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all his life took the greatest interest in every subject relating to the islands, their history and antiquities. He lost his father when an infant. At the age of fourteen years he came to London to an uncle, a surveyor, who placed him in the offices of the architectural firm of Scott and Moffat (afterwards Sir Geo. Gilbert Scott only), and with the exception of a short period he remained there until 1884. While with Sir G. G. Scott he was engaged upon many works of church restoration. Amongst others may be named the parish church at Ludlow, Bath Abbey, St. Sepulchre's, Northampton, the cathedrals of Wells, Rochester, and Lichfield. During his connection with Sir Gilbert Scott he acquired that intense devotion, admiration, and respect for his chief, which he ever afterwards retained and expressed in the dedication of his Paper on “ The West Front of Peterborough Cathedral,” when he inscribed to the “Memory of my Dear Old Master.” It is very pleasing to be able to add that this somewhat unusual and very affectionate regard was entirely reciprocated by Sir Gilbert Scott. In 1884, Mr. Irvine accepted an engagement with the late Mr. Pearson, and undertook under his direction the superintendence of the rebuilding of the central tower of Peterborough Cathedral. During the interval between the rebuilding of the central tower and the restoration of the west front, he was engaged in the work of preservation of Kirkstall Abbey. The knowledge which he acquired of ecclesiastical antiquities in the course of these and many other works, was of the most varied and interesting nature, and is still accessible to the student in the many hundreds of most careful sketches and measured drawings and papers which he has left behind. Those relating to Bath, Shetland, and Saxon work are deposited in Edinburgh, in the library of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, of which he was a fellow. Those connected with Wells, Rochester, and Peterborough, are placed in their respective Chapter libraries, while those of Lichfield and of churches in the neighbourhood of Peterborough are in the Bodleian at Oxford. Mr. Irvine was a Local Member of Council of this Association at various times for Staffordshire and Northamptonshire, and was a member of the Local Committee for the Peterborough Congress in 1898. He will be well remembered by those members who attended that Congress, and had the advantage of hearing his clear and admirable description of the discoveries made during the progress of the works at the cathedral. He was interred in the cemetery at Peterborough, the Dean conducting the funeral service. The Association was represented at the grave-side by two of its hon. correspondents, Messrs. Bodger and Dack, who acted as local secretaries at the Peterborough Congress.


gress, 360

The titles of Papers are in black type.

The names of Books reviewed or referred to are in italics.
Abney Low, Barrow at, 223

ASTLEY (Rev. H. J. D.), reads paper by
ABRAHAM (Rev. C. T.) gives account of W. A. Carrington on Castle and

discovery of Norman Towers in Bake- Priory of Belvoir, 36 1
well Church, 86

reads paper by Dr. Birch on the
Addison, Reflections on the Sir Roger de Roman name of Matlock, 94
Coverly of, 384

on Ornaments of Jet and Can-
Address, Inaugural, at Leicester Con- nel Coal, on Cup-and-Ring Mark-

ings, etc., 164, reads paper on, 276
Agnus Dei, on tympana, 246, 251, 254,

Notes on the Leicester Con-
258, 261, 264, 268

gress, 357
Alfred in the Chroniclers, 204

reads paper on Two Norfolk
Alstonfield Church, described, 195

Villages, 102
Amber, ornaments of, 169

reads report at annual meeting,
Amulets, defined, 173

Ancient British Costume, by the Rev.

on Norman-French, 289
W. S. Lach-Szyrma, 123

Auchingaich, Mound Dwellings of,
University of Britain, by Rev. 363
W. S. Lach-Szyrma, 315

Australia, Central, native tribes of, 181
ANDREW (Canon), describes Tideswell Australian Tales, 173
Church, 189

AVEBURY (Lord), notes on the Paläolithic
ANDREW (W. J.), remarks on the Pev. Age, 333
erels, 272

on Prehistoric Times, 291
Anglesey and Carnarvonshire, cromlechs Avenel, faini'y of, 141 et seq.

of, 299
Arbor Low, by Dr. Brushfield, 127 Bakewell Church, described by Rev.
derivation of name, 127

Dr. Cox, 89
stone circle at, 11, 128, 193

earthwork, described by I. C.
Arbor Low visited, 193

Gould, 85
Archæology of Derbyshire, by John

account of discovery of Norman
Ward, F.S.A., 1, 196

towers in church, by Rev. C. T.
Archaic Inscription in the Forum Abraham, 86
Romanum, 376, 377

pre-Norman Cross, at, 193, 306
Ashford, funeral garlands at, 57

Balance sheet for 1899, 201
lead mine at, 43

remarks on, 202
tympanum at, 241, 247, 260, 262, Ballads relating to funeral garlands, 67,
268, 282

Church visited, 276

Ballinderry, Crannog at, 173, 180
Ashford Church, by Dr. Brushfield, 276 BAMFORD (Mr.), shows drawings of Bark-
Astley Abbots, funeral garlands at, 64 ing, 288
Astley (Rev. H. J. D.), reads paper on Barhapple, Crannog at, 171

Archæology of Derbyshire, by John Barrows, near Buxton, 217
Ward, F.S.A., 196

at Abney Low, 223
discusses the symbolism of the

at Fairfield Low, 222
north and south doors of churches,

at Grinlow, 217

at “Gospel Hillocks," 221
reads paper_by W. A. Donnelly,

at Hill Head, 223
on The Mound Dwellings of Auch-

at Stoop High Edge, 219
ingaich, 363

at Thirkelow, 218, 220, 221
- exhibits and reads notes on regis.

belonging to the Stone Age, opened
ters from Syderstone, Norfolk, 197 in Derbyshire in 1848, 170

Buxton, Thirst House, excavation of, 210

Romano-British "finds," at, 213,

Congress at, proceedings of, 77,
189, 271

flints found near, 224
pit dwellings near, 225
rock-shelters near, 215
St. Anne's Church, 159

change of dedication, 161

referred to, 312
Byland Abbey, vandalism at, 301

Cæsar, reference to Britain in Commen-

taries, 325, 326
Cann HUGHES (T.), Notes on a Ramble

in Devon, 367
Cannel coal, ornaments of, 164, 169, 276
Carrington (W. A.), Castle and Priory
of Belvoir, by, 357

The Family and Record His-
tory of Haddon, by, 92, 140
Castle of the Peak, described, 172
Castleton, visited, 271
Chester, Roman remains discovered at, 355
Churches of Norfolk, The, 205

Churinga" of the Australians, 181, 184
Churn Hole, near Buxton, “finds "in, 216
Circles at Arbor Lowe, 11, 193, 286

at Dove Holes, 286
“ Coal-money," 159
COBBE (Henry, M.A.), History of Luton

Church, 108
Cold Harbour Tower, foundation of, 27
COMPTON (C. H.), on The Discoveries

at the Tower of London in the
Spring of 1899, 26

reads paper on Leicester Abbey,
Congress at Buxton, proceedings of, 77,
189, 271

at Leicester, Notes on, 357
Conway Castle, arches fall at, 102
CONYBEARE (Rev. E.), Alfred in the

Chroniclers, by, 204
Coomb Moss, fortification visited, 287
Corresponding Society," Thomas Hardy,

Barrows of later age, opened in Derbyshire

in 1845, 171
Basilica Pulvia-Emilia, 369
“Basilikon Doron," exhibited by Mrs.

Day, 198
Bathumgate, the Roman road to Buston,

Beckford Church, tympanum at, 261, 264
BELLAIRS (Col.), reads paper on The
Roman Roads of Leicestershire, 361

on The Antiquities of Leices-
ter, 360
BELOE, (E. M.) on Our Borough, Our

Churches : King's Lynn, 298
Belvoir Castle, visited, 357

records at, 155
Belvoir, Castle and Priory of, paper

by W. A, Carrington, 357
Beresford or Cotton Pew in Alstonfield

Church, 195
BIRCH (W. de Gray, LL.D., F.S.A.),

gives a description of The Charters of
Leicester, 360

on The Roman Name of Mat-
lock, with Notes on Ancient Lead

Mines of Derbyshire, 33, 113
Blackfriars, discovery of remains of

Dominican monastery at, 205
BLASHILL (T.), describes Castle of the
Peak, 271

describes Hathersage Church, 275
Bloet, Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, 352
Boho, Crannog at, 186
Bolsover Church, tympanum at, 248
Bosworth, visited, 359
Bradgate House, visited, 357
Brasses, Monumental, of Derbyshire,
paper by A. Oliver, 216

Zoology represented
on, paper by Cecil Davis, 95
Britain, Ancient University of, at

Llaniltyd Fawr, by Rev. W. S. Lach-

Szyrma, 315
Britain, trade in skins, 327, 328
BRUSHFIELD (Dr.), on Arbor Low, 127

on Ashford Church, 276
gives address on Arbor Low, 193

on Derbyshire Funeral Gar-
lands, 54 ; reads paper on, 193

on Norman Tympana in Derby-
shire, 246 ; reads paper on, 99
BRYANT (T. Hugb), The Churches of Nor.

folk, 205
Bull-ring, at Dove Holes, visited 286
Burbage, builds theatre at Blackfriars,

1578, 207
Buxton, Mr. Micah Salt's diggings around,
209, 276

Churn Hole, near entrance to
Deep Dale, “funds” in, 216

Deep Dale," finds” in, 216
Lover's Leap, "finds" in, 216
Rock-shelters near Buxton, 215
Swallow Tor, cave at, 216

secretary of, 231, 232, 231, 235
Costume, Ancient British, by Rev. W.
S. Lach-Szyrma, 123

in Cornwall, 124
in Neolithic times, 123
in Wales, 125

described, 126
Cow Low, barrow at, 170
Cox (Rev. Dr.), describes Bakewell
Church, 89

describes chapel at Haddon, 93

reference to his Churches of
Derbyshire, 274, 278, 279, 280, 282,

285, 286
Cranvog, Dumbuck, 176, 180

examples belonging to the Stone
Age, 185


DONNELLY (W. A.), The Mound Dwell-

ings of Auchingaich, by. 363
Domesday Book, Castle of the Peak in, 271

list of Derbyshire lead mines in, 43
Dove Holes, circle at, called Bull-ring,

DOUGLAS (W. S.), Cromwell's Scotch

Campaigns, 204
DUKE, Rev. R. E. H., Reflections on the

Sir Roger de Coverly of Addison, by,

Dumbuck Crannog 176-180
Dumbuie, Fort at, 177, 180, 181



Early Fortifications, paper on, by I. C

Gould, 361
Earth work at Hathersage, visited, 276
Earthworks, defensive, paper ou, by

I. C. Gould, 196
Eastern Counties Magazine and Suffolk

Note-Book, 298
Eaton (Isaac), medal relating to, (1795),

put trial for publishing
King Chanticleer” 232, 238
Ecclesiological Antiquities of Derbyshire,

Cresswell, caves at, 4
Crete, discoveries in, 370
('romleche of Anglesea and Carnarvon-

shire, 299
Cromwell's Scotch Campaigns, 204
Crosses, pre-Norman, in Derbyshire,

by C. Lynam, 193, 305
Cross at Bakewell, 306

at Eyam, 310
at Hope, 311

date of, 314
CUMING, H. Syer, on Kimmeridge Coal,

on Pile-Dwellings in the Thames,
Cup-and-ring markings, 164, 172, 173,

177, 178, 181, 184

Darley Church, tympanum at, 219
DAVIES (F. T.), show's collection of old

deeds, 98
Davis (Cecil), reads paper on Zoology

Represented on Monumental

Brasses, 95
DAY (Mrs.), exhibits engravings relating

to Gloucestershire, and photographs of
Coxford Priory, 288

on Life and Portrait of Robert
Holgate, 59th Archbishop of York,
349; reads paper on, 96

exhibits “Bazilikon Doron," 198
Deep Dale, “finds” in, 216
Derbyshire, Archæology of, by John
Ward, 1

Camp, Ancient non-Roman 12
Cave remains, pre-Roman 13
Chambered barrows of, 7
Cresswell, caves at, 4

Druidical Circles at Arbor Low,
11, 28

Ecclesiological Antiquities, medi-
æval, 20

Interments, pre-Roman British, 8
Interments, post-Roman, 18
Mediæval strongholds, 24
Pit dwellings, etc., 14
Pleistocene deposits, 4

pre-Norman or late Saxon remains,

Remains of Roman occupation of,

account of barrow belonging
to the Stone Age, 170

Funeral Garlands, by Dr. Brush-
field, 54

Lead Mines of, by W. de G.
Birch, LL.D., 34, 113

Monumental Brasses of, 276

Pre-Norman Crosses in, by C.
Lynam, 305
Discoveries, recent, at Blackfriars, 305

in Crete, 370
in Rome, 368, 375 379
in Tower of London, 26-32

Ely Cathedral, tympanum at, 99, 242,

Eolithic Stone Age, or Notes on
Eoliths from Kent, by R. Quick, 332

description of implements, 336
probable date of, 338

implements compared with Palæo.
lithic, 337
Eoliths from Pretoria, 332
Erskine, merlal struck in his honour, 233
Eyam Church, described, 192

pre-Norman Cross in church-
yard, 192, 310
Eyre, origin of


brass, described, 276

Fairfield Low, barrow, 222
Ferrar, Nicholas, 203
Flints found near Buxton, 224
Findern Church, tympanum at, 242, 249,

259, 260
FORBES, Dr. Russell, on Discoveries in

the Forum Romanum, 375-380
Fordingham Church, tympanum at, 243
Fortifications, Early, by I. C. Gould

Forum Romanum, Discoveries in. See

Forbes, Dr. Russell.
FREEMAN (Rev. H. J.) describes Eyam

Church, 192
Funeral Garlands, Derbyshire, by Dr.
Brushfield, 54

described, 63, 64, 193
ballads relating, tu 67, 68, 69

custom still kept up at Abbot's
Ann, 73

rlage, 315

Funeral Garlands, Derbyshire, descrip. | Hardy (Thomas), Secretary of “Corre-
tion of garland in Ashford church, 57 sponding Society," 231, 232, 234, 235
explanation of object of custom,

trial of, 233

Harrison (R.), collects Eolithic imple.
at Hathersage, 60

inents in Kent, 335, 339, 341
for lads and men, 61, 72

HARROLD (Mr.), reads paper on Bosworth
Matlock, garlands at, 59

Field, 360
Ophelia's, in “Hamlet,” 55 i Hartington Church described, 195

reference to, by poet Gay, 1688. Hathersage Church, described, 275
1732, 73

earth work visited, 276
- position of garlaud in church, 69, Hault Hucknall Church, tympanum at,

251), 267, 268
prohibited in church, 71

HENNIKER (Hon. Mary), edits Eastern
South Winfield, garland at. 62 Counties Magazine, 298
FYLDES (Rev. W.), reads paper on The Hill Head, barrow at, 223
Roman Roads near Buxton, 94

Historical Pedestals in the Forum
--- points out site of Roman camp Romanum, 376
at Broligh, 275

History of Gothic Art in England, A, 380
describes Hartington Church 195 Hognaston Church, tympanum at, 251,

261, 262, 263, 264, 269

Holgate, Robert (59th Archbishop of
Garlands, Funeral. See Funeral Garlands.

York, 1544-1545 ), Notes on Life
“Gilbertines” (the only English Monas- and Portrait of, by, Mrs. Day, 96,
tic order), 351-353

Gidding. Little. See Little Gidding.

authorities consulted for paper,
Godalming. Parish ana Church of, 295

“Gospel Hillocks,” barrow, 221

Bishop of Llandaff (1537-1541),
Gotch (Alfred), reads paper on The

Architecture of Haddon, 93

-committed to the Tower by Queen
reads paper on Kirby Muxloe Mary (1553), on account of his mar.
Castle, 360
Gothic Art in England, a History of, 380

founds schools and hospital, 346
Gould (I. C.), remarks on the Bull-ring,

a member of the order of “ Gil.

bertines," 344, 346
-Coomb Moss, 287

memorials at Hemsworth, 350
describes earthwork at Bakewell, Hope Church, by Mr. Lynam, 274


pre-Norman cross, 193, 311
reads paper on Defensive Earth- Howel, King of Glamorgan (885), 321
works, 196

HUBBERSTY (H.A., J.P.) welcomes mem-
on Early Fortifications, 361

bers of the Congress to Buxton, 77, 81
describes earthwork at Hather- Hughes (Essington) exhibits family

miniatures, 290
reads paper on Groby Castle
and Manor-house, 360

| Ic-eni, 324
exhibits marriage parchment Ightham, Eolithic “ finds" at, 335, 311
(1604), 102

Inaugural Address at Leicester Congress,
GRIFFITH (J.E.), on Cromlechs of Anglesca 360
and Carnartonshire, 299

Inscription, archaic, in the Forum
Grinlow, barrow at, 217

Romanum, 376, 377
Groby Castle, visited, 358

Interments, pre-Roman, British, 8

post-Roman or Early Saxon, 18
Haddon, the Architecture of, paper by Iona, island of, address on, 290
A. Gotch, 93

- Family and Record History Jet and cannel coal, ornaments of, 164,
of, by W. A. Carrington, 140

169, 276

Juthael, King of Gwent (848), 321
Records at Belvoir and Haddon,

Keddleston Church, tympanum at, 252,
belonging to the Peverels, 140

Aveneis, 141

kelwarby, Archbp. of Canterbury, built
Vernons, 143

church at Blackfriars, 207
Manners, 155

Kent, "plateau" implements of, 335, 339
Hardy (Thomas), medal relating to (1794),

description of, 336, 337,

340, 341

sage, 276


paper on, 92

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