Dramatic and Prose Miscellanies: Lucianus redivivus: or, Dialogues concerning men and manners. A trip to Holland: containing sketches of character, with cursory observations on the manners and customs of the Dutch in 1770. Public prosperity: Letter addressed to the Right Hon. William Pitt, in 1792, for raising six millions sterling, and for employing that sum in loans to necessitous and industrious persons ... 3d ed. Saturnian times; or, A plan for abolishing the national religion in favour of the hero-worship of antiquity, addressed to the enlightened heathens of the British empire (2d ed., 1770)

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עמוד 180 - But oh ! what art can teach, What human voice can reach The sacred organ's praise ? Notes inspiring holy love, Notes that wing their heavenly ways To mend the choirs above.
עמוד 281 - He sacrifices virtue to convenience, and is so much more careful to please than to instruct, that he seems to write without any moral purpose.
עמוד 272 - And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are : for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
עמוד 282 - ... that the more diligently they were frequented, the more was the student disqualified for the world, because he found nothing there which he should ever meet in any other place. The same remark may be applied to every stage but that of Shakespeare.
עמוד 20 - Come, and trip it as you go On the light fantastic toe; And in thy right hand lead with thee The mountain nymph, sweet Liberty; And if I give thee honour due, Mirth, admit me of thy crew, To live with her, and live with thee In unreprove'd pleasures free...
עמוד 283 - The allurements of emendation are scarcely resistible. Conjecture has all the joy and all the pride of invention, and he that has once started a happy change, is too much delighted to consider what objections may rise against it.
עמוד 285 - I hope, illustrated some, which others have neglected or mistaken, sometimes by short remarks, or marginal directions, such as every editor has added at his will, and often by comments more laborious than the matter will seem to deserve ; but that which is most difficult is not always most important, and to an editor nothing is a trifle by which his author is obscured.
עמוד 132 - Sometimes one prince quarrels with another, for fear the other should quarrel with him. Sometimes a war is entered upon, because the enemy is too strong, and sometimes because he is too weak. Sometimes our...
עמוד 96 - How science dwindles, and how volumes swell. How commentators each dark passage shun, And hold their farthing candle to the Sun.
עמוד 20 - ... tastes the good without the fall to ill ; Where only Merit constant pay receives, Is...

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