Along the Heavenly Highway

כריכה קדמית
AuthorHouse, 2003 - 108 עמודים

The unexpected, intrigue and suspense; all laced with proper amounts of tension coming at unwarranted times are what propels the reader to carry on.

WHY ME is the question our protagonist LEE CAVILIER will continually ask of himself as he continues on his journey, which began oh so innocently' when he has taken an early morning call from an acquaintance. As he points out numerous times to himself, to call him a friend would be stretching the point.

Lee always prided in the fact that he's glib. And most times, if not all times, to use humor to deflect any situation. Except he soon finds he is hardly prepared to deal with all the ramifications he is placed in.

In an unassuming, benign and devious fashion he comes to realize that not being content and a bit bored with his lack of productivity can and IS more dangerous than he could ever imagine.

Ironic that, because to meet his caller that morning would furnish him with some needed cash, he's cast amongst individuals that will place his life in grave jeopardy. As he will mull over and over to himself: how and for what purpose is he there and more to the point, why?

Is it any wonder he also musses, WHY ME ?!

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