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Orange, with youth, Experience has,

In Action young, in Council old : Orange is what Augustus was,

Brave, Wary, Provident and Bold.

On that fair Tree which bears his Name,

Blossomis and Fruit at once are found; In him we all admire the fame,

His flow'ry Youth with Wisdom crown'd.

Empire and Freedoni reconcil'd

In Holland are, by Great Nojau;
Like those he sprung from, just and mild,

To willing People he gives Law.
Thrice happy Pair, so near ally'd,

In Royal Blood, and Virtue too; Now Love has you together ty'd,

May none this Tripple Knot undo. The Church shall be the happy Place,

Where Streanis which from the fame source run, Tho' divers Lands a while they Grace,

Unite again, and are made one.

A thousand Thanks the Nation owes,

To him that does protect us all; For while he thus his Neice beftows,

About our Ille he builds a Wall;

A Wall like that which Athens had,

By th' Oracle's Advice, of Wood:
Had theirs been such, as Chales has made,

That mighty State 'till now had stood.





By Mrs. Wharton.

How hardly. I conceald my Tears ?

How oft did I complain?
When many tedious Days my Fears

Told me I lov'd in vain.
But now my Joys as wild are grown,

And hard to be conceald;
Sorrow may make a filent Moan,

But joy will be reveal'd.
I tell it to the Bleating Flocks,

T'every Stream and Tree,
And bless the hollow Murmuring Rocks,

For ecchoing back to me.
Thus you fee with how much Joy

We want, we wish, believe,
Tis hard fuch Passion to deftroy,

But easy to deceive.

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By Sir Charles Sedley.
GEAR not, my Dear, a Flame can never die

That is once kindled by so bright an Eye.
Look on thy felf, and measure thence my Love,
Think what a Pássion such a Form must move:


For tho' thy Beauty, first allur'd my Sight,
Yet now I look on it but as the Light,
That led me to the Treasury of thy Mind,
Whose inward Virtue in that Feature shin'd.
That Knot be confident) will ever last,
Which fancy ty'd, and Reason has made fast;
So fast, that Time (altho' it may difarm
Thy lovely Face) my Faith can never harm;
And Age, deluded when it comes, will find
My Love remov'd, and to thy Soul aflign'd.
The Passion I have now, shall ne'er grow less;
No, tho’thy own fair self shou'd it oppress, cc.


An ODE in Memory of Her Majesty Queen


By a Person of Quality

Eft Pictura loquens.
A Poem is a speaking Picture.


LONG our divided State,

Hung in the Ballance of a doubtful Fate; When one bright Nymph the gatheringClouds dispellid, And all the Griefs of Albion heal’d. Her the united Land obey'd, No more to Jealousies inclin'd, Nor fearing Pow'r with so much Virtue joyn'd. She knew her Task, and nicely understood



To what Intention Kings are made, Not for their own, but for their People's Gooch 'Twas that prevailing Argument alone, Determin'd her to fill the Vacant Throne; And yet with sadness the beheld, A Crown devolving on her Head, (By the Excesses of a Prince milled) When by her Royal Birth compellid Io what her God, and what her Country claim'd, (Tho' by a Servile Faction blam'd) How graceful were the Tears she thed!

When waiting only for a Wind,
Against our Ille. the Power of France was armd,
Here ruling Arts in all their Lustre shin'd;
The Winds themselves were by her Influence charmid,
While her Authority and Care supply'd,
That Safety which the want of Troops deny'd;
Secure and undisturb'd the Scene
Of Albion seem'd, and like her Eyes Serene,
Vaia was th' Invader's Force, Revenge and Pride,
Maria reign'd, and Heaven was on our side.
The Sceptre, by her self unfought,
Gave double Proofs of her Heroick Mind;
With Skill she fway'd it, and with Ease resign'd.
So the Dictator, from Retirements brought,
Repel'd the Danger that did Rome alarm,
And then return'd contented to his Firm.

Fatal to the Fair and Young,
Accurs’d Disease, how long
Have wretched Mothers mourn'd thy Rage,
Robb'd of the Hopes and Comfort of their Age?
From the unhappy Lovers side,
How often halt thou torn the Blooming Bride.


Now like a Tyrant, rising by Degrees
To worse Extremes, and blacker Villanies,
Practis'd in Ruin for some Ages past,
Thou hast brought forth a General one at laft!
Common Disasters forrow raise,
But Heaven's feverest Frowns amaze!
The QUEEN a Word, a Sound,
Of Nations once the Hope, and firm Support,
Wealth of the Needy, Guard of the Oppress'd,
The Joy of all, the Wiseft and the Best.
A Nanie that Echoes did rebound
With loud Applause from Neighb'ring Shores,
(Their Admiration, the Delight of ours)
Becomes unutterable now !
The Crouds in that dejected Court
Where Languishing MARIA lay,
Want Pow'r to ask the News they came to know,

Silent their drooping Heads they bow;
Silence it self Proclaims th' approaching Wee!

Ev'n he (MARIA's latest Care)

Whom Winter Seasons nor * contending Jove Nor watchful Fleets could from his glorious pur

(pose move: Intrepid in the Storms of War,

And in the midst of Aying Deaths sedate, Now trembles, now he finks beneath the mighty

( Weight, The Hero to the Man gives way,

Unhappy Ie, for half an Age a Prey
To fierce Diffenfion, or despotick Sway,
Redeem'd from Anarchy to be undone,
By the mistaken Measures of the Throne ;
Thy Monarchs meditating dark Designs,

Or boldly throwing off the Mask,
(Fond of the Power, unequal to the Task)

* Foul Weather

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