תמונות בעמוד

out seeing him, or touching him, he spoke the word, and she was released from the torments of the devil.

How much do I wish that the same faith could be shewn by all people, the same faitb in the blessed Jesus' that he is able to seek and to save every lost soul. Some persons have been pleased to call the slaves Heathens : and so undoubtedly too many of them are.

And it would appear as if they wished to remain so. They have no wish to eat of the crumbs which fall from the master's table. They have no desire to have the smallest knowledge of Jesus Christ. The woman of Canaan, though not a Jew, begged Jesus to heal her daughter, vexed with a devil. They have no wish of begging Jesus to drive the devil out of their hearts. They seem to think, if they think at all, that it will be as well with them in the next world, as if they were Christians. Poor ignorant creatures. God have mercy on them, and bring them to a sense of their danger. The time must come, when Jesus Christ will be preached to them, whether they will hear or not. And if they do not hear, they will feel the power of the devil, not in their bodies, but in their souls, not in this world only, but in hell.

As for those, who have been baptized, it is a very great sin in them, as is the case very often now to forsake the Church for feastings, and riotings, and dances. They have been made children: they make themselves the dogs: they might have eaten the bread: they will not, however, even take the crumbs. They have been called into their Saviour's kingdom: but they prefer the kingdom of the devil, and baptism will be of no more use to them, than water is to the hands, which are made filthy immediately after they have been washed.

This day, my friends and hearers, is Easter-day. It is kept holy to put us in mind that on this day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Let us, who are here assembled, close it as we ought. Let us look upon ourselves as having died with our Lord, that is, as having died unto sin. And let us look upon ourselves, this evening, as having risen with him, that is, as having risen with him to a new life. Oh could I but think, that it was so with you all: that you had begun to walk as new creatures, as persons alive from the dead, as people, who were formerly dead in sin, but are now alive unto all that is good, religious, and holy. I should bid you good speed in the Lord : I should tell you, as St. Paul did his disciples, What is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Are not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Cbrist at his coming? For ye are our glory and joy.

And now to God, &c.

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The Pharisees also with the Sadducees

came, and tempting, desired him, that he would shew them a sign from Heaven.

After our blessed Lord had finished feeding five thousand men, besides women and children, with only seven loaves of bread and a very few small fishes (which miracle was a proof both of his goodness and power) he took ship, and went into another part of the country. After some little time had passed, his old enemies, the Pharisees, came to him with the Sadducees, and begged him again to shew them some sign from Heaven. The sign they meant was his coming in the clouds of Heaven. This he would not do for them. He bad given them proofs enough that he was the


Son of God, and he seemed determined to grant them at present no other. He told them, that he would give them in time, another sign, and that would be his rising again from the grave, after he had lain three days in it. God is not bound to do whatever we ask. He has told us in plain terms in the Holy Bible, that there is a Heaven for good people, and a bell for bad ones; that no one can go to Heaven, who does not believe in Jesus Christ, and live a Christian life; that all sinners, who do not repent and change their lives, will go to hell, and be punished for ever

He bas told us all this very plainly by his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. And Jesus has done enough, to shew us that we cannot do wrong in be. lieving and obeying him; but if we go on, to expect that God will do more for us, will send an angel to convert us, or call us by a voice from Heaven to turn away from sins, we shall certainly be disappointed, and when we rise from the grave, we sball

and ever.

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