euse

bius, and Lucius od 0812019192


1909 daide
189792 euro 1989)

Many illustrious
men, and Roman

wa ZUOL MOTORE verdhata

แนะแ618 - 13.A cuiu59159

senators, convert„To be devi

ed to Christianity. vasilo-1518 to

The origin of the pic2b oid

monastic life de

rived from the auAlbiqi 00418$ 8-24

stere manners of
ozuioda BC0 Yos

Paul the Theban,
ZLAIDIO202-10 (pimisel

the first hermit.
-I05 2004 20133

Diocletian assumes
«Пsiboтэн дод авгі оя

the name and ho-
nors due to Jupi-

បាយ 28709601/ kឱនថន |

ter, and orders the savilombo

zobus « 200sildne zote

people to worship

him. 2010978


Religious rites are
-EQ I 2uieesti,

greatly multiplied

in this century: vaig 970 930017

altars used; wax

1920 coliqo zbilo - TS suoi

and 28 asai-desings.15

tapers employed. Public churches,

exil as -iqme. I zsil I goggles

called in Greek

snila apibus J bes I and

2015 in to 9 zillsd971301 79 fua er

Kupioxd, built for
the celebration of

suig soil

divine worship.

brisatile Pyydqronoitu39273

The Pagan myste-iisqa ulansi loi 79

ries injudiciously 2006-ss (biati M

imitated in many

- amad -ziqov eivslo -XBM bas loir

FELIV 2053 Stou zlourselor

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respects by Chris

The tasting of milk

and honey, previ-
ous to baptisin,
introduced. The
person is anointed
before and after
that holy rite-
receives a crown,
and goes arrayed
in wbite for some
time after.
The story of the

seven sleepers of
Ephesus, and the
martyrdom of Ur.
sula, and the
11,000 British
Virgius, the prin
cipal fables' in-
vented in this cen-

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Roman Emo Marcellinus Lactantius The Manichæ. The Tenth Perse- Ælius Donatus. perors.

304 Firm.

ans disguised cution continued. Servius, A.D. Marcellus 309 Lucius Cæci- under the de. The Athanasians Helladius. Diocletian and Eusebius 311 lius.

nominations or Orthodox per- Andronicus Maximian ab- Melchiades Dorotheus, of Encratites, secuted by Cun. Nonius. dicate the

313 bishop of Apotactics, stantius, who was Marcellus. empire in the Sylvester 335 Tyre. Saccophori, an Arian, and by Sext. Aurelius year

305 Mark 336 Eusebius, Hydropara Valens, who or- Victor, Galerius 311 Julius 352 bishop of

states, and

dered 30 of their Maximus of Constantius

Liberius 367 Cæsarea. Solitaries. deputies, all ec. Smyrna, who 306 A schism be- Constantine

clesiastics, to be is supposed to Constantine tween Libe.l the Great. Arius and his put on board of all have taught

the Great 337 rius and Felix. Eustathius, followers, ship, to which fire the emperor His adver Damasus 384 bishop of

was set as soon as Julian nagic. saries, A new schism Antioch. divided into it bad cleared the Oribases. Maximin 313 between this Commodianus. Eunomians, coast.

Eutropius. Maxentius 312 pontiff and Alexander, Seini-arians, The Christians per- Libanius. Licinius 325 Ursinus.

bishop of

Eusebians, secuted by Sapor. Ausonius. Constantine Siricius 398] Alexandıia. Homoiousi- The supposed con- Pappus, thc II. 338

ans, Acaci-

version of Con- famous ma

who were

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