The State in Its Relation to Education

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Macmillan and Company, 1884 - 166 עמודים

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עמוד 165 - The books are not intended to interpret disputed points in Acts of Parliament, nor to refer in detail to clauses or sections of those Acts ; but to select and sum up the salient features of any branch of legislation. so as to place the ordinary citizen in possession of the main points of the law.
עמוד 165 - This series is intended to meet the demand for accessible information on the ordinary conditions, and the current terms, of our political life.
עמוד 52 - There is only one way of securing this result, which is to institute a searching examination by competent authority of every child in every school to which grants are to be paid, with...
עמוד 127 - Act of 1803, the schoolmasters elect were examined and approved by the Presbyteries, and were required to sign the Confession of Faith and the Formula of the Church of Scotland.
עמוד 48 - a young man, very pale and sickly in appearance," worked as a carpenter during the school hours ; " he expressed a strong wish to have an arithmetic book and a grammar for his own improvement.
עמוד 165 - The Electorate and the Legislature. SPENCER WALPOLE, Author of "The History of England from 1815.
עמוד 166 - INDIA. JS COTTON, late Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. (2) THE COLONIES. EJ PAYNE, Fellow of University College, Oxford.
עמוד 165 - The History of England from 1815." [Ready. "Mr. Walpole traces the growth of the power of Parliament through all those stages with which we are now familiar, and he does so very clearly and succinctly.".
עמוד 54 - to call upon him, to onner his old name and his world, and to save " him truly all the days of my life's end.
עמוד 53 - My duty toads God is to bleed in him to fering and to loaf withold your arts withold my mine withold my sold and with my sernth to whirchp and to give...

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