תמונות בעמוד


life, through Jesus Christ our those things which we have Lord. Amen.

faithfully asked according to ALMIGHTY God, the foun- thy will

, may effectually be tain of all wisdom, who obtained; to the relief of our knowest our necessities belore necessity, and to the setting we ask, and our ignorance in forth of ihy glory, through Jeasking; we beseech thee to sus Christ our Lord. Amen. have compassion upon our in- T Upon the Sundays and other firmities; and those things Holy-days (if there be no which for our unworthiness Sermon

Communion we dare not, and for our blind- shall be said all that is afness we cannot ask, vouchsafe pointed at the Communion, to give us for the worthiness unto the end of the Gospel, of thy Son Jesus Christ our concluding with the BlessLord. Amen.

ing. And if any of the conLMIGHTY God, who secrated Bread and Wine re

hast promised to hear main after the Communion, the petitions of those who ask it shall not be carried out of in thy Son's name; we beseech the Church; but the Ministhee

mercifully to incline thine ter and other Communicants cars to us who have now made shall immediately after the our prayers and supplications Blessing, reverently cat and unto thee; and grant, that drink the same.




To be used in the Church.

The People are to be admonished, that it is most convenient that Baptism should not be administered but upon Sundays and other Holy-days, or Prayer Days. Nevertheless (if necessity so require) Baptism may be administered upon any other day. There shall be for every Male Child to be baptized, when they can be had, two Godfathers and one Godmother; and for every Female, one Godfather and two Godmothers; and Parents shall be admitted as Sponsors, if it be desired. When there are Children to be baptized, the Parents or Sponsors shall give knowledge thereof, before the begin. ning of Mornink Prayer, to the Minister. And then the


Godfathers and Godmothers, and the People with the Children, must be ready al the Font, either immediauly afier the last Lesson at Morning Prayer, or else immediately after the last Lesson 1 Evening Prayer, as the Nimister, by his Discretion, shall appoint. And the Minister coming to the Font (which is ihn to be filled wiih pure Water) and standing there shull say,

Hath this Child been already baptized, cr no ? If they answer, No; then shall the Minister procecil, as

followeth. EARLY beloved, foras- friver Jordan, didst sanctisy

much as all men are con- water, to the mystical washceived and born in sin ; and ing away of sin ; we beseech our Saviour Christ saith, None thee, forthine infinite mercies, can enter into the kingdom of that thou wilt mercilully look God, except he be regenerate upon this Child; wash him, and boru anew of Water and and sanctify him with the Holy of the Holy Ghost; I beseech Ghost; that he,being celivered you to call upon God the Fa- from thy wrath, may be recei. ther, through our Lord Jesus ved into the Ark of Christ's Christ, that of his bounteous Church ; and being steadmercy, he will grant to this fast in faith, joyful through Child that which by nature he hope, and rooted in charity, cannot have; that he may be may so pass the waves of this baptized with Water and the troublesome world, that finally Holy Ghost, and received into he may come to the land of Christ's holy Church, and be everlasting life; there to reign made a living member of the with thee, world without end, same.

through JesusChrist our Lord.

Amen, ! Then shall the Minister say,

Or this.

LMIGHTY and immoring God, who, great mercy, didst save Noah who need, the helper of all and his family in the Ark who flee to thee for succour, from perishing by water; and the life of those who believe, also didst safely lead the chil- and the resurrection of the dren of Israel thy people dead ; we call upon thee for through the Red Sca, figuring this Infant, that he, coming thereby thy holy Baptism; and to thy holy Baptism, may reby the Baptism of thy well-be- ceive renjission of sin, by spiloved Son Jesus Christ in the ritual regeneration. Receive

Let us pray.

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Alimony ando verlast: AMCHTY endlarimorpromised by Christ our Lord. B Gospel the words of our

him, O Lord, as thou hast dom of God. Verily I say unie promised by thy well-beloved you, Whosoever shall not reSon, saying, Ask, and ye shall ceive the kingdom of God as have ; seek, and ye shall find; la little child, he shall not enknock, and it shall be opened ter therein. And he took unto you : So. give now unto them up in his arms, put his us who ask ; let us who seek, hands upon them, and blessed find ; open the gate unto us them. who knock ; that this Infants After the Gospel is read, may enjoy the everlasting be

the Minister shall make this nediction ofthyheavenlywash

brirf Exhortation upon the ing, and inay come to the eter

words of the Gospel : nal kingdom which thou hast

ELOVED,ye hear in this Amen. I Then the Minister shall say Saviour Christ, that he com

as follows : or else shall fiass inanded the children to be on to the ques.ions addres- brought unto him ; how he sed 10 the Sponsors ; und blamed those who would have from thence to the t'rayer kept them from him ; how he immediately before the Im-exhorteth all men to follow mersion, or the pouring of their innocency. Ye perceive Water on the Infant. But how, by his outward gesture mole; that, in every Church, and deed,he declared his good the intermediate parts of the will towards them : For he Service shall be used, once embraced them in his arms, at least in every month (if he laid his hands upon them, there be a Baptism) for and blessed them. Doubt ye the better instruc!ing of the not therefore, but carnestly people in the Grounds of believe, that he will likewise Infant Baptism.

favourably receive this pre

sent Infant; that he will emHear the words of the Gos

brace him with the arms of pel, written by St. Mark, in his mercy ; that he will give the tenth Chapter, at the

unto him the blessing of eterthirteenth Verse.

nal life, and make him par. THEY brought young chil-taker of his everlasting king

dren to Christ, that he com. Wherefore, we being should touch them ; and his thus persuaded of the good disciples rebuked those who will of our heavenly Father brought them. But when Je-towards this Infant, declared gus saw it, he was much dis- by his Son Jesus Christ; and pleased, and said unto them, nothing doubting, but that he Suffer the little children to favourably alloweth this chaoome un to me and forbid them ritable work of ours, in bringnot

is the kiniling this Infant to his holy

Baptism; let us faithfully and age to take it upon himself) devoutly give thanks unto him, that he will renounce the Deand say,

vil and all his Works, and AL

ing God, heavenly Fa-Word, and obediently keep ther, we give thee humble his Commandments. thanks, that thou hast vouch-4 The Minister shall then desafed to call us to the know- mand of the Sponsors as ledge of thy grace, and faith in follows ; the Questions bethee: Increase this knowledge ing considered as addressed and confirm this faith in us

to them severally, and the evermore. Give thy Holy answers to be made accordSpirit to this Infant ; that he

ingly. inay be born again, and be

I demand therefore,

OST thou, in the name Jesus Christ, who liveth and

the devil and all his works, reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever. the world, with all covetous

the vain pomp and glory of Amen.

desires of the same, and the Then shall the Minister sinful desires of the flesh; so speak unto the Godfathers that thou wilt not follow, nor and Godmothers in this be led by them ? wise :

Ans. I renounce them all;

and, by God's help, will enye


led by them. to be baptized; ye have pray

Minis. Dost thou believe all ed that our Lord Jesus Christ

the Articles of the Christian would vouchsafe to receive

Faith, as contained in the him, to release him from sin, to sanctify him with the Holy

Apostles' Creed?

Ans. I do. Ghost, to give him the king

Minis. Wilt thou be bapdom of heaven and everlast

tized in this Faith ? ing life. Ye have heard also

Ans. That is my desire. that our Lord Jesus Christ

Minis. Wilt thou then obehath promised, in his Gospel, to grant all these things that diently keep God's holy will ye have prayed for ; which and commandments, and walk

in the saine all the days of promise, he for his part will most surely keep and perform. by life?

Ans. I will, by God's help. Wherefore, after this promise made by Christ, this Infant I Then shall the Minister say, must also faithfully, for his O MERCIFUL God, grant part, promise by you that are that the old Adam in this his sureties (until he come of Child may be so buried, that

victory and to triuinph againsi N. baptize thee in the


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the new man may be raised and shall say to the Godfaup in him. Amen.

thers and Godmothers, Grant that all sinful affec

Name this child. tions may die in him, and that all things belonging to the Spi- And then, raming it afer rit may live and grow in him. th'm, he shall dip it in the Amen.

i l'ater discreetly, or shall Grant that he may ha pour Water upon it, saying, power to

I the devil, the world and the

of the Son, and of the Holy flesh. Amen.

Ghost. Amen. Grant that whosoever is here dedicated to thee by our " Then the Minister shall say, Office and tues and everlastingly reward- Christ's Flock, be endued with heavenly vir- WE receive this Child into ed, through thy mercy, and do* sign him Minister shall

Here the blesset Lord God, who dost

with the sign of make a Cross live and govern all things, the Cross; in to- uponthe Child's worid without end. - Amen.

ken that hereaf- forehead. A 1.MIGHTY, everliving

Godter he shall not be ashamed to whose most dearly belov

confess the faith of Christ crued Sun Jesus Christ, for the

cified, and manfully to fight forgiveness of our sins, did

under his banner, against sin, slied out of his most precious

the world, and the cevil; and side both water and blood;

to continue Christ's faithful and gave commandment to his

soldier and servant unto his disciples, that they should go life's end. Amon. teach all nations, and baptize them in the Name of the Fa-T If those who present the ther, and of the Son, and of Infant shall desire the sign the Holy Ghost ; regard, we of the Cross to be omitted, beseech thee,the supplications although the Church knor's of thy Congregation; sanctify no worthy cause of scruple this water to the mystical concerning the same, yet, washing away of sin'; and in that case, the Minister grant that this Chill, now to may omit that part of the be baptized therein, may re- above which follows the Iniceive the fulness of thy grace, mersion, or the pouring of and ever remain in the num- Water on the In fant. ber of thy faithful children. Then shall the Minister kar',

through Jesus ChristourLord. S Fored brethren, that this


, Then the Minister shal Child is regenerate, and graftTake the Child into his hands, ed into the body of Christ's

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