Barnabae Itinerarium, Or, Drunken Barnaby's Four Journeys to the North of England: In Latin and English Metre : Wittily and Merrily (tho' an Hundred Years Ago) Composed : Found Among Some Old Musty Books that Had Lain a Long Time by in a Corner, and Now at Last Made Public : Together with Bessy Bell : to which is Now Added (never Before Published), the Ancient Ballad of Chevy Chase, in Latin and English Verse

כריכה קדמית
T. Gent, 1852 - 324 עמודים

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עמוד 185 - I thought he would not come, No longer would I stay.' With that a brave young gentleman Thus to the earl did say: ' Lo, yonder doth Earl Douglas come, His men in armour bright; Full twenty hundred Scottish spears All marching in our sight; 'All men of pleasant Teviotdale, Fast by the river Tweed.
עמוד 197 - With that there came an arrow keen Out of an English bow, Which struck Earl Douglas to the heart, A deep and deadly blow : Who never spake more words than these — " Fight on, my merry men all ; For why, my life is at an end ; Lord Percy sees my fall.
עמוד 181 - Did to the woods resort, With fifteen hundred bowmen bold, All chosen men of might, Who knew full well, in time of need, To aim their shafts aright.
עמוד 209 - twill no better be, I trust I have within my realm Five hundred as good as he. Yet shall not Scot nor Scotland say, But I will vengeance take, And be revenged on them all For brave Lord Percy's sake.
עמוד 193 - They closed full fast on every side, No slackness there was found; And many a gallant gentleman Lay gasping on the ground.
עמוד 209 - Like tidings to King Henry came, Within as short a space, That Percy of Northumberland Was slain in Chevy-Chase. "Now God be with him...
עמוד 199 - Then leaving life, Earl Percy took The dead man by the hand; And said, "Earl Douglas, for thy life Would I had lost my land. "In truth, my very heart doth bleed With sorrow for thy sake; For sure a more redoubted knight Mischance did never take.
עמוד 179 - The stout Earl of Northumberland A vow to God did make, His pleasure in the Scottish woods Three summer days to take.
עמוד 199 - He had a bow bent in his hand, Made of a trusty tree ; An arrow of a cloth-yard long Up to the head drew...
עמוד 187 - And take your bows with speed; "And now with me, my countrymen, Your courage forth advance; For never was there champion yet, In Scotland or in France, "That ever did on horseback come, But if my hap it were, I durst encounter man for man, With him to break a spear." Earl Douglas on his milk-white steed, Most like a baron bold, Rode foremost of his company, Whose armor shone like gold. "Show me...

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