The Recompense of a Great Reward That's Worth Dying For

כריכה קדמית
Xulon Press, Incorporated, 2007 - 196 עמודים
Sharing in Jesus' glory, His power, and His kingdom is worth it all! Pain. It's the one universal characteristic of a fallen world; inevitable for both believers and unbelievers, but believers have the opportunity to turn suffering into pearls of faith and triumph through Jesus Christ. "The Recompense of a Great Reward That's Worth Dying For" provides believers with great biblical insights as to the privilege of suffering for Christ and differentiates between the glorious rewards of living for Christ and the atrocious rewards of the ungodly. Through a series of short and insightful teachings, scriptures, quotes and prayers you'll learn that suffering is not in vain if it is for the Lord. There's a gain for the pain! Sharing in Jesus' glory, His power and His kingdom is worth it all. The best part is that your rewards are granted in this life and in the life to come. Often the greatest depths of despair, pain, or agony, is the greatest opportunity for empowerment. The spiritual impact of suffering can empower you more than any other experience. Scars shape our destiny and "The Recompense of a Great Reward That's Worth Dying For" will encourage you through biblical examples, to respond and spiritually profit from suffering as you push past the pain while uncovering the great rewards waiting for you as a believer living a sacrificial life for Christ. Dr. Ansley Mathis is Director and Co-founder of an evangelistic ministry called AVN, which focuses on sharing the Truth and reaching the lost. Her life of intercession and her intimacy with the Lord has allowed her to realize the great benefits of a surrendered life.

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