תמונות בעמוד


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brief Exhortation usion the not into temptation; But dewords of the Gospel : liver us from evil. Amen.

ELOVED, ye hear in " Then shall the Minister de

this Gospel, the words of mand the Name of the Child; our Saviour Christ, that he which being by the Godfa. commanded the children to be thers and Godmothers probrought unto him ; how he nounced, the Minister shall blamed those that would have

say as follows: kept them from him ; how he

OST thou in the name oxhorteth all men to follow their innocency. Ye perceive the devil and all his works,

of this Child, renounce how, by his outward gesture and deed, he declared his good

the vain pomp and glory of

the world, with all covetous will toward them: for he embraced them in his arms,

desires of the same, and the

sinful desires of the flesh; so he laid his hands upon them, and blessed them. Doubt ye be led by them?

that thou wilt not follow, nor not therefore, but earnestly believe, that he hath likewise

Ans. I renounce them all : favourably received this pre-deavour not to follow, nor be

and, by God's help, will ensent Infant; that he hath em

led by them. braced him with the arms of

Minis. Dost thou believe all his mercy; and, as he hath

the Articles of the Christian promised in his holy word,

Faith, as contained in the will give unto him the blessing of eternal life, and make him

Apostles' Creed? Partaker of his everlasting

Ans. I do. kingdom. Wherefore we be

Minis. Wilt thou be bap

tized in this faith? ing thus persuaded of the good will of our heavenly Father,

Ans. That is my desire. declared by his Son Jesus

Minis. Wilt thou then obe. Christ, towards this Infant, diently keep God's holy will let us faithfully and devoutly

and commandments,and walk give thanks unto him, and say

in the same all the days of the Prayer which the Lord thy life? himself taught us.

Ans. I will, by God's help.

1 Then the Minister shall say, UR Father who art in

Heaven, Hallowed be E receive this Child inthy Name; Thy Kingdom to the Congregation of come; Thy Will be done on Christ's Flock,

* Here the Earth, as it is in Heaven ; Give and do* sign him Minister shall us this day our daily bread; with the sign of make a Cross And forgive us our trespasses, the Cross; in to- upon theChild's as we forgive those who tres- ken that hereaf- forehead. pass against us; And lead us ter he shall not be ashamed to


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Cross, as in the

Public Bap. F Child, hath promised by

confess the faith of Christ cru-finally, with the residue of thy cified, and manfully to fight oly Church, he may be an under his banner, against sin, Inheritor of thine everlasting the world, and the devil; and Kingdom, tiirough Christ our to continue Christ's faithful Lord. Amen. soldier and servant unto his life's end. Amen,

T Then all standing up, the

Minister shall say to the God. I The same rule is to be ob

faihers anu Godmothers this served here, as to the Omis

exhortation following: sion of the Sign of the

ORASMUCH as this tism of Infante. Then shall the Minister say, the devil and all his works, to

you his Sureties, to renounce EEING now, dearly be

believe in God, and to serve Child is regenerate, and graft- it is your parts and duties to

him; ye must remember, that ed into the body of Christ's Church; let us give thanks see that this Infant be taught,

so soon as he shall be able to unto Almighty God for these

learn, what a solemn vow, benefits, and with one accord

promise, and profession, he make our prayers unto him,

hath here made by you. And that this Child may lead the rest of his life according to

that he may know these things this beginning

the better, ye shall call upon

him to hear sermons; and I Then shall be said, all kneel-chiefly ye shall provide, that ing,

The may learn the Creed, the TE yield thee hearty Lord's Prayer, and the Ten

thanks, most merci-Commandments, and allother ful Father, that it hath pleas-things which a Christian ought ed thee to regenerate this In- to know and believe to his fant with thy Holy Spirit, to soul's health; and that this receive him forthine own Child Child may be virtuously by adoption, and to incorpo- brought up to lead a godly and rate him into thy holy Church. a Christian life: remembering And humbly we beseech thee always, that Baptism doth reto grant, that he, being dead presentuntous our profession; unto sin, and living unto right- which is to follow the example eousness, and being buried of our Saviour Christ, and to with Christ in his death, may be made like unto him; that crucify the old man, and ut- as he died, and rose again for terly abolish the whole body of us, so should we, who are bapsin; and that as he is made tized, die from sin, and rise aPartaker of the death of thy gain unto righteousness; conSon, he may also be partakertinually mortifying all our evil of his resurrection ; so that and corrupt affections, and


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other parts of the Church the Name of the Father, and Catechism, set forth for that of the Son, and of the Holy purpose.

Ghost. Amen. 4 But if they who bring the If Infant Baptisna, and the reInfant to the Church do

ceiving of Infants baptized in

private, are to be at the same make such uncertain an

time, the Minister may make the Minister's

the Questions to the Sponsors Questions, as that it cannot and the succeeding Prayer serpe appear that the Child was for both. And again, after the daptized with water, in

Inmersion, or the pouring of the Name of the Father,

Water, and the receiving into

the Church, the Minister may and of the Son, and of the

use the remainder of the Sere Holy Ghost / which are es- oice for both.

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To such as are of Riper Years, and able to answer for


9 Afhen any such Persons as are of Riper Years are to be baptized,

timely notice shall be given to the Minister; that so due cure may be taken for their examination, whether they be sufficiently instruct. and in the principles of the Christian Religion; and that they may be exhorted to prepare themselves, with prayers and fastingt, for

she receiving of this Holy Sacrament. 1 And if they shall be found fit, then the Godfathers and Godmothers,

(the People being assembled upon the Sunday, Holy.Day,or Prayer-
Day appointed shall be ready to present them at the Font, in me.
diately after the Second Lesson, either at Morning or Evening

Prayer, as the Minister, in his Discretion, shall think fit.
I And standing there, the minister shall ask, Whether any of the

Persons here presented be baptized or no? If they shall answer
No; then thail the Minister say thas:

much as all men are livered from thy wrath, may conceived and born in sin (and be received into the Ark of that which is born of the flesh Christ's Church; and being is flesh) and they who are in steadfast in faith, joyful the flesh cannot please God, through hope, and rooted in but live in sin,committing ma- charity, may so pass the waves ny actual transgressions; and of this troublesome world, our Saviour Christ saith, none chat finally they may come to can enter into che kingdom of the land of everlasting life ; God, except he be regenerate there to reign with thee, world and born anew of Water and without end, through Jesus of the Holy Ghost; I beseech Christ our Lord. Amen. you to call upon God the Fa

4 Or this. ther, through our Lord Jesus Christ , that of his bounteous ALMIGHTY and immor.

tal God, the goodness he will grant to these who need, the helper of all Persons that which by nature

who flee to thee for succour, they cannot have; that they the life of those who believe, may be baptized with Water and the resurrection of the and the Holy Ghost, and re- dead; we call upon thee for ceived into Christ's holy these Persons, that they, comChurch, and be made lively ing to thy holy Baptism, may members of the same.

receive remission of their sins, Then shall the Minister say, by spiritual regeneration. Re

ceive them, O Lord, as thou

hast promised by thy well-belasting God, who of thy

ye shall receive; seek, and great mercy, didst save Noah and his family in the Ark from ye shall find; knock, and it

shall be opened unto you: So perishing by water; and also

give now unto us who ask ; let didst safely lead the children

his who seck, find; open the of Israel thy people through the Red Sea, figuring thereby linese Persons may enjoy the

gate unto us who knock; that thy holy Baptism; and by the everlasting benediction of thy Baptism of thy well-belovec Son Jesus Christ in the river

heavenly washing, and may Jordan, didst sanctify the ele- which thou hast promised by

come to the eternal kingdom ment of water, to the mysti-Christ our Lord." Amen. cal washing away of sin; we beseech thee, forthine infinite T Then the Ohnister shall say, mercies, that thou wilt mer- Hear the words of the Gos. cifully look upon these thy pel, written by Saint John, in Servants; wash them and the third chapter, beginning sanctify them with the Holy at the first Verse:

Let us pray



THERE was a man of the be had. Likewise, immedi

Pharisees, named Nico-ately before his ascension into denus, a ruler of the Jews. heaven, (as we read in the The same came to Jesus by last Chapter of Saint Mark's night, and said unto him, Rab-Gospel) he gave command to bi, we know that thou art a his disciples, saying, Go ye Teacher come from God; for into all the world, and preach no man can do these miraciesithe Gospel to every creature. that thou doest, except God He that believeth, and is bapbe with him. Jesus answereduized, shall be saved; but he and said unto him, Verily, that believeth not, shall be verily, I say unto tliec, Except damned: Which also show. a man be born again, he can-eth unto us the great benefit not see the kingdom of God. we reap thereby. Fcr which Nicodemus saith unto him, cause Saint Peter the Aposile, How can a man be born when when upon his first preaching he is old? can be enter the of the Gospel many were second time into his mother's pricked at the heart, and said womb, and be born? Jesus to him and the rest of the answered, Verily, verily, I Apostles, Men and brethren, say unto thee, Except a man what shall we do? replied, be born of water and of the and said unto them, Repent Spirit, he cannot enter into and be baptized every one of the kingdom of God. That you, for the remission of sins, which is born of the flesh, isand ye shall receive the gift of flesh; and that which is born the Holy Ghost : For the proof the Spirit, is Spirit. Mar- mise is to you and your chilvel not that I said unto thee, dren, and to all that are afar Ye must be born again. The off, even as many as the Lord wind bloweth where it listeth, our God shall call. And with and thou hearest the sound many other words exhorted he thereof; but canst not tell them,saying, Save yourselves whence it cometh, and whith- from this untoward generaer it goeth: so is every oneftion. For, as the same Aposthat is born of the Spirit. ule testifieth in another place, After which he shall say this even Bapuism doth also now Erhorla ion following: save us (not the putting away

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this Gospel the express the answer of a good conwords of our Saviour Christ, science towards God,) by the that, except a man be born offresurrection of Jesus Christ. Water and of the Spirit, he Doubt ye not therefore, but cannot enter into he kingdom earnestly believe, that he will of God. Whereby ye may favourably receive these preperceive the great necessity of sent Persons, truly repenting, ilis Sacrament, where it may and coming unto him by faith;

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