Geography Made Easy: Being an Abridgement of the American Universal Geography ...

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Parker and Bliss, 1814 - 360 עמודים

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עמוד 110 - General Washington had, before this time, moved the main body of his army, together with the French troops, to the southward; and as soon...
עמוד 103 - Montgomery pursued his success, and took Montreal, and designed to push his victories to Quebec^ A body of troops, commanded by Arnold, was ordered to march to Canada, by the river Kennebec, and through the wilderness.
עמוד 21 - Twins, the Crab, the Lion, the Virgin, the Scales, the Scorpion, the Archer, the Goat, the Waterer, and the Fishes. Fig. 183. The 12 signs of the zodiac, together with the sun, and the earth revolving around him, are represented at fig.
עמוד 21 - They are as follows: 1. ARIES; 2. TAURUS; 3. GEMINI; 4. CANCER; 5. LEO; 6. VIRGO; 7. LIBRA; 8.
עמוד 107 - British army left Philadelphia, and marched for New York. On their march they were annoyed by the Americans; and at Monmouth a very regular action took place between part of the armies; the enemy was repulsed with great loss; and had General Lee obeyed his orders, a signal victory must have been obtained.
עמוד 106 - British also lost the Augusta, a ship of the line. But the forts were afterwards taken, and the navigation of the Delaware opened. General Washington was reinforced with part of the troops which had composed the northern army, under General Gates ; and both armies retired to winter quarters.
עמוד 104 - In November, Fort Washington, on York Island, was taken, and more than two thousand men made prisoners. Fort Lee, opposite to Fort Washington, on the Jersey shore, was soon after taken, but the garrison escaped. About the same time, General Clinton was...
עמוד 188 - ... strong a current as to give to the sand about its orifice the motion which it has in a boiling spring. On presenting a lighted candle or torch within...
עמוד 109 - British service, with a small number of troops sailed for Virginia, and plundered the country. This called the attention of the French fleet to that quarter; and a naval engagement took place between the English and French, in which some of the English ships were much damaged, and one entirely disabled.
עמוד 109 - From this period, things in this quarter wore a more favourable aspect. Colonel Tarleton, the active commander of the British legion, was defeated by general Morgan, the intrepid commander of the riflemen. After a variety of movements, the two armies met at Guilford, in North Carolina.

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