Daring to Be Bad: Radical Feminism in America 1967-1975, Thirtieth Anniversary Edition

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University of Minnesota Press, 6 באוג׳ 2019 - 456 עמודים
Winner of Outstanding Book Award of Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Human Rights

An award-winning and canonical history of radical feminism, whose activist heat and intellectual audacity powered second-wave feminism--30th anniversary edition

A fascinating chronicle of radical feminism's rise and fall from the mid-Sixties to the mid-Seventies, Daring to Be Bad is a must-read for both students of gender history and activists of intersectionality. This thirtieth anniversary edition reveals how current debates about race, transgender rights, queer theory, and sexuality echo issues that galvanized and divided feminists fifty years ago.

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Daring to be bad: radical feminism in America, 1967-1975

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The women's liberation movement that began in 1967 is an absorbing study in political struggle. Radical women rejecting male dominance also rejected conventional political and organizational ... קרא סקירה מלאה

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Alice Echols is professor of history and the Barbra Streisand Chair of Contemporary Gender Studies at the University of Southern California. She has written four books about the long Sixties, including Scars of Sweet Paradise: The Life and Times of Janis Joplin and Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture. Her latest book, Shortfall: Family Secrets, Financial Collapse, and a Hidden History of American Banking, explores the underbelly of American capitalism through a Depression-era banking scandal.

Ellen Willis (1941-2006) was the first rock critic for the New Yorker, an editor and columnist at the Village Voice, and cofounder of the radical feminist group Redstockings. Her award-winning posthumous collection of rock criticism, Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music, was published in 2011 by the University of Minnesota Press.

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