The Irish Quarterly Review, כרך 8,חלק 1

כריכה קדמית
W. B. Kelly, 1858
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עמוד 451 - To those puny objectors against cards, as nurturing the bad passions, she would retort, that man is a gaming animal. He must be always trying to get the better in something or other: — that this passion can scarcely be more safely expended than upon a game at cards...
עמוד 453 - Lulled in the countless chambers of the brain, Our thoughts are linked by many a hidden chain. Awake but one, and lo, what myriads rise ! * Each stamps its image as the other flies.
עמוד 453 - So late into the night, Though the heart be still as loving And the moon be still as bright. For the sword outwears its sheath, And the soul wears out the breast, And the heart must pause to breathe, And Love itself have rest. Though the night was made for loving, And the day returns too soon, Yet we'll go no more a roving By the light of the moon.
עמוד 694 - Supposing that one thousand families in this city would be constant customers for infants' flesh, besides others who might have it at merry-meetings, particularly at weddings and christenings, I compute that Dublin would take off annually about twenty thousand carcasses; and the rest of the kingdom (where probably they will be sold somewhat cheaper) the remaining eighty thousand.
עמוד 748 - No Rules, Orders, or Regulations of the ' said Commissioners, nor any Bye-laws at present in ' force or to be hereafter made shall oblige any inmate of ' any Workhouse to attend any religious Service which 'may be celebrated in a mode contrary to the religious 'principles of such inmate...
עמוד 30 - Typographical Antiquities: being an historical account of printing in England; with some memoirs of our ancient printers, and a register of the books printed by them from the year 1471 to 1500. With an appendix concerning printing in Scotland and Ireland to the same time.
עמוד 43 - I stepped into my closet, tore off the top of Mr. Caslon's specimen, and produced it to him as yours, brought with me from Birmingham ; saying, I had been examining it, since he spoke to me, and could not for my life perceive the disproportion he mentioned, desiring him to point it out to me. He readily undertook it, and went over the several...
עמוד 44 - Biographical Memoirs of William Ged, including a particular Account of his Progress in the Art of Block Printing.
עמוד 436 - This picture, placed these busts between, Gives satire all its strength : Wisdom and Wit are little seen, But Folly at full length.
עמוד 484 - INGENIOUS Lister, were a picture drawn With Cynthia's face, but with a neck like brawn ; With wings of Turkey> and with feet of calf; Though drawn by Kneller, it would make you Such is, good sir...

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