תמונות בעמוד

Psalm lxi. Exaudi, Deus. shall ye be, and like a broken HE

(EAR my crying, O God, hedge.
give ear unto my prayer.

4 Their device is only how 2 From the ends of the to put him out whom God will earth will I call upon thee, exalt; their delight is in lies; when my heart is in heaviness. they give good words with their

3 O set me up upon the rock mouth, but curse with their that is higher than I; for thou

heart.. hast been my hope, and a

5 Nevertheless, my soul strong tower for me against wait thou still upon God; for the enemy.

my hope is in bim. 4. I will dwell in thy taber

6 He truly is my strength, nacle for ever, and my trust and my salvation; he is my deshall be under the covering of fence, so that I shall not fall. thy wings.

7 In God is my health and 5 For thou, O Lord, hast my glory, the rock of my heard my desires, and hast might ;- and in God is my

trust. given an heritage unto those that fear thy Name.

8( put your trust in him 6 Thou shalt grant the King

alway ye people ; pour out a long life, that his years may God is our hope.

your hearts before him ; for endure throughout all generations.

9 As for the children of men, 7 He shall dwell before God they are but vanity; the chil for ever; O prepare thy lov.

dren of men are deceitful upon ing mercy and faithfulness.

the weights; they are altothat they may preserve him. gether lighter than vanity it. 8 So will I always sing praise

self. unto thy Name, that I may

10 O trust not in wrong and daily perform my vows.

robbery; give not yourselves

unto vanity : if riches increase, The Twelfth Day.

set not your heart upon them. MORNING PRAYER.

11. God spake once, and Psalm Ixii. Vonne Deo?

twice I have also heard the

same, that power belongeth. My soul truly

, waiteth stiinto God; upon

God; for of him 12 And that thou, Lord, art cometh my salvation. merciful ; for thou rewardest

2 He verily is my strength every man according to his and my salvation ; he is my work: defence, so that I shall not

Psalm Ixiii Deus, Deus greatly fall,

3 How long will reiniagine mischief against every man? ye shall be slain all the sort of early will I seek the you; yea, as a tottering wall 2 My soul thirstet for


Ophou are my God;

my flesh also longeth after 2 Hide me from the gatherthee, in a barren and dry landing together of the froward, where no water is.

and from the insurrection of 3 Thus have I looked for wicked doers ; thee in holiness, that I mighil 3 Who have whet their behold thy power and glory ; tongue like a sword, and shoot

4 For thy loving kindness out their arrows, even bitter is better than the life itself: words, my lips shall praise thee. 4 That th y may privily

5 As long as I live will I shoot at him that is perfect : magnify thee in this manner, suddenly do they hit him, and and lift up my hands in thy fear not. Name.

5 They encourage them6 My soul shall be satisfied, selves in mischief, and comeven as it were with marrow mune among themselves, how and fatness, when my mouth they may lay snares; and say, praiseth thee with joyful lips. that no man shall sce them.

7 Hive I not remenbered 6 They imagine wickedness thee in my bed, and thought and practise it; that they upon thee when I was wao keep secret among themselves king?

every man in the deep of his 8 Because thou hast been heart my helper ; therefore under 7 But God shall suddenly the shadow of thy wings will shoot at them with a swift ar. I rejoice

row, that they shall be wound9 My soul hangeth upon ed. thee; thy right hand hath up- 8 Yea, their own tongues holden me.

shall make them fall; insos 10 These also that seek the much that whoso seeth them, hurt of my soul, they shall go shall laugh them to scorn. under the earth.

9 And all men that see it 11 Let them fall upon the shall say, This hath God done; edge of the sword, that they for they shall perceive that it may be a portion for foxes.

lis his work. 12 But thc King shall rejoice 10 The righteous shall rein God; all they also thai joice in the Lord, and put his swear by him shall be com-trust in him ; and all they that mended ; for the mouth of are true of heart shall be glad. them that speak lies shall be


Psalm Ixv. Te decet hymPsalm lxiv. Exaudi, Deus.

EAR my voice, O God. THOU, O God, art praised

in my prayer ; preserve in Sion; and unto thee my life from fear of the ene- shall the vow be performed in

Jerusalem. my.



2 Thou that hearest the with thy goodness; and thy prayer, unto thee shall all clouds drop fatness. flesh come.

13 They shall drop upon 3 My misdeeds prevail the dwellings of the wilderagainst me : O be thou mer-ness; and the little hills shall ciful unto our sins.

rejoice on every side. 4 Blessed is the man whom 14 The folds shall be full thou choosest, and receivest|of sheep : the vallies also unto thee : he shall dwell in shall stand so thick with corn, thy court, and shall be satis-that they shall laugh and sing. fied with the pleasures of thy house, even of thy holy tem- Psalm lxvi. Jubilate Deo. ple. us won

, righte- lands; sing praises unto ousness, O God of our salva- the honour of his Name; make tion: thou that art the hope his praise to be glorious. of all the ends of the earth, 2 Say unto God, o how and of them that remain in wonderful art thou in thy the broad sea.

works; through the greatness 6 Who in his strength set-of thy power shall thine eneteth fast the mountains, and mies be found liars unto thee. is girded about with power:

3 For all the world shall 7 Who stilleth the raging worship thee, sing of thee, of the sea, and the noise of and praise thy Name. his waves, and the madness 4 O come hither, and beof the people.

hold the works of God, how 8 They also that dwell in wonderful he is in his doing the uttermost parts of the toward the children of men, earth shall be afraid at thy 5 He turned the sea into tokens, thou that makest the dry land, so that they went out-goings of the morning through the water on foot; and evening to praise thee. there did we rejoice thereof.

9 Thou visitest the earth, 6 He ruleth with his power and blessest it; thou makest for ever; his eyes behold the it very plenteous.

people : and such as will not 10 The river of God is believe shall not be able to exfull of water: thou preparest alt themselves. their corn, for so thou pro 7 0) praise our God, ye videst for the earth,

people, and make the voice of 11 [nou wate rest he r. fur- his praise to be heard ; rows; thou sendest rain into 8 Who holdeth our soul in the little vallies thereof; thouslife, and suffereth not our feet. makest it sof: with the drops to slip. of rain, and blessest the in

9 For thou, O. God, hast crease of it.

proved us; thou also hast tried.

is silver is tried. 12 Thou crownest the parli


10 Thou broughtest us into 4 O let the nations rejoice the snare, and laidst trouble and be glad; for thou shalt upon our loins.

judge the folk righteously, and 11 Thou sufferedst men to govern the nations upon earth. ride over our heads; we went 5 Let the people praise thee, through fire and water, and God ; let all the people thou broughtest us out into a praise thee. wealthy place.

6 Then shall the earth bring 12 I will go into thine house forth her increase ; and God, with burnt-offerings, and will even our own God, shall give pay thee my vows, which I us his blessing. promised with my lips, and 7 God shall bless us ; and spake with my mouth, when all the ends of the world shall I was in trouble.

fear him. 13 I will offer unto thee fat burnt-sacrifices, with the in

The Thirteenth Day. cense of rams; I will offer MORNING PRAYER. bullocks and goats.

14 O come hither and hear- Psalm Ixviii. Exurgat Deus. ken, all ye that fear God, and ET God arise, and let his

enemies be scattered ; let done for my soul.

them also that hate him flee 15 I called unto him with before him. my mouth, and gave him 2 Like as the smoke vanishpraises with my tongue. eth, so shalt thou drive them 16 If I incline unto wicked

away ; and like as wax melt. ness with mine heart, the Lord eth at the fire, so let the unwill not hear me,

godly perish at the presence 17 But God hath heard me, of God. and considered the voice of

3 But let the righteous be my prayer.

glad, and rejoice before God; 18 Praised be God, who hath let them also be merry and not cast out my prayer, nor joyful. turned his mercy from me.

4 O sing unto God, and sing Psalm Ixvii. Deus misereatur.

praises unto his Name; mag

bify him that rideth upon the OD be merciful unto us, heavens, as it were upon an

and bless us, and show horse ; praise him in his Name us the light of his countenance, JAH, and rejoice before him. and be merciful unto us ; 5 He is a father of the fa.

2 That thy way may be therless, and defendeth the known upon earth, thy saving cause of the widows; even God health among all nations. in his holy habitation.

3 Let the people praise thee, 6 He is the God that maO God; yea, let all the peo- keth men to be of one mind in ple praise thee.

an house, and bringeth the


prisoners out of captivity ; but twenty thousand, even thouletteth the runagates continu sands of Angels; and the Lord in scarceness.

is among them as in the holy 7 O God, when thou went-place of Sinai. est forth before the peper

18 Thou art gone up on when thou wentest through igh, thou hast led captivity the wilderness,

captive, and received gifts for 8 The earth shook, and the men; yea, even for thine eneheavens dropped at the premies, tivat the Lord God might sence of God; even as Sinai dwell among them. also was moved at the pre- 19 Praised be the Lord daisence of God, who is the Godiy, even the God who helpeth of Israel.

us, and poureth his benefits 9 Thou, () God, sentest alupon us. gracious raid upon thine inhe- 20 He is our God, even the ritance, and refreshedst it God of whom cometh salvawhen it was weary.

uion : God is the Lord, by 10 Thy congregation shall whom we escape death. dwell therein; for tholl, O 21 Cod shall wound the God, hast of thy goodness pre- head of his enemies, and the pared for the poor.

hairy scalp of such a one as 11 The Lord gave the word.goeth on still in his wickedgreat was the company of the ness. preacher's.

22 The Lord hath said, I 12 Kings with their armies will bring my per ple again, as did fite, and were discomfired, I did from Basan ; mine own and they of the household di-will I bring again, as I did vided the spoil.

sometime from the deep of 13 Though ye have lain the sea among the pots, yet shall ye 23 That thy foot may be be as the wings of a dove that dipped in the blood of thine is covered with silver wings. enemies, and that the tongue and her feathers like gold. ofthy dogs may be red through

14 When the Almighty the same. scattered kings for their sake, 4 It is well seen, O God, then were they as white as how thou goest ; how thou, snow in Salmon.

my God and King, goest in 15 As the hill of Rasan, so the sanctuary. is God's hill ; even an high 25 1 he singers go before, hill, as the hill of Basan. the minstrels follow after; in

16 Why hop ye so, ye high the midst are the danisels hills ? this is God's hill, in the playing with the timbrels. which it pleasetli him to dwell; 26 Give thanks, O Israel, yea, the Lord will abide in it unto God the Lord, in the con.

gregations, from the ground 17 The chariots of God arelof the heart,

for ever.

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