תמונות בעמוד

Pharisees despised. He shall not strive nor cry: neither shall any man hear his voice in the streets. What a picture of our Saviour's gentle and quiet disposition. His enemies may rail, but he is gentle: they may oppose him with noise and clamour, but he will go on with his work of teaching and of saving mankind with ease, with quietness, and with peace. A bruised reed he will not break: he will not oppress the oppressed, he will not add sorrow to the sorrowful : he will not overwhelm them whom the world and its distresses have already overwhelmed: and smoking flax will he not quench. If any one, however guilty and bad, feels the smallest wish to be good; if there be in such a person's mind any thing like a spark of virtue under a load of the ashes of vice, he will try to fan that spark into a flame of holiness and religion, he will try to draw away one servant of sin and the devil, and win one soul to holiness and happiness and Heaven. Oh! most adorable and lovely Jesus, may all thy followers resemble thee: and may we all wish and beg and pray to win souls to thee, to their God, and to those joys in Heaven, which eye bath not seen, nor ear heard. And in his name shall the Gentiles trust. This too, was said by the prophet, by him, who, as I have told you, sees, through the power of God, what is to happen. And it has so happened. The Jews refused to believe him, and still refuse. They, who were Gentiles or Heathens, accepted and believed in bim. And all who now believe and are called Christians on account of their belief, have descended from, and are the children of those Heathens or Gentiles. The slaves of this island, shall continue, most of them, to be Gentiles or Heathens : but God's word will be found true in the end, and they in time will trust in the name of Jesus. They, or their children will at last see that Jesus is the only name whereby they can be saved from hell, and they will turn from Satan to him. They may now follow their wicked ways, pass by the Church, and wonder what is the use of going into it: but their hearts or the hearts of their children, as sure as God's word is true, will be opened by the grace of God, and they will trust in the name of Jesus. They are now sheep out of our fold: but they or their children will hear the voice of their shepherd, Jesus Christ the righteous,' and will, before many years pass, be gathered into the same fold under the same shepherd. Let us pray that the time máy soon come: and may your example, 'my friends, serve to bring the wanderers home, be like a light to lighten them on their way, and a guide to shew them the path, which leads to the Saviour, to peace of conscience here, and to endless peace hereafter.

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Our Saviour now cured a blind and dumb man by only speaking to him and the man both saw and spoke. How would you have felt' could you have seen so great a thing

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done: and yet the same wicked Pharisees said, that Jesus cast out devils through the assistance of the devil. But how could that be! our Saviour asks. Would Satan cast out Satan? Would he assist another in driving him out of the bodies and souls of men? He must be divided against himself: and if he were divided against himself, his kingdom could not stand. Our Saviour sought to destroy the works of the devil. Would the devil help to destroy his own works? How foolish was the ill-natured saying. But it was wicked as well as foolish, for our Saviour goes on to say, that the man, who thought that his mighty works were done by the devil and not by the Spirit of God, would commit a sin, which would never be forgiven, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. Every other sin but this may be forgiven: but he, who commits this, puts himself out of the reach of forgiveness. He blasphemes that holy name through which alone he can be saved: he throws away

the only hope, on which he can lean, he denies the only Saviour of sinners. And I have no doubt, that this sin is even now committed by such persons as refuse to believe in Jesus Christ, and die without believing in him, though he has been preached to them, and they have heard of him, and have been called upon to believe in him. Our Saviour says, that all this wickedness of the Pharisees proceeded from a wicked heart. For he says, that if the tree is good, the fruit will be good, and if the tree is bad, the fruit will be bad. If the heart be made good by our prayers to God, who alone can bless our endeavours in making the heart good, it will bring forth good words, good thoughts, and good actions. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, and the whole man acteth. How then should this make us to pray to God continually to give us the good heart-to make a clean heart, and to renew a right spirit within us. God's grace can do every thing. But

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