תמונות בעמוד
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1 Moreover, by them is hut we will remember the thy servant taught; and in Name of the Lord our God. keeping of them there is great 8 They are brought down reward.

and fallen; but we are risen 12 Who can tell how oft he and stand upright. offendeth? O cleanse thou me 9 Save, Lord; and hear us, from my secret faults. 0 King of heaven, when we

13 Keep thy servant also call.upon thee. from presumptuous sins, les!

Psalm xxi. Domine, in vir. they get the dominion over

tute tua. me; so shall I be undefiled, and innocent from the great THEingeskabrejoicering

14 Let the words of my exceeding glad shall he be of mouth, and the meritation of thy salvation. my heart, be alway accept-2 Thou hast given him his able in thy sight,

heart's desire, and hast not 15 O Lord, my strength, denied him the request of his and my Redeemer.


3 For thou shalt prevent Psalm xx. Exaudiate te Doel

him with the blessings of good. minus,

ness, and shalt set a crown of THE THE Lord hear thee in pure gold upon his head.

the day of trouble ; the 4 He asked life of thee, and Name of the God of Jacob|thou gavest him a long life, defend thee :

even for ever and ever. 2 Send thee help from the 5 His honour is great in thy Sanctuary, and strengthen salvation ; glory and great thee out of Sion :

worship shalt thou lay upon 3 Remember all thy offer him. ings, and accept thy burnt-sa- 6 For thou shalt give him crifice :

everlasting felicity, and make 4 Grant thee thy heart's de-him glad with the joy of thy sire, and fulfil all thy mind. countenance.

5 We will rejoice in thy 7 And why? because the salvation, and triumph in the King putteth his trust in the Name of the Lord our God : I ord; and in the mercy of the the Lord perform all thy pe.most Highest, he shall not titions.

miscarry, 6 Now know I that the Lord 8 All thine enemies shall helpeth his Anointed, and will feel thy hand; thy right hand hear him from his holy hea- shall find out them that hate ven, even with the wholesome thee. strength of his right hand. 9 Thou shalt make them

7 Some put their trust in like a fiery oven in time of thy chariots, and some in horses ;'wrath : the Lord shall destroy


them in his displeasure, and out their lips, and shake their the fire shall consume them. heads, saying,

10 Their fruit shalt thou 8 He trusted in God, that he root out of the earth, and their would deliver him ; let bim deseed from among the children liver him, if he will have him. of men.

9 But thou art he that took 11 For they intended mis- me out of my mother's womb'; chief against thee, and ima- thou wast my hope, when I gined such a device as they hanged yet upon my mother's, are not able to perform ; breasts.

12 Therefore shalt thou 10 I have been left unto put them to fight, and the thee ever since I was born ; strings of thy bow shalt thou thou art my God even from make ready against the face my mother's womb. of them,

11 Ogo not from me ; for 13 Be thou exalted, Lord, trouble is hard at hand, and in thine own strength; so will there is none to help me. we sing and praise thy power. 12 Many oxen are come EVENING PRAYER.

about me ; fat bulls of Basan

close me in on every side. Psulm xxi. Deus, Deus 13 They gape upon me

with their mouths, as it were Y

upon mewhy thou forsaken me, and art so far ter, and all my bones are out from my health, and from the of joint ; my heart also in the words of my complaint ? midst of my body is even like

2 O my God, I cry in the melting wax. day-time, but thou hearest 15 My strength is dried up not: and in the night-season like a potsherd, and my tongue also I take no rest.

cleaveth to my gums, and thou 3 And thou continuest lioly, shalt bring me into the dust Othou worship of Israel. of death.

4 Our fathers hoped in 16 For many dogs are come thee; they trusted in thee, and about me, andthe council of the thou didst deliver them. wickedlayeth siege against me

5 They called upon thee ; 17 They pierced my hands, and were holpen ; they put and my fect: I may tell all their trust in thee, and were my bones : they stand staring not confounded.

and looking upon me. 6 But as for me, I am a 18 They part my garments worm, and no man; a very among them, and cast losts scorn of men, and the out-cast upon my vesture. of the people.

19 But be not thou far from 7 All they that see me, me, O Lord; thou art my suc. laugh me to scorn; they shoot |cour, haste thee to help me.

MUDGode my God, took a ramping and a roaring lion.

20 Deliver my soul from to the Lord for a generation. the sword, my darling from 32 They shall come, and the power of the dog. the heavens shall declare his

21 Save me from the lion's righteousness unto a people mouth ; thou hast heard me that shall be born, whom the also from among the horns Lord hath made. of the unicorns.

Psal. xxiii. Dominus regit me. unto my brethren ; Yin the THE Lord is my "shep

herd; therefore can I midst of the congregation lack nothing. will I praise thee.

2 He shall feed me in a 23 O praise the Lord, ye green pasture, and lead me that fear him ; magnify him forth beside the waters of all ye of the seed of Jacob; comfort. and fear him, all ye seed of 3 He shall convert my soul, Israel.

and bring me forth in the 24 For he hath not des- paths of righteousness for his pised nor abhorred the low Name's sake. estate of the poor ; he hath

4 Yea, though I walk thro' not hid his face from him ; the valley of the shadow of but when he called unto him death, I will fear no evil ; for he heard him.

thou art with me, thy rod and 25 My praise is of thee in thy staff comfort me. the great congregation ; my *5 Thou shalt prepare a ta. vows will I perform in the ble before me against them sight of them that fear him. Ithat trouble me; thou hast an

26 The poor shall eat, and ointed my head with oil, and be satisfied ; they that seek af

my cup shall be full. ter the Lord, shall praise him:

6 But thy loving kindness your heart shall live forever. and mercy shall follow me all

27 All the ends of the world the days of my life ; and i shall remember themselves, will dwell in the house of the and be turned unto the Lord; Lord for ever. and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before him.

The Fifth Day. 28 For the kingdom is the MORNING PRAYER. Lord's and he is the Governor Psalm xxiv. Domini est terra. among the people. earth have eaten, and wor- the compass of the world, and shipped.

they that dwell therein. 30 All they that go

down 2 For he hath founded it into the dust shall kneel befo upon the seas, and prepared him, and no man hath quick-lit upon the floods. ened his own soul.

3 Who shall ascend into 31 My seed shall serve the hill of the Lord? or who him; they shall be counted un-I shall rise up in his holy place?

29 All such
as be fat upon THE earth

is the Lord's;

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4 Even he that hath clean 5 Call to remembrance, o hands, and a pure heart; and Lord, thy tender mercies, and that hath not lift up his mind my loving kindnesses, which urxo vanity, nor sworn to de- uave been ever of old. ceive his neighbour.

6 O remember not the sins 5 He shall receive the bles- and offences of my youth ; but sing from the Lord, and righ-according to thy mercy think teousness from the God of his thou upon me, O Lord, for salvation.

thy goodness. 6 This is the generation of 7 Gracious and righteous is them that seek him ; even of the Lord; therefore will he them that seek thy face, Osteach sinners in the way. Jacob.

8 Them that are meek shall 7 Lift up your heads, O ye he guide in judgment; and gates; and be ye lift up, ye such as are gentle, them shall everlasting doors; and the he learn his way. King of glory shall come in. 9 All the paths of the Lord

8 Who is the King of glory are mercy and truth unto such itisthe Lord strong and mighty as keep his covenant and his even the Lord mighty in battle. testimonies,

9 Lift up your heads, Oye 10 For thy Name's sake, Q gates; and be ye lift up, ye Lord, be merciful unto my everlasting doors, and the sin ; for it is great. King of glory shall come in. 11 What man is he that

10 Whoisthe King ofglory : feareth the Lord? bim shall even the Lord of hosts, he is he teach in the way that he the King of glory.

shall choose. Psalm. xxv. Ad te, domine,

12 His soul shall dwell at levavi,

ease, and his seed shall inhe

rit the land. INTO thee, O Lord, will

13 The secret of the Lord I lift up my soul; my is among them that fear lim, God, I have put my trust in thee: 0 let me not be con

and he will show them his founded, neither let mine ene

covenant. mies triumph over me.

14 Mine eyes are ever look2 For all they that hope in

ing unto the Lord; for he shall thee shall not be ashamed; but pluck my feet out of the net. such as transgress without a

15 Turn thee unto me; and cause, shall be put to confusion.

have mercy upon me; for I 3 Show me thy ways, O

am desolate, and in misery. Lord, and teach me thy paths.

16 The sorrows of my heart 4 Lead me forth in thy truth,

are enlarged: O bring thou and learn me ; for thou art the

me out of my troubles. God of my salvation : in thee

17 Look upon my adversity hath been my hope all the day

and misery, and forgive me

all my sin. Aa?



18 Consider mine enemies! 10 In whose hands is wickhow many they are; and they edness, and their right hand is bear a tyrannous hate against full of gifts. me.

11 But as for me, I will 19 O keep my soul, and walk innocently : o deliver deliver me: let me not be me, and be merciful unto me. confounded, for I have put 12 My foot standeth right : iny trust in thee.

I will praise the Lord in the 20 Let perfectness and righ-congregations. teous dealing wait upon me;

EVE.VING PRAYER. for my hope hath been in thee.

21 Deliver Israel, o God, Psalm xxvii. Dominus illuout of all his troubles.

minatio. Psalm xxvi. Judica me, Do- THE Lord is my light and mine.

shall I fear? the Lord is the BE

E thou my judge, O Lord, strength of my life, of whom

for I have walked inno- then shall I be afraid ? cently: my trust hath been 2 When the wicked, even also in the Lord, therefore mine enemies and my foesi shall I not fall.

came upon me to eat up my 2 Examine me, O Lord, and flesh, they stumbled and fell. prove me; try out my reins 3 Though an host of men and my heart.

were laid against me, yet shall 3 For thy loving-kindness is not my heart be afraid ; and ever before mine eyes; and I though there rose up war will walk in the truth. against me, yet will I put my

4 I have not dwelt with vain trust in thee. persons: neither will I have 4 One thing have I desired fellowship with the deceitful. of the Lord, which I will re

5 I have hated the congre-quire ; even that I may dwell gation of the wicked; and will in the house of the Lord all not sit among the ungodly, the days of my life, to behold

6 I will wash my hands in the fair beauty of the Lord, innocency, O Lord; and so and to visit his temple. will I go to thine altar.

5 For in the time of trouble 7 That I may show the voice he shall hide me in his taberof thanksgiving, and tell of nacle, yea, in the secret place all thy wondrous works. of his dwelling shall he hide

8 Lord, I have loved the me, and set me up upon a havitation of thy house, and rock of stone. the place where thine honour 6 And now shall he lift up dwelleth.

mine head above mine enemies 90 shut not up my soul round about me. with the sinners, nor my life 7 Therefore will I offer in with the blood-thirsty ; his dwelling an oblation, with

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