A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Oxford University Press, 2001 - 99 עמודים
As well as the complete and unabridged text, each play in this series has an extensive range of student's notes. These include detailed and clear explanations of difficult words and passages, a synopsis of the plot, summaries of individual scenes, and notes on the main characters. Alsoincluded is a wide range of questions and activities for work in class, together with the historical background to Shakespeare's England, a brief biography of Shakespeare, and a complete list of his plays. For this new edition, the text of the play, the notes, and the introductory matter have allbeen revised so as to make them clearer and more accessible. In addition, the entire text of the book has been redesigned and reset to make it easier to read. The illustrations have been completely redrawn, photographs of recent stage production have been included and there is a new, attractivecover design.

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Act 1
Classwork and Examinations
B Character Study
C Activities
D Context Questions like these which are sometimes used in written Questions examinations can also be helpful as a class revision quiz testing knowle...
E Critical Some examination boards allow candidates to take their copies of the Appreciation play into the examination room asking them to reread s...
F Essays These will usually give you a specific topic to discuss or perhaps a question that must be answered in writing with a reasoned argument The...
G Projects In some schools students are asked to do more freeranging work which takes them outside the textbut which should always be relevant to t...
Education School education reinforced the Churchs teaching From the age of four boys might attend the petty school French petite ecole to learn the ...
Theatre From contemporary comments and sketchesmost particularly a drawing by a Dutch visitor Johannes de Wittit is possible to form some idea o...
Selected Further Reading
William Shakespeare 15641616
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מידע על המחבר (2001)

Roma Gill, the series editor, has taught Shakespeare at all levels. She has acted in and directed Shakespeare's plays, and has lectured on Shakespeare all over the world.

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