תמונות בעמוד

pleased to place you in an inferior situation in life, and it is your duty to behave as becomes persons in that situation. All impudent, insolent, and even unmannerly behaviour towards your superiors or betters is contrary to your duty as Christians : if you are overbearing, proud, thinking too highly of yourselves, and despising others, you cannot be Christians: you must shew that you are humble in mind, in your behaviour to each other. A civil treatment to persons of your own colour is your duty. But I would wish to tell you of another kind of humility, which you must have, if you wish to be Christians : yoa must look upon yourselves as sinners, sinners in the eye of God, and you must own, that you are, on that account, deserving of punishment from God, when you come to die. When you think so, you will wish to be pardoned by God Almighty: and when, I tell you from the Bible, that he pardons none of us but for Jesus Christ's sake, and that unless we believe in Jesus Christ, we cannot expect forgiveness, you will, I suppose, be very anxious to believe in Jesus Christ, in order that God may forgive you what is past, be merciful unto you, and save you in the great and terrible day of judgment. It is on this account I am so wishful to make you Christians, because you cannot be saved unless you are Christians.

Our Saviour goes on: Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted : you may think those only happy people, who are for ever merry and laughing, and gay and jovial : your Saviour, however, did not think so: hecalls those blessed or happy, who are of a more serious temper, who think frequently of death and judgment, who think that life is too short to be spent in nothing but pleasure, but that it is to be spent in doing our duty in our station here, and in preparing our souls for that life to come, which is to last for ever. He calls those happy or blessed, who feel

sorry for their past sins, who are unhappy that they cannot be so good as they wish to be, and who pray to God to make them good Christians, before they die. Blessed, says our Saviour, are such people, for they shall be comforted, they shall be comforted here by peace of conscience, and comforted hereafter by God's mercy and pardon.

Our Saviour goes on: Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. My friends and hearers, nothing is so apt to make us both unhappy in ourselves and wicked towards others as a bad temper.

Such a temper is a curse on him, who has it, and on them, who are exposed to its fury. You may as well expect to carry a burning coal in your bosom, and not be burnt, as to carry in your heart a bad temper and to be happy. Can you be happy, while such a storm is raging within you, while fury is in your looks, your words,


and your actions, while you are boiling with rage and revenge? No! Whereas, when our temper is good, we are always at peace with others and ourselves, we forgive others for what they have done wrong to us, we fly out into no passion, we barbour no revenge, we put our heads on our pillows at night in peace with every body, Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth, they shall pass their days here in peace, and when they die, they shall go to that country, where peace, love, and joy for ever dwell.

Our Saviour goes on : Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. You all know what hunger and thirst are, and how uneasy you feel, till the one appetite is satisfied by meat and the other by drink. In the same manner, blessed are they who do not feel satisfied, till they are good, till they love God and their Saviour as all good people do. In a more particular man

ner, I would wish you, my friends, to hunger and thirst after instruction in this place, till you know all that your Saviour wishes you to do, till you believe in him fully, till you take him as your leader and guide through life and death, and till your souls are, what they ought to be, filled with all good thoughts. If you thus hunger and thirst after righteousness, holiness, and salvation, blessed and happy are ye, for ye shall be filled. God will send his Holy Spirit into your hearts, and make you full of all joy and peace in believing in Jesus Cbrist.

Our Saviour goes on: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. In this world, sin and sorrow abound. You see them wherever you look. Some are. wicked, doing spiteful things to others, tormenting and persecuting them in various ways. Others are shedding tears over sickness and death, over the loss of children, of friends, and relations. Now how

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