תמונות בעמוד

tedious days have been appointed unto me ; so that, when I lie down, I say, when shall I arise and the night be gone? I am full of tossings to and fro, unto the dawning of the day. When I say my bed shall comfort me, my couch shall ease my complaint, then am I scared with dreams, and terrified through visions, that my moisture is turned almost into the drought of summer ; and I am rea.. dy, at times, to choose death, rather than my life; and to cry out, O Lord, how long !

* But, shall a living man complain, a man for the punishment of his sin? Ah, no ; Lord! It is good that I should both hope, and quietly wait for the salvation of God. What ? shall I receive good at the hand of the Lord, and shall I not receive evil? Be still, O my soul, and know that it is God ! who exacteth of thee far less than thine ini. quities deserve. Know that it is thy recon. ciled God and Father in Jesus Christ; who afilicts thee in love; to wean thee from earth, to purify thee from sin, to exercise and improve thy graces, and to prepare thee for heaven. Thus he performeth the thing that is appointed for thee; and, when he hath tried thee, thou shalt come forth as gold.

“I know, O Lord, that thy judgments are right; and that in faithfulness thou bast afflicted mei-that thou hast a right to do what thou wilt with thine own. But, O my God remember I am but dust and ashes. I am not sufficient for these things. I dwell in a house of clay; my foundation is in the dust; my breath is in my nostrils; and I am crushed before the moth. Without thee I am, I can do, nothing. But, with thee I can do and suffer all things; and thou hast said, when thou passest

through the waters I will be with thee:-my grace is sufficient for thee ;--and my strength shall be made perfect in thy weak. ness..Enough, Lord! I can ask no more. Only let me enjoy thy presence, the bright shining of thy countenance, and then, most gladly will I glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me; and all the days of my appointed time will I cheerfully wait, till my change come.”

September 3rd. 1822.—“For the last fort. night. I have had better nights, and been, in general, much easier; and am now quite as well as I expect to be. I thank my God for any bodily ease: it is more than I dea serve,-and more almost than I could expect. -I desire, with admiring gratitude, to add my testimony to the truth of that Scripture,

There hath no temptation (or trouble) befallen you, but such as is common to man; and, wită every tenptation, he will make a way for your escape, that you may be able to bear it.'

“ After the most severe stormi, I have. had the sweetest calms; and, under the most painful trials, the richest comforts; and I have been prepared both for the one and the other. Relying on the promise of Jehovah, which assures me, that, as my day is, my strength shall be; that his grace is sufficient for me, and in the full assurance, that he who has delivered and doth deliver will yet deliver, I am (with a calm, and serene mind) looking forward to the lapse of a few days, or weeks at most; when, no. doubt, I must again encounter the keen. blasts and high rolling waves of afriction, and pain ; perhaps even of death itselt. "O! eternal thanks be to my God, who,

through Jesus, assures my soul of its safety in crossing the most dangerous seas.-Not that I think affliction, pain, and death are in themselves, either pleasant or desirable: they are evils,--the consequences of sin; but I do find, that, being sanctified, they are not hurtful to my happiness : but, on the contrary, I bave enjoyed more solid bliss under the keenest affliction, than ever I did in full health and strength; nor would I change my present state and future pros. pects, for the most brilliant and splendid upon earth. No: while I behold my dear Redeemer by faith, and feast my soul on his love, the world hath no charms, ---death no sting,---the grave no horrors.-0! thanks, thanks to my God, who giveth me the vie. tory through Jesus Christ my Lord ! Not unto me, not unto me, but to thy name be all the glory. Amen.”

On Sunday, September 22d. 1822, in the twenty-ninth year of his age, hav. ing gone into his room for private devotion, he returned, after some time, with the Bible under his arm. Quite spent by coming down stairs, and walking across the room, he threw himself into a chair ; and, laying one hand upon his Bible, and his head upon the other, he expired.

Thus, the spirit of this lovely; pious youth arose directly, from cominunion with God on earth, to the enjoyment of God in heaven! from an earthly sabe bath, to the sabbath, the rest, that remaineth for the people of God!

Let the reader, whoever he may be, learn from Herbert Taylor, what supports and comforts the religion of Jesus can afford. Let the young contemplate and follow his example; seeking an interest in the salvation of Jesus in early life: thus shall they be fitted for all the changes of the present state, and for a blissful immortality!- Let Sunday-scholars pray, earnestly, that they may be like so many Herberts ! and, let Sundayschool Teachers be encouraged to hope, that their work of faith and labour of love, shall not be in vain, but be crowned with the blessing of God, in repeated instances, as in the life and death of HERBERT TAYLOR.

'POOR LITTLE WILLIAM. God speaks to us in various ways: often by the death of others; both by the death of the righteous, and by the death of the wicked. Whenever God speaks, we should give heed, and pray for grace to profit.-Hoping that it may be useful, I write this short, but affecta ing account of poor little William.--He was, last June, taken into a family to run errands, and to do any other jobs about the house. The other day, his master told him to go to the next town with a message, and strictly charged him' to walki, and not to ride the poney ; lecause it was very frisky, and there would be danger if he did. Little Wil liam, instead of doing as he was bid, stole into the stable, and in his hurry neglected to make the girths tight. As soon as he mounted, the poney run away; soon he fell, and was dragged in the stirrup.


This happening in the sight of those who were within the house, a man-servant ran after him; and on his coming up to the poney, thought he was saving this poor boy from the danger in which he was; but what was the man's, surprise and grief when he found little William completely dead !!

Let this serve as a warning to you, my young readers, for little William's is not a singular case: many, like him, have

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