Curiosities of Savage Life

כריכה קדמית
Beeton, 1863 - 418 עמודים

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עמוד 373 - Bushmen will kill their children without remorse, on various occasions ; as when they are ill-shaped, when they are in want of food, when the father of a child has forsaken its mother, or when obliged to flee from the farmers or others; in which case they will strangle them, smother them, cast them away in the desert, or bury them alive. There are instances of parents throwing their tender offspring to the hungry lion, who stands roaring before their cavern, refusing to depart till some peace-offering...
עמוד 329 - ... amongst the wild Indians in this country there are no beggars — no drunkards — and every man, from a beautiful natural precept, studies to keep his body and mind in such a healthy shape and condition as will at all times enable him to use his weapons in self-defence, or struggle for the prize in their manly games.
עמוד 226 - ... which Finow snatched the paper from his hand, and, with astonishment, looked at it, turned it round, and examined it in all directions: at length he exclaimed, "This is neither like myself nor any body else! where are my legs? how do you know it to be I?
עמוד 329 - Every man, woman, or child in Indian communities is allowed to enter any one's lodge, and even that of the chief of the nation, and eat when they are hungry, provided misfortune or necessity has driven them to it.
עמוד 123 - ... until the blood could be seen trickling down over his naked shoulders, upon which he instantly dismounted, and placed the bridle and whip in his hands, saying, ' Here, you are a beggar ; I present you a horse, but you will carry my mark on your back.
עמוד 106 - Hine-Moa knew the voice, that the sound of it was that of the beloved of her heart ; and she hid herself under the overhanging rocks of the hot spring ; but her hiding was hardly a real hiding, but rather a bashful concealing of herself from Tutanekai, that he might not find her at once, but only after trouble and careful searching for her.
עמוד 37 - ... which he was destined, would have so impaired his health and affected his imagination, as to have sent him to his long sleep, out of the way of any more sufferings. — Probably this would have been the case with the major part of white people under similar circumstances ; but I never knew this with any of the Indians : and this cool-headed, brave warrior, did not deviate from their rough lessons of martial virtue, but acted his part so well as to surprise and sorely vex his numerous enemies...
עמוד 320 - Havvo o ing satisfied the Mosaical law, according to his conception, by pouring these six or seven drops upon the ground, two or more of them fall to work ; on the back of the beast, and on each side of the spine they cut...
עמוד 119 - Indians procure the red stone for their pipes, by digging through the soil and several slaty layers of the red stone, to the depth of four or five feet.* From the very numerous marks of ancient and modern diggings or excavations, it would appear that this place has been for many centuries resorted to for the red stone; and from the great number of graves and remains of ancient fortifications in its vicinity, it would seem, as well as from their actual traditions, that the Indian tribes have long...
עמוד 38 - He accordingly crept forward, took one of their tomahawks, and killed them all on the spot ; clothed himself, took a choice gun, and as much ammunition and provisions as he could well carry in a running march. He set off afresh with a light heart, and did not sleep for several successive nights, except when he reclined as usual a little before day, with his back to a tree.

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