תמונות בעמוד

power, and yet perhaps its most important. For instance, a person's thoughts may be drifting along, but the moment one exerts the power of attention on certain thoughts, all other thoughts flow on unnoticed. The child in school may be day dreaming, but at the voice of the teacher, the child's attention picks out of the stream of his mind only those thoughts which have to do with what the teacher wants.

From this may be seen how tremendously important is the power of attention, because the things that we pay most attention to determine our character. The business man pays most attention to his business, or if a man pays attention to religious things, he is by character religious, or if one pays no attention to any particular idea, one is called purposeless and of unsteady character. Here, then, we get a clue to some phases of modern life. Modern education is based on the things that the child or youth pays most attention to, such, for instance, as sports, and play, and tales of romance and heroism, and hence education recognizes that a child must have a good play-ground, must know proper games, and must have proper books to read. In the same way modern Bible


With this number THE PORTAL begins GREETING the third volume of its life, and from

its experience in the past it greets its readers with the hope that they will more and more point it the way to champion the common interests of the community. In the first place it must be to the interest of all that a love of God and His righteousness, and a sense of responsibility for the public welfare show themselves alive in every citizen. This sense of responsibility must be all the more urgent in Logan, because for eight months of the year the city must act the host and guardian of the goodly number of students entrusted to its care and hospitality,

THE PORTAL, as usual, will discuss modern ideas of religious subjects; will deal with the best methods of civic improvement, and will urge as a matter of moral duty that the city supplement the education carried on at our institutions of learning

by housing and feeding in a generous way our student friends, and by providing them with up-lifting amusements and social advantages. If we acquit ourselves effectively along this line, we will take active part, indeed, in the welfare of State.

With these aims in mind and with earnest solicitation for active co-operation and suggestion in its endeavors, THE PORTAL lays claim again to the support of its friends.

Question is sometimes raised in reFINANCIAL gard to the financial status of The

PORTAL, and a word of explanation in this first number may not be out of place. Needless to say the magazine is not intended to be a money-making concern; the editors have rather the desire to send it freely to all who may be interested in perusing its pages without expecting their subscriptions. No bills, therefore, are sent out in connection with THE PORTAL. Those however who are sufficiently interested to wish to help in keeping the paper going are requested to send their subscriptions to the editors without waiting for further invitation.

It takes a heavy shock sometimes to A SEWER start people thinking. Before they

start thinking actively on the subject of proper sewerage, for instance, it often needs a severe epidemic to give their minds sufficient jog. That, however, is a rather expensive price to pay for the needed stimulus, and there ought to be sufficient dynamite in some of the truths that were brought out at the meeting of the doctors in this city early in the month, to produce the desired result. Here is one that ought to start several trains of thought; a cesspool is capable of contaminating wells situated a half a block away. Consider, then, the fact that there are hundreds of wells in Logan, not only in the outskirts, but down town in the heart of the city, that are being used daily, ninety per cent. of which it is safe to say come within the contaminating influence of some cesspool. Such a situation offers a network of conditions in which typhoid once started might sweep from one end of the town to the other. Why not let the possibility be a sufficient shock instead of waiting for the epidemic?

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