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respectable ministers, encourage the Dr. Hawker is now revising his bopes that we have long entertainCOMMENTARY, with a view to the ed, of seeing the prevalence of many printing of a handsome 8vo edition toxious publications supplanted by with the Text at large : to be pub

a work combining exalted literary lished by subscription.

talent with evangelical purity and

simplicity We learn, with great satisfaction,

RECENT DEATHS. that the religious public, which, for some time seemed insensible to the

Died, on Thursday night, Nov. necessity and importance of the 12, after about one hours illness, Eclectic Review, have lately ma

Mrs. Wilks, the excellent wife of nifested the most encouraging ap

the Rev. Matt. Wilks, of London. probation of that valuable work.

On the Thursday following she was The favourable testimonies to its

buried at Bunhill Fields, the funeral increasing merit which the Con- oration being delivered by the Rev. ductors have received from eminent „R, Hill. characters in the several walks of Nov, 18th, died the Rer. Mr. Literature, as well as from the more Gilbert, of Bledlow.

List of Lectures, fc. in and near London, for December.

1. Tu, M. Broad Str. Mr. Burder. 17. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.) 2. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Buck.

at Mr. T. Thomas's, Mr. Burnside Providence of God.

to preach. The Evidence of Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, True Religion on others. at Mr. Humphrys's.

Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Waugh. 3. Th. Ev. Fetfer Lane, Mr. Winter. Looking for the glorious appearUnsanctified Affliction.

ing of Christ.

18. Fri. Ev. Sermon to Young People, 6. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr. at Crown Court, by Mr.J.Clayton.

Brooksbank; Devonshire Sq. Mr.
Atkinson; Hare Crt. Mr. Thos.
Thomas; Crown Ort. Mr. Greig ; 20. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.
Peter Str. Mr. Rea; Palace Str. Hutchins ; Devopshire Sq. Mr.
Mr. Hyatt; Orange Str. Mr. Sam. Shenstone ; Hare Crt. Mr. Hum-

phreys; Orange Str. Mr. Burder ; 7. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet- Crown Crt. Mr. Hyatt; Palace ing, at Mr. Beck's, Bury Street.

Str. Mr. Buck; Peter Str. Mr. 8. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber.

Jerment. 9. Weda M. Crown Ct. Mr. Hyatt,

22. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber. . Providence explained in a Future 23. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Stevens. State.

Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation,

at Mr. Goode's. at Mr. Tim. Thomas's.

24. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Dr. Rippon, 10. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.) Compassion to Africans in Englandi

at Mr.J. Clayton's, Camomile St.
Mr. Barber to preach. The Oh- 27. LORD'S Day Ev. Bread Str. Mr.
ligations resulting from Exemp- Newman ; Devonshire Sq. Mr. C.
tion from Persecution.

Hyatt; lare Crt. Mr. Webb; Ev. Fetter ' Lane, Mr. Goode. The Crown Crt. Mr. J.Clayton ; Peter

Stedfastness of Christians the Joy Str. Mr. Greig; Palace Sır. Mr. of Ministers.


29. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Clayton. 13. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

30. Wed. . Crown Crt. Mr. Austin. Collyer; Devooshire Square, Mr.

Eų. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation,
Powell; Hare Crt. Mr. Newman ; at Mr. Button's.
Orange St. Mr. Townsend; Crown 31. Th. M. Fetter Lane, Mr. Townsend.
Ct. Mr.Gore; Peter St. Mr. Dunn.

- The End of Time.
14. Mon. Ev. Prayer Meeting for ile
Nation, Surry Chapel.

MINISTERS SUPPLYING AT 17. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Clayton. Surry Chapel, Mr. R. Hill. 16. Wed. M. Crowo Crt. Mr. Ihackett. Spa Ficids, Mr. Fioley. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, Sion Chapel, Mr. Spry. at Mr. Dere's,

lloxion, Mr. Liefchild.

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I live: One instant, and the present scene
To me may be as tho' it ne'er had been :
A sudden stroke may break life's brittle thread.,
And find me number'd with the silent dead !
What then is life ? -a“ vapour, which awhile,
A little while, appeareth,” - full of toil !
A shadow, which with haste escapes away!
The morning dew, a short liv'd winter's day!
Not so th'immortal soul, that cannot die,
Tho’ from its frail abode it soon must fly,
When death shall burst the bond that binds to earthing
And give to its existence a new birth!
" Will it appear in the high climes of bliss,

Or sipk for ever in Hell's dark abyss ?"
If found in Jesus, it will have a place
Among those shining miracles of grace
That owe their Heav'n to God's unchanging love,
Who fix'd, ere time began, their seats above !
But, if found trampling on his sacred blood,
Careless of both his sceptre and his rod,
In league and love with ev'ry baneful sia
That serves to strengthen Satan's reign within ;
Like Felix, it will tremble and turn pake,
And its own immortality bewail.

Search me, oh God! and try my froward beart!
Know thou my thoughts, and bid each siu depart!
Lead me in ways of everlasting peace,
And grant to ev'ry grace a large increase ;
Till the blest Spirit and the Bride say “Come,
Exchange thy prison for thy Fother's home!
Enter the joy of thine exalted Lord,
beceive the palm, and lay aside the sword !
Behold my glory! see my unveil'd face!
And reap the fruits of my converting grace!
Share in the rest prepar'd for saints above,
And know for ever that thy “God is love !"

G. R.

AN ADDRESS 20 TIIE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF WINCANTON, For the Encouragement of the Sunday-School, by M. J.

Ye friends of mercy, let your hearts expand ;
With full supplies stretch forth a willing hand;
Diffuse your bounty, like the fruitful rain
Which waters earth, - nor waters it in vain :
So shall a blessing on your names attend;
What pame so blessed as "The Poor Man's Friend?"

"Lo! in the gospel we our pattern find,
The dear Redeemer Friend of lost mankind !
That Friend of sioners gave his blessed word,
A light to guard us from the downward road.
place the blessed lamp in ev'ry hand,
To bwile thisir feet to Canaan's furby land !

The means bestow to teach a rising race
To know their God, and wisdom to embrace;-
Let not Egyptian darkness veil a mind
That is for immortality design'd.
No more let youth the Sabbath-day profane, -
Nor dreadful curses rend our ears with pain!
May all be brought to hear the sacred worl,
And hallow'd lips sing praises to the Lord !

Oh! what a harvest to our view is this!
Each aids the cause, and each partakes the bliss !
Who sparing sows, must surely sparing reap;
The lib'ral soul abundant store shall heap.
God ne'er forgets the labours of our love;
May ev'ry heart with gen'rous pity move!
And cheerfully your favours now bestow
“ To praise the Lord, from whom all blessings flow !"

When my soul in gross darkness was closely shut up,

All religion to me was a pain ;
Now, I hope, since by grace I am light in the Lord,

I shall count nothing else to be gain.
When ambition inflanes the proud heart after fame,

And riches and pow'r among men,
My highest ambition is Jesus to gain,

And enjoy him thro' time without end.
When the gaudy and gay, for the glitter of shew,

All other pursuits do resign ;
I'll rejoice, tho' in sorrow my life should be spent,

If in glory with Jesus I shine.
What dangers and troubles do many endure,

Vain titles or honours to gain !
I'll risk all I have, yea my life I'll forego,

With Jesus for ever to reigo.
The profane may reproach me as long as I live,

My religion their scorn let them make,
In the cross I will glory, my Christ is my All,

A d I'd glory to die for his sake.
When laid on the bed of afiliction and death,

Their joys are all gone with the past;
But affliction prepares me for pleasures to come,

And in death all my sorrows are lost.
When conquer'd by death, and consign’d to the grave,

They're imprison'd for ever in nighi,
My bones rest in hope, while my soul wings its way

To abodes of perfection and light;
Where, with angels and saints, all embosom'd in bliss,

Many ages of pleasựre I'll spend,
Till the voice of Jehovah burst open the grave,

And my Saviour to judgment descend.
Then embody'd again, and in glory complete,

I'll ascend to the mansions above,
Where, with all the redeem'd, Christ, my life, I will praise,
'Abd eternally sing of his love.

ADJUTOR. Scotland,

Printed by G. AULD, Greville Stree, Looden,

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