Classical Antiquities: Being Part of the Manual of Classical Literature

כריכה קדמית
E.C. Biddle, 1837 - 347 עמודים

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קטעים בולטים

עמוד 158 - We are informed, that when the emperor Claudius exercised the office of Censor, he took an account of six millions nine hundred and forty-fire thousand Roman citizens, who with the proportion of women and children must have amounted to about twenty millions of souls. The multitude of subjects, of an inferior rank, was uncertain and fluctuating. But after weighing with attention every circumstance which could influence the balance, it seems probable, that there existed, in the time of Claudius, about...
עמוד 39 - Astraea ; but the wickedness and impiety of mankind drove her to heaven in the brazen and iron ages, and she was placed among the constellations of the zodiac, under the name of Virgo.
עמוד 263 - The month of January was sacred to him, as were also all gates and doors. The gates of his temple were always kept open in time of war and shut in time of peace. The fire upon the household hearth was regarded as the symbol of the goddess Vesta. Her worship was a favorite one with the Romans. The nation, too, as a single great family, had a common national hearth in the Temple of Vesta, where the sacred fires were kept burning from generation to generation...
עמוד 41 - The goddess of fortune is represented on ancient monuments with a horn of plenty, and sometimes two, in her hands. She is blindfolded, and generally holds a wheel in her hands as an emblem of her inconstancy. Sometimes she appears with wings, and treads upon the prow of a ship, and holds a rudder in her hands.
עמוד 55 - Echidna ; a monster having the head and breasts of a woman, the body of a dog, the tail of a serpent, the wings of a bird, the paws of a lion, with a human voice.
עמוד 261 - The use of the posts was allowed to those who claimed it by an Imperial mandate; but though originally intended for the public service, it was sometimes indulged to the business or conveniency of private citizens.
עמוד 283 - Ayogi, in which several streets terminated, was embellished with temples and statues. It also contained the edifices, in which the senate, the ephori, and other bodies of magistrates assembled.
עמוד 68 - Athenian Letters, or the Epistolary Correspondence of an Agent of the King of Persia, residing at Athens during the Peloponnesian War.
עמוד 95 - ... the right of a person facing the altar; and so Cunningly contrived as to have a small aperture, easily concealed, and level with the surface of the rock. This was barely large enough to admit the entrance of a single person; who, having descended into the narrow passage, might creep...
עמוד 166 - When a general had obtained a signal victory, a thanksgiving was decreed by the Senate to be made in all the temples ; and what was called a Ltctisternium took place, when couches were spread...

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