The History of North America, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
Guy Carleton Lee, Francis Newton Thorpe
subscribers only, 1903

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קטעים בולטים

עמוד 453 - We found the people most gentle, loving, and faithful, void of all guile and treason, and such as live after the manner of the golden age.
עמוד 104 - They should be good servants and of quick intelligence, since I see that they very soon say all that is said to them, and I believe that they would easily be made Christians, for it appeared to me that they had no creed.
עמוד 380 - Adriatic gulf, near Illyria and Dalmatia. We had no intercourse with the people, but we judge that they were similar in nature and usages to those we were last among. After sailing between east and north the distance of one hundred and fifty leagues more, and finding our provisions and naval stores nearly exhausted, we took in wood and water and determined to return to France, having discovered 502, that is 700 (sic) leagues of unknown lands.
עמוד 441 - Nova Albion, and that for two causes; the one in respect of the white banks and cliffs, which lie towards the sea, and the other, because it might have some affinity with our country in name, which sometime was so called.
עמוד 439 - Pole, we found the air so cold, that our men being grievously pinched with the same, complained of the extremity thereof, and the further we went, the more the cold increased upon us. Whereupon we thought it best for that time to seek the land, and did so, finding it not mountainous, but low plain land, till we came within thirty-eight degrees towards the line. In which height it pleased God to send us into a fair and good bay, with a good wind to 440 enter the same.
עמוד 445 - We are as near to heaven by sea as by land' — reiterating the same speech, well beseeming a soldier, resolute in Jesus Christ, as I can testify he was.
עמוד 419 - This man was standing, perfectly naked, with his hands stretched out and raised toward the sun, as if he wished to screen himself from its rays, which nevertheless passed through his fingers to his face. When we came near him, he...
עמוד 299 - ... to seek out, discover, and find whatsoever isles, countries, regions, or provinces of the heathen and infidels whatsoever they be, and in what part of the world soever they be, which before this time have been unknown to all Christians.
עמוד 469 - River, and found good ground for Corne, and other Garden herbs, with great store of goodly Oakes, and Wal-nut trees, and Chest-nut trees, Ewe trees, and trees of sweet wood in great abundance, and great store of Slate for houses, and other i ° good stones.
עמוד 431 - ... 250 persons, men, women, and children. And by our friend the king of our side there were taken 600 prisoners, whereof we hoped to have had our choice; but the Negro (in which nation is seldom or never found truth) meant nothing less, for that night he removed his camp and prisoners so that we were fain to content us with those few which we had gotten ourselves.

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