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עמוד 7 - ... will appear smooth, thin, and more transparent; and the vessels will be seen, ramifying in its substance; and upon squeezing the blood which they contain, from the larger branches to the smaller, it will be found to pass out at the digested ends of the vessels, and to appear like drops on the inner surface."* These effects, he attributes to digestion, by the gastric juice, in the ducts of the glands which secrete it.
עמוד 378 - the body and mind are like a jerkin and its lining ; if you rumple the one you rumple the other.
עמוד 514 - GRIFFIN then leaving the chair, it was RESOLVED, That the thanks of this meeting be given to the Chairman, for his active, candid, and impartial conduct, Mr, GRIFF IN then refumed the Chair, and i: was RESOLVED, I.
עמוד 163 - Sometimes the disorder comes on so gradually and insensibly that the patient is hardly aware of its commencement. He perceives that he is sooner tired than usual, and that he is thinner than he was ; but yet he has nothing material to complain of. In process of time, his appetite becomes seriously impaired : his nights are sleepless ; or, if he gets sleep, he is not refreshed by it. His face becomes visibly extenuated, or perhaps acquires a bloated look. His tongue is white, and he suspects that...
עמוד 475 - An Essay on Medical Economy, comprising a Sketch of the State of the Profession in England, and the Outlines of a Plan calculated to give to the Medical Body in general an increase of usefulness and respectability.
עמוד 8 - ... becomes soft and pulpy, and is separable without much difficulty from the cellular coat, which has its natural appearance. In some instances there are small spots of extravasated blood on the inner surface of the mucous membrane, or between it and the cellular coat, and this occurs independently of vomiting.
עמוד 306 - But after we came near unto the sun our dried penguins began to corrupt, and there bred in them a most loathsome and ugly worm of an inch long. This worm did so mightily increase, and devour our victuals, that there was in reason no hope how we should avoid famine, but be devoured of these wicked creatures.
עמוד 466 - For when good men feel in themselves the heavy burden of sin, see damnation to be the reward of it, and behold with the eye of their mind the horror of hell, they tremble, they quake, and are inwardly touched with sorrowfulness of heart for their offences, and cannot but accuse themselves, and open this their grief unto almighty God, and call unto him for mercy.
עמוד 88 - An inquiry into the present state of the medical profession in England, containing an abstract of all the acts and charters granted to Physicians, Surgeons, and Apothecaries, and a...
עמוד 508 - Transactions of a Society for the Improvement of Medical and Chirurgical Knowledge.

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