תמונות בעמוד


Alphabetical Index,

Explaining all the hard Words; for thic Ule of

the younger Sort of Readers,

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ABBY A Colledge of Monks.

To abjure, To swear against.
Abortive, untimely Birth, miscarrying.
Abridgemenii, the shortning of a Thing, the drawing

of a Discourse into fewer Words.
Absolute, perfect, compleat, also tied by no Laws
Abyss, the deep, or depth.
Accident, that which happens or befalls.
Accomplished, well qualified, compleat, finishedo
To acquire, to get.
Acrostick, a Copy of Verses whereof the firf Letters:

contain some Name or Sentence
To act, to do.
Active, doing, nimble.
Atna, a burning Mountain of Sicily.-
To adhere, to stick or cleave to.
Adieu, Farewel. To God; that is, God be with you.

or 1 commend you to God.-
Admiring, wondring.
To adore, to worship.
To adorn, to make fine or handsonie.
Adult, grown up to full Age.
Agent, a Doer, one that acts for another


Agony, friving or contending, a violent pain, or

uneasiness. Agreeable, pleafing, suitable with. To ail, to be ill, not easy. The air of the Face, the Shape, Figure. An alarm or alarum, an Outcry, a Fright; it is a

Sign of Arming, as niuch as to say, To your Arms. To alarm, to fright one. Albion, Great Britain, that is, England and Scot

land. To Alledge, to thew Reasons for, to cite or quote

Authors or Witnesses. Allied, related to, joyned with. Almighty, all powerful. Altern, by Turns, one after another. Allured, inticed, tempted, moved to. Amain, greatly, eagerly, with all ones Force. Amazonian, like the Amazons, a warlike Nation of

Women in Scythia.
Ambient Shores, furrounding, encompassing.
Ambiguous, doubtful, uncertain.
Ambull, a Place to hide in.
Ambition, too great a desire of Honour, Place, ca

Amiable, Lovely, or that may be loved.
Ammon, the Name of Jupiter, worshipped under

the Shape of a Ram, where he had also an

Oracle. Amorous, one that loves, full of love. Amphion, a famous Musician, who was said to move

the Walls by his Harmony. Ample, large, wide. Anagram, the changing the Order of the Letters. Anarchy, without Government, Disorder, Confus

fion. Ancestors, those that lived before us, Forefathers. Angelical or Angclick, like an Angel, or belonging to an Angel


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Annual, Yearly, every year. ·
Anthem, A Song to the Praise of God.
Antick, Imitating by Dancing or other Motions.
Antique, Old, Ancient.
Antidote - A Remedy against a Thing, properly a
gainst Poison.

Arxious, Uneafy, vexing, full of Thought.
To ape, To imitate, to do (like an Ape) as we fee

another do.
Apollo, The God of Musick, Poetry, “C..
Appetite, Desire, longing, having a Mind to. -
Applause, Praise, Commendation. -
Apt, Ready, fit.
Årdent, Eager, hurrying.
Aromatick, Spicy, Sweet-Scented.
Arduous, Hard, difficult.
Areeds, Discourses, Advices...
Artificer, Maker; Workman,
Artillery, Fire-Arms.
Ascent, Going upwards.
Aligned, Appointed, named.

Ask:ince, Alide, a-skue, a fquint...
Aspect, The Sight, Look.
To Alay or Elay, To try, to endeavour..

Afault. The setting upon, falling on, the Onfet.
Asthma, Hardness of 'Breathing, or Stoppage of

To Alume, To take upon one.
Athens, A City of Greece, famous for Learning

anel Learned Men. -
Atrophys. A Consumption, or pining away,.when

one's food does not nourilli one. To Attrét,,To draw to; Attraction, Drawing to;

Attractive, that draws to. To Avail, To help, to serve; also to profit, torbe : good for,


Audibly, Loudly, plainly to be heard.
Audience, Hearing; also the People met together

to hear.
To Augment, To increase, to make great or more.
Augury, A guesling or foretelling by Birds.
Autumn, Fall of the Leaf.
Axle or Axis, The long part that goes into the

Wheel, and ferves for Motion. Azure, Of a blue Colour.

B. BAal, A God of the Alyrians.

Bacchus, The God of Wine. Bale, Sorrow, Misfortune, also Sorrowful, cc. To Ballance, To equal the Weight, to even Accounts Bane, Ruin, Destruction. Battening, Growing big any way, getting Flesh. A Bay, A Road for Ships. Bays, Poetry, because the Poets were crowned

with the Bays Beacon, A Sign by Fire, a Watch-Tower. It corres

from to becken, which from the Saxon Becennan,

to make Signs. Beaux, Foppish Fellows, that mind nothing but

Beguiled, Cheated, deceived.
Behemoth, Supposed to be the Elephant.
Belgia, The Low-Countries, or Netherlands.
Bellona, The Goddess of War.
To Be-moan, To be forry for or with one, to bea

wail, lament.
Bett, Stake, Wager.
Benefit, Kindness.
Bent, Turn of Mind, Inclination, Purpose.
Bileous, Belonging to the Bile or Gall
Blasphemy, Speaking Evil of God.

Blafted, Blasted, As Fruit; hurt with the Winds, blafted

Reputation, hurt, damaged.
To Blemish, To spot, to defile.
Bliss, Happiness, from Blith, merry, gay, pleasant.
Blissful, Full of Happiness. See English Gram-

niar, po 171
Bloom or Blosom, The Flower.
Boding or Foreboding, Foretelling, frowing before.
Bondage, Slavery.
Bottom, 'Used for Ship.
Bower,'A Tent or Building of Leavesand Branches.
To Brandis, Fo flourish, swing about.
Brike, Taking of Money or Presents to do a thing.
Bridal-Lamp, The Marriage-Lamp.
Brinded, Streaked, speckled.
Brittle, Easy to break.
Brood,' A number of Children or Young ones.
Bumbást, Affected or great swelling Words, in-

pertinent Stuff; from Bumbaft, Cotton-stuffing. Burnished, Made fmooth or bright by rubbing.

C. CEleftial, Heavenly.

Callow, Not feathered. Calved, Brought forth. Calumny, Slander, false Accusation. Cancelled, Made void, when the Writing or Thing

is made of no force. Canifter, A Basket for Flowers or Bread, made of

Oliers or Willows, sometimes of Cane or Reed.
Now we call our little Vessels that hold Tea by

this Name.
Canopy, A Covering over the Head.
Canting-Strain, A singing, toning way.
Capacious, That can receive, hold, or contain a


great deal

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