The Fragility of Goodness: Luck and Ethics in Greek Tragedy and Philosophy

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Cambridge University Press, 15 בינו׳ 2001
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This book is a study of ancient views about 'moral luck'. It examines the fundamental ethical problem that many of the valued constituents of a well-lived life are vulnerable to factors outside a person's control, and asks how this affects our appraisal of persons and their lives. The Greeks made a profound contribution to these questions, yet neither the problems nor the Greek views of them have received the attention they deserve. This book thus recovers a central dimension of Greek thought and addresses major issues in contemporary ethical theory. One of its most original aspects is its interrelated treatment of both literary and philosophical texts. The Fragility of Goodness has proven to be important reading for philosophers and classicists, and its non-technical style makes it accessible to any educated person interested in the difficult problems it tackles. This edition, first published in 2001, features a preface by Martha Nussbaum.

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If you are a reader of Greek tragedy, you will enjoy this book about ethics and luck. Ms. Nussbaum is a wonderful writer, and even you have never read a Greek tradgedy she will enrapture you to do so. קרא סקירה מלאה


Preface to the revised edition
Abbreviations Chapter 1Luck
having a good life How this view is rejected fact and value in
fragility and ambition Chapter 2 Aeschylus and practical conflict Greek tragedysdepiction ofpractical dilemmasas serious and not resolvable without r...
tragic cases
Agamemnon atAulis
conflict vision
Damage to good statesofcharacter themselves VI The roleofrisk andmaterial limitation inconstituting thevalue
in the development and maintenance of good character
the primacyof tragic
a readingof

believe good character cannot decline
goodness without fragility?
The general concept of technē in PrePlatonic Greek science

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