תמונות בעמוד


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tle] is written in the-chap- moth and rust doth corrupt, ter of -, beginning at the and where thieves break

And the Epistle through and steal : But lay up ended, he shall say, Here for yourselves treasures in heaendeth the Epistle. Then ven, where neither moth nor shall be read the Gospel rust doth corrupt, and where (the people all standing up thieves do not break through saying, The Holy Gospel is nor steal. St. Matt. vi. 19. 20. written in the chapter of Whatsoever ye would that beginning at the men should do to you, even so

do to them : for this is the law | Here the people shall say, vii. 12.

and 'the prophets. St. Matt. Glory be to Thee, O Lord. Not every one that saith unto Then shall be read the Apos

ine, Lord, Lord, shall enter

into the kingdom of heaven ; tlcs' or Nicene Creed: un

but he that doeth the will of less one of them hath been Tuud immediately before, in my Father which is in heaven.

St. Matt, vii. 21. the Morning Service.

Zaccheus stood forth, and Then the Minister shall de

said unto the Lord, Behold, clare unto the People what

Lord, the half of my goods I Holy days, or Fasting-days, are in the week following done any wrong, to any man,

give to the poor; and if I have to be observed ; and (if oc

I restore four-fold. St. Luke casion be) shall Notice be

xix. 8. given of the Communion,

Who goeth a warfare at any and of the Bans of Matria

time at his own cost? Who inony, and other Matters to be published.

planteth a vineyard, and eateth

not of the fruit thereof? or I Then shall follow the Ser

who feedeth a flock, and eatetlr mon : after which, the Mi.

not of the milk of the flock? nister, when there is a Com

I Cor. ix. 7. munion, shall return to the Lord's Table, and begin the spiritual things, is it a great

If we have sown unto you Offertory, saying one

matter if we shall reap your more of these sentences fol

worldly things ? 1 Cor. ix. 11. lowing, as he thinketh most

Do ye not know, that they convenient.

who minister about holy ET your light so shine be things, live of the sacrifice;

efore men, that they may and they who wait at the altar, see your good works, and glo-fare partakers with the altar? rify your Father which is in Even so hath the Lord also orheaven. St. Matt. v. 16.

dained that they who' preacht Lay not up for yourselves the Gospel,

should live of the #casures upon earth, where(Gospel. 1 Cor. ix, 13, 14.


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6, 7.

He that soweth little, shalll' Whoso hath this world's reap little; and he that soweth good, and seeth his brother plenteously, shall reap plen- have need, and shutteth up his teously. Let every man do compassion from him, how according as he is disposed in dwelleth the love of God in his heart, not grudgingly, or him ? i St. John iii. 17. of necessity ; for God loveth Give alms of thy goods, and a cheerful giver. 2 Cor. ix never turn thy face from any

poor man; and then the face Let him that is taught in the of the Lord shall not be turned word, minister unto him that away from thee. Tob. iv. 7. teacheth in all good things. Be - Be merciful after thy power. not deceived, God is not mock. If thou hast much, give plened : For whatsoever a man teously. If thou hast little, do soweth, that shall he reap. thy diligence gladly to give Gal. vi. 6, 7.

of that little ; for so gatherest While we have time, let us thou thyself a good reward, do good unto all men : and es in the day of necessity. Tob. pecially unto them that are of iv. 8, 9. the household of faith. Gal He that hath pity upon the vi. 10.

Ipoor, lendeth unto the Lord : Godliness is great riches, if and look, what he layeth out, a man be content with that he it shall be paid him again. hath : For we brought nothing Prov. xix. 17. into this world, neither may

Blessed be the man that We carry any thing out. 1 Tim provideth for the sick and vi. 6, 7.

needy : the Lord shall deliver Charge them who are rich him in the time of trouble. in this world, that they be ready Psal. xli. 1. to give, and glad to distribute , 15 Whilst these Sentences are laying up in store for them- in reading, the Deacons, selves a good foundation against Church-zvardens, or other the time to come, that they may fit persons appointed for attain eternal life. I Tim. vi. that purpose, shall receive 17, 18, 19.

the Alms for the Poor, and God is not unrighteous, that other Devotions of the Peo. he will forget your works, and ple, in a decent Bason to be labour that proceedeth of love ; provided by the Parish for which love ye have showed for that purpose ; and his name's sake, who have ently bring it to the Priest, ministered unto the saints, and who shall humbly present yet do minister. Heb. vi. 10,

and place it upon the Holy To do good and to distribute, Table. forget not ; for with such sacri. And the Priest shall then fices God is well pleased. Heb. place upon the Table xiii. 16.

much Bread and Wine, as



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he shall think sufficient. sent ; that with mieek heart, After which done, he shall and due reverence, they may say,

hear, and receive thy holy Let us pray for the whole Word; truly serving thee in state of Christ's Church mili-holiness and righteousness all tant.

the days of their life. And LMIGHTY and everliving we most humbly beseech-thee,


Apostle, hast taught us to comfort and succour all those make prayers and supplica- who, in this transitory life, tions, and to give thanks for are in trouble, sorrow, need, all men: We hunbly beseech sickness, or any other adverthee most mercifully [*to ac-sity. And we also bless thy cept our alms andi oblations, holy Name, for all thy serand] to receive these our vants departed this life in thy prayers, which we offer unto faith and fear; beseeching thy divine Majesty ; beseech- thee to give us grace so to fol ing thee to inspire continually low their good examples, that the Universal Church with the with them we may be parspirit of truth, unity, and con- takers of thy heavenly king. cord: and grant that all they dom: Grant this, 0. Father, who do confess thy holy Name for Jesus Christ's sake, our may agree in the truth of thy only Mediator and Advocate. holy word, and live in unity Amen. and godly love. We beseech T When the Minister giveth thee also, so to direct and dis- warning for the Celebrapose the hearts of all Chris- tion of the Holy Communion tian Rulers, that they may (which he shall always do truly and impartially adminis- upon the Sunday, or some ter justice, to the punishment Holy-day, immediately pre. of wickedness and vice, and ceding) he shall read this to the maintenance of thy true Exhortation following ; or religion and virtue. - Give 80 much thereof as, in hia grace, heavenly father, to discretion, he may think all Bishops and other Minis- convenient. ters; :

EARLY on their

day purpose, forth thy true and lively word, hrough God's assistance to and rightly and duly adminis. dminister to all such as shall

. ter thy holy Sacraments. And be religiously and devoutly disto all thy people give thy hea-lposed, the most comfortable venly grace; and especially to Sacrament of the Body and this Congregation here pre- Blood of Christ, to be by them

. If there be no alms or oblations, then shall the words (ta accept ou alms and oblations, and be left unsaid.

received, in remembrance of mighty God, with full purpose his meritorious Cross and Pas- of amendment of life. And sion; whereby alone we obtain if ye shall perceive your ofremission of our sins, and are fences to be such as are not made partakers of the king. only against God, but also dom of Heaven. Wherefore against your neighbours; then it is our duty to render most ye shall reconcile yourselves humble and hearty thanks to unto them ; being ready to Almighty God, our heavenly make restitution and satisfacFather, for that he hath given tion, according to the utterhis Son our Saviour Jesus most of your powers, for all Christ, not only to die for us. injuries and wrongs done by but also to be our spiritual food you to any other; and being and sustenance in that holy likewise ready to forgive others Sacrament. Which being so who have offended you, as ye divine and comfortable a thing would have forgiveness of your to them who receive it wor-offences, at God's hand: For thily, and so dangerous to these otherwise the receiving of the who will presume to receive Holy Communion doth nothing it unworthily ; my duty is to else but increase your condemexhort you in the mean sea. nation. Therefore, if any of son, to consider the dignity of you be a blasphemer of God, that holy Mystery, and the fan binderer or slanderer of great peril of the unworthy his Word, an adulterer, or be receiving thereof; and so to in malice or envy, or in any search and examine your own other grievous crime ; repent consciences, and that not ye of your sins, or else come lightly, and after the manner not to that holy Table. of dissemblers with God; but And because it is requisite so that ye may come holy and that no man should come to clean to such a heavenly feast, the Holy Communion, but with in the marriage-garment re-a full trust in God's mercy, quired by God in holy Scrip- and with a quiet conscience ; ture ; and be received as wor. therefore, if there be any of thy partakers of that holy you, who by this means canTable.

not quiet his own conscience The way and means thereto herein, but requireth further is, First, to examine your comfort or counsel ; let him lives and conversations by the come to me, or to some other rule of God's command- Minister of God's word, and ments; and wherein soever open his grief ; that he may ye shall perceive yourselves to receive such Godly counsel have offended, either by will, and advice, as may tend to the word, or deed, there to be- quieting of his conscience, and wail your own sinfulness, and the removing of all scruple to confess yourselves to Al- and doubtfulness.

9 Or, in case he shall see the you, are ye not ashamed to

People negligent to come to say, ye will not come? When the Holy Communion, in.ye should return to God, will stead of the former, he shall ye excuse yourselves, and say, use this Exhortation. ye are not ready ? Consider

earnestly with yourselves, how DEARE Early beloved brethren, little such feigned excuses will

I intend, by avail before God. They who God's grace, to celebrate the refused the feast in the GosLord's Supper; unto which pel, because they had bought in God's behalf, I bid you all a farm, or would try their who are here present; and yokes of oxen, or because they beseech you for the Lord Jesus were married, were not so Christ's sake, that ye will not excused, but counted unworrefuse to come thereto, being thy of the heavenly feast. so lovingly called and bidden Wherefore, according to mine by God himself. Ye know Office, I bid you in the Name how grievous and unkind a of God, I call you in Christ's thing it is, when a man hath behalf, I exhort you, as ye prepared a rich feast, decked love your own salvation, that *his table with all kinds of pro- ye will be partakers of this vision, so that there lacketh Holy Communion. And as nothing but the guests to sit the Son of God did vouchsafe down ; and yet they who are to yield up his soul by death called (without any cause, upon the cross. for your salvamost unthankfully refuse to tion; so it is your duty to recome. Which of you in such a ceive the Communion in 1ccase would not be moved ? membrance of the sacrifice of Who would not think a great his death, as he himselt hath injury and wrong done unto commanded: Whichifye shall him? Wherefore, mosc dearly neglect to do, consider with beloved in Christ, take ye yourselves, how great is your good heed, lest ye, withdraw-ingratitude to God, and how ing yourselves from this holy sore punishment hangeth over Supper, provoke God's indig- your heads for the same, when nation against you. It is an ea- ye willfully abstain from the sy matter for a man to say, I Lord's Table, and separate will not coinmunicate because from your brethren who come I am otherwise hindered with to feed on the banquet of that worldly business. But such most heavenly food. These excuses are not so easily ac-things if ye earnestly consider cepted, and allowed before ye will by God's grace, return God. If any man say, I am a to a better mind; for the obgrievous sinner, and therefore taining whereof we shall not am afraid to come : where-cease to make our humble pefore then do ye not repent and titions unto Almighty God, our amend? When God calleth hcavenly Father.

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