תמונות בעמוד

salvation, through our Lord D OST thou, in the name


Baptism ; let us faithfully and age to take it upon himself) devoutly give thanks unto him, that he will renounce the Deand say,

vil and all his Works, and AL

ing God, heavenly Fa-Word, and obediently keep ther, we give thee humble his Commandments. thanks, that thou hast vouch-4 The Minister shall then desafed to call us to the know- mand of the Sponsors as ledge of thy grace, and faith in fillows ; the Questions bethee: Increase this knowledge. ing considered as addressed and confirm this faith in us to them severally, and the evermore. Give thy Holy answers to be made accordSpirit to this Infant ; that he

ingly. inay be born again, and be

I demand therefore, made an heir of everlasting

of , Jesus Christ, who liveth and

the devil and all his works, reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever. the world, with all covetous

the vain pomp and glory of Amen.

desires of the same, and the Then shall the Minister sinful desires of the flesh; so speak unto the Godfathers that thou wilt not follow, nor and Godmothers in this be led by them? wise :

Ans. I renounce them all; EARLY beloved, ye have deavour not to follow, nor be

and, by God's help, will enbrought this Child here

led by them. to be baptized; ye have pray

Minis. Dost thou believe all ed that our Lord Jesus Christ

the Articles of the Christian would vouchsafe to receive

Faith, as contained in the him, to release him from sin, to sanctify him with the Holy ** Ans. I do.

Apostles' Creed?

. Ghost, to give him the king dom of heaven and everlast-/uized in this Faith?

Minis. Wilt thou be baping life. Ye have heard also

Ans. That is my desire. that our Lord Jesus Christ

Minis. Wilt thou then obehath promised, in his Gospel, to grant all these things that diently keep God's holy will

and commandments, and walk ye have prayed for ; which

in the saine all the days of promise, he for his part will most surely keep and perform.hy life? Wherefore, after this promise

Ans. I will, by God's help. made by Christ, this Infant

1 Then shall the Minister say, must also faithfully

, for his O MERCIFUL God, grant part, promise by you that are that the old Adam in this his sureties (until he come of Child may be so buried, that

victory and to triuinph against N. N baptifen thee in the

WE receive this Child into

the new man may be raised and shall say to the Godfaup in him. Amen.

thers and Godmothers, Grant that all sinful affec

Name this child. tions may die in him, and that all things belonging to the Spi- And then, raming it after rit may live and grow in him. th’m, he shall dip it in the Amen.

i later discreetly, or shall Grant that he may have pour later upon it, saying, power and strength to have

of , the world the

of the Son, and of the Holy flesh. Amen.

Ghost. Amen. Grant that whosoever is here dedicated to tree by our 9 Then the Minister shall say, Office and Ministry, may also be endued with heavenly virtues and everlastingly reward- Christ's


Flock, ed, through thy mercy, O and do* sign him

* Here the blessed Lord God, who dost with the sign of make a Cross

Minister shall live and govern all things, the Cross; in to- uponthe Child's worid without end. : Amen. ken that hereaf- forehead. A MIGHTY,everliving God; ter he shall not be ashamed to

, whose most dearly belov. confess the faith of Christ crued Son Jesus Christ, for the

cified, and manfully to fight forgiveness of our sins, did

under his banner, against sin, slied out of his most precious

the world, and the evil; and side both water and blood;

to continue Christ's faithful and gave commandment to his

soldier and servant unto his disciples, that they should go life's end. Amen. teach all nations, and baptize them in the Name of the Fa-T If those who present the ther, and of the Son, and of Infant chall desire the sign the Holy Ghost ; regard, we of the Cross to be onitted, beseech thee,the supplications although the Church knows of thy Congregation; sanctify no worthy cause of scruple this water to the mystical concerning the same, yet, washing away of sin; and in that case, the Minister grant that this Child, now to may omit that part of the be baptized therein, may re- above which follows the Iniceive the fulness of thy grace, mersion, or the pouring of and ever remain in the num- Water on the In fant. ber of thy faithful children, T Then shall the Minister ear', through Jesus Christ our Lord. EEING cow, dearly be

. Amen.

Then the Minister shal Child is regenerate, and graft. take the Child into his hands, ed into the body of Christ's

Church ; let us give thanks Kingdom, through Christ out unto Almighty God for these Lord. Amen. benefits, and with one accord make our prayers unto him, T Then, all standing up, the that this Child may lead the Minister shall suy 10 the rest of his life according to Godfathers and Godmothers this beginning

this Exhortation following:

? Then shall be said, all FORASMUCH as thisChild

O Heaven, Hallowed be thy Nieve in God, and to serve



hath promised by you hie

Sureties, to renounce the deUR Father,

and all his to beName ; Thy Kingdom come;

him ; ye must remember that Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Hcaven ; Give us

it is your parts and duties to

see that this Infant be taught, this day our daily bread; And

so soon as he shall be able to forgive us our trespasses, as

learn, what a solemn vow, we forgive those who trespass promise, and profession he against us; And lead us not haih here made by you. And into temptation ; But deliver that he may know these things us from evil. Amen.

the better, ye shall call upon

him to hear Sermons ; and ? Then shall the Minister say, chiefly ye shall provide, that

E yield thee hearty he may learn the Creed, the

thanks, most merciful Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Father, that it hath pleased Commandments, and all other thee to regenerate this Infant things which a Christian ought with thy Holy Spirit, to re- to know and believe to his ceive him for thine own Child soul's health ; and that this by adoption, and to incorpo- Child may be virtuously rate him into thy holy Church brought up to lead a godly and And humbly we beseech thee a Christian life : rememberto grant that he, being dead sing always that Baptism doth unto sin, and living unto righ-represent unto us our profesteousness; and being buried sion ; which is, to follow the with Christ in his death, may example of our SaviourChrist, crucify the old man, and ut- and to be made like unto him ; terly abolish the whole body of that as he died, and rose again sin; and that as he is made for us, so should we, who are Partaker of the Death of thy baptized, die from sin and Son, he may also be Partaker rise again untorighteousness; of his Ressurrection ; so that continually mortifying all our finally, with the residue of thy evil and corrupt affections, holy Church, he may be an and daily proceeding in all virInheritor of thine everlasting tue and godliness of living.

9 Then shall he add, and say, Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and

the Ten Commandments, and E are to take care that is sufficiently instructed in the

this Child be brought to other parts of the Church the Bishop to be confirmed by Catechism set forth for that him, so soon as he can say the purpose.





The Minister of every Parish shall often admonish the People, that they defer not the Baptism of their Children longer than the first or second Sunday next after their birth, or other Holy-day falling between, unless upon a great and reasonable Cause. And also they shall warn them that,, without like great caure and necessity, they procure not their Children to be baptized at home in their houses. But when need shall compel them so to do, then Baptism shall be administered as followeth. First, let the Minister of the Parish (or, in his absence, any other larvful Minister that can be procured) with those who are present, call upon God, and say the Lord's Prayer, and so many of the Collects appointed to be said brfore in the Form of Public Baptism, as the time and present eri gence will suffer. And then, the Child being named by some one who is present, the Minister shall pour water upon it, saying these words :


I baptize thee in the with thy holy Spirit, to re

.Name ofthe Father,and ceive him for thine own Child of the Son, and of the Holy by adoption, and to incorpoGhost, Amen.

rate him into thy holy Church. ? Then the Minister shall

And humbly we beseech thee give thanks unto God, and

to grant, that he, being dead

unto sin, and living unto righsay,

teousness, and being buried TE yield thee hearty with Christ in his death, may

thanks, most merciful crucify the old man, and ut. Father, that it hath pleased terly abolish the whole body thee to regenerate this Infant lof sin ; and that as he is made



Inheritor of thine everlasting I

Partaker of the death of thy again, but shall receive him Son, he may also be Pertaker as one of the flock of true of his resurrection; so that Christian People, saying finally, with the residue of thy thus : holy Church, he may be an

CERTIFY you, that in Kingdom, through Christ our and according unto due order,

this case all is well done, Lord. Amen. And let them not doubl, but this Child; who is now by

concerning the baptism of that the Child so baptized, is Baptism incorporated into the lawfully and sufficiently ban-Christian Church: For our tized, and ought not to be Lord Jesus Christ doth not baptized again. Yet never. deny his grace and mercy unto theless, if the Child which is such Infants; but most lovingafter this sort baptized, do af- ly doth call them unto him, as iertards live ; it is expe. the Holy Gospel doth witness dient that it be brought into

to our comfort on this wise. the Church, to the intent that if the Minister of the same

Then the Alinister shall say Parish did himself baptize

as followe: or else shall that Child, the Congrega

puss on to the questions ad.

dressed to the Sponsors. lion may be certified of the true form of Baptism, by Hear the words of the Gaslim privately before used : pel, written by Si. Mark, in In which case he shall say the tenth Chapter, at the thus:

thirteenth Verse. CERTIFY you, that ac

THEY brought young cording to the due and pre- children to Christ, that scribed Order of the Church he should touch them; and at such a time and at such a his disciples rebuked those place, before divers witnesses, who brought them. But when I baptized this Child. Jesus sawit, he was much dis* But if the Child were bap- pleased, and said unto them,

Suffer the little children to lized by any other lawful Minister, then the Minister come unto me,and forbid them of the Parish where the not ; for of such is the king

dom of God. Verily I say unto Child was born or christened, shall examine whether you, Whosoever shall not rethe same hath been lawfully ceive the kingdom of God as done. And if the Minister a little child, he shall not en

tertherein. And he took them shall find, by the answers of such as bring the Child, up in his arms, put his hands that all things were done as

upon them, and blessed them. they ough to be; then shall After the Gospel is read, not het christen the Child the Minister shall make this




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