The itinerary of Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela, כרך 2

כריכה קדמית

מה אומרים אנשים - כתיבת ביקורת

לא מצאנו ביקורות במקומות הרגילים

מהדורות אחרות - הצג הכל

מונחים וביטויים נפוצים

קטעים בולטים

עמוד 90 - We entered it on the south side, by an aperture through which it was difficult to crawl, as it has no door-way, and found on the inside a square mass of masonry in the centre, built up from the floor nearly to the roof, and of such a size as to leave barely a narrow passage for walking around it.
עמוד 156 - We have the assurances of our prophet that he who defends his lord shall inherit Paradise, and if you show yourselves devoted to the obedience of my orders, that happy lot awaits you.
עמוד 160 - D'Beth Hillel has much obscure and dispersed talk about the fragments of the tribes which he found in the same quarter. But the following statement by Major Rawlinson will give more satisfaction to the reader: — " If the Samaritan captives can be supposed to have retained to the present day any distinct individuality of character, perhaps the Kalhurs, who are believed to have inhabited from the remotest antiquity those regions around Mount Zagros, preserve in their name the title of Calah [Halah]....
עמוד 83 - Sebasta is the ancient Samaria, the imperial city of the ten tribes after their revolt from the house of David. It lost its former name in the time of Herod the Great, who raised it from a ruined to a most magnificent state, and called it, in honor of Augustus Caesar, Sebasta.
עמוד 156 - Having spoken of this country, mention shall now be made of the old man of the mountain. The district in which his residence lay obtained the name of Mulehet, signifying in the language of the Saracens, the place of heretics, and his people that of Mulehetites, or holders of heretical tenets; as we apply the term of Patharini to certain heretics amongst Christians.
עמוד 84 - It stands in a narrow valley between mount Gerizim on the south, and Ebal on the north; being built at the foot of the former : for so the situation both of the city and mountains is laid down by Josephus, Antiq. Jud. lib. 5, cap. 9, Gerizim (says he) hangeth over Sychem ; and lib.
עמוד 86 - We observed that to be in some measure true which he pleaded concerning the nature of both mountains ; for, though neither of the mountains has much to boast of as to their pleasantness, yet, as one passes between them, Gerizim seems to discover a somewhat more verdant, fruitful aspect than Ebal. The reason of which may be, because fronting towards the north, it is sheltered from the heat of the sun by its own shade ; whereas Ebal, looking southward, and receiving the sun that comes directly upon...
עמוד 83 - Sebaste, the ancient Samaria, is situated on a long mount of an oval figure ; having first a fruitful valley, and then a ring of hills running round about it.
עמוד 161 - Haf-tan were seven Pirs, or spiritual guides, who lived in the early ages of Islam, and each, worshipped as the Deity, is an object of adoration in some particular part of Kurdistan- — Baba Yadgar was one of these. The whole of the incarnations were thus regarded as one and the same person, the bodily form of the Divine manifestation being alone changed; but the most perfect development is supposed to have taken place in the persons of Benjamin, David, and Ali.
עמוד 85 - Gerizim. Our company halting a little while at Naplosa, I had an opportunity to go and visit the chief priest of the Samaritans, in order to discourse with him, about this and some other difficulties occurring in the Pentateuch, which were recommended to me to be inquired about, by the learned Monsieur Job Ludolphus, author of the .^Ethiopia History, when I visited him at Frankford, in my passage through Germany.

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