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pagation of the Gospel among the heathen communities. While he labored to make religious converts, he endeavoured, with equal zeal, to put an end to the existence of slavery in the United States; but he did not, either in this or in his other pursuit, meet with that success which his good intentions deserved.

Writers who have treated of the religious associations in North-America have mentioned the Jerkers and the Barkers. We know that there are Jumpers in Wales, notwithstanding the vicinity of English illumination ;we know that great absurdities, on pretence of religion, are practised in various countries, where the inhabitants are more than civilised ;-yet we doubt whether the accounts of the Jerkers and Barkers ought to be admitted among the authentic memorials of ecclesiastical history.

It is affirmed that a considerable number of zealots, in the state of Kentucky, seceded from the Presbyterian church, and, in concert with many Methodists, held meetings in which various exercises were performed, indicative (as they thought) of religious fervor and genuine devotion d. At these meetings, the sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered ; but this solemnity was degraded and profaned by ludicrous frivolity. The devotees vindicated their dancing by the practice of David; but their sudden fallings, rollings, jerkings, and other movements, could not so easily be defended, and still less could their barkings be excused. Many of these votaries of superstition were ashamed of their folly, and returned to a sober religious course, while others entered into the fraternity of Shakers, or attached themselves to more rational congregations.

Thus we have taken a cursory survey of the state of Christianity, both in the eastern and western hemispheres, and of its progress during the first quarter of the present century. Some progress it has unquestionably made, although its increase has not been so great as its zealous friends wished or expected. Its movements, depending on human agency, are necessarily slow; and,

d General History of the Baptist Denomination in America and other parts of the world, by David Benedict, A. M.


c if no miracles should intervene, many ages may elapse before the majority of the pagan nations, of the Jewish tribes, and of the followers of the Arabian pseudo-prophet, shall be numbered among the votaries of that system which we conscientiously follow and earnestly recommend. In the mean time, let Christians preserve their faith unimpaired, and exhibit, to unbelievers, impressive examples of piety and virtue.

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THE following tables have been compiled with much attention and pains from the best authors; and it is there.

TIYSSO fore hoped that they will be considered as an useful addition to Dr. Mosheim's work; and the more so, as they are not confined to the persons and things contained in it. •*1*

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The dates, that are placed in the columns which contain: the sovereign princes and popes, are designed to mark the year of their decease.

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As several of the ecclesiastical and theological Writers, mentioned in these Tables, deserve a place also among oth profane authors, on account of their philosophical, literary, or historical productions; so their names will be repeated in the two distinct columns that contain the learned men of each century.

It is farther to be observed, that the Romish church, even long before the time of the Reformation, looked upon many persons as heretics, whom we, on our principles, cannot consider in the same light, and whose doctrines really tended to promote that reformation in which we glory. I have therefore, in many places, added the words real or reputed after heretics, rather than seem to submit, in this point, to the decisions of a superstitious church.



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Ecclesiastical Sovereign Prin- Popes, or Bi- and Theological

Heretics. Remarkable Events. Profane ces, shops of Rome. Writers.

Authors. Roman empe-The succession The Evange. Dositheus. The tax of Augus. Titus Livius. of the first lists and Apo-Simon Magus. tus Cæsar.

Germanicus. A.D. bishops of stles. The Gnostics, The birth of Christ. Gratius. Augustus 14 Rome is a The three Cerinthus, The offerings pre-Ovid. malter full of Apostolic Hymenæus,

sented to Jesus Hyginus. intricacy and Fathers, Philetus, who Christ by the Wise Labeo. Claudius 54 obscurity.-

together with Men

from the Valerius Max. Nero 68 We shall here- Barnabas, Demas

and East.

imus. Galba 69 in follow the Hermas. Diotrephes, The Four Passo- Phædrus. Otho 69 learned bi-| Philo, the are rather to vers celebrated by Verrius FlacVitellius 70 shop Pearson. Jew.

be considered Christ. Vespasian 79

Flavius Jose- as apostates John the Baptist Strabo. Titus 81 Linus.


than as here- beheaded. Dionysius of Domitian 96 Anacletus. These are al- tics.

Christ's miracles, Alexandria. Nerva 98 Clement. most all the The Nicolai- sufferings, death, Seneca, the Evaristus. genuine ec- tans.

resurrection, and rhetor. Alexander. clesiastical Ebion.

ascension. Seneca, the writers of the The Naza The descent of the philosopher The dates of first century, renes.

Holy Ghost. the deaths of whose works N. B. The St. Stephen, the Velleius Paterthe

Roman are ex- Ebionites and first Martyr. culus. pontiffs are tant; for the Nazarenes, The Conversion of Cremutius.

not the same supposed let- though gene- St. Paul. Isidore of ChaVAT,rif in the ter of Christ rally placed Institution A- rax.

counts of chro to Abgarus, by the learned gape, or Feasts of Celsus, the #158 inologists. the Gospels, in the first Charity.

physician. Acts, Epi- century, yet Baptism is adni-Massurius SaFleury, stles, and Li- belong more nistered by im- binus. Pearson, turgies, that properly to mersion.

Didymus of Marcel, have (beside the second. Several Christian Alexandria. Pfaff, Bower, those which

churches founded. Cocceius Ner. Lenglet, and we esteem

The first persecu-va. zbiva frequently in been attribut

tion under Nero. Pbilo the Jew. others, differ canonical)

The oracles redu-Pomponius twin this respect; ed to the

ced to silence, a Mela. and their dif. Apostles—as

dubious, or rather Columella. ferences also the Epi

a fabulous story. Remmius sometimes are stles of Mary

The destruction of Palæmon. considerable. to Ignatius


Votienus. For example, and others,

The accounts of a Servilius Marthe death of the Acts of

dispute between cus.


and poet.




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