The Exploration of Australia, כרך 2

כריכה קדמית
G. Philip, 1896 - 236 עמודים

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עמוד 62 - Mr Kennedy, are you going to leave me?" and he said, "Yes, my boy, I am going to leave you;" he said, "I am very bad, Jackey; you take the books, Jackey, to the captain, but not the big ones, the Governor will give anything for them." I then tied up the papers; he then said, "Jackey, give me paper and I will write.
עמוד 63 - That night I left him near dark. I would go through the scrub, and the blacks threw spears at me — a good many — and I went back again into the scrub. Then I went down the creek, which runs into Escape river, and I walked along the water in the creek very easy, with my head only above water, to avoid the blacks and get out of their way. In this way I went half a mile ; then I got out of the creek and got clear of them, and walked on all night nearly, and slept in the bush without a fire.
עמוד 345 - ... should also go down ; and from this time they seemed to look upon me as one of themselves, and supplied me with fish and nardoo regularly : they were very anxious, however, to know where Mr. Burke lay, and one day when we were fishing in the water-holes close by, I took them to the spot. On seeing his remains, the whole party wept bitterly, and covered them with bushes. After this, they were much kinder to me than before...
עמוד 345 - ... would give me more only she had such a sore arm that she was unable to pound. She showed me a sore on her arm, and the thought struck me that I would boil some water in the billy and wash her arm with a sponge. During the operation, the whole tribe sat round and were muttering one to another. Her husband sat down by her side, and she was crying all the time. After I had washed it, I touched it with some nitrate of silver, when she began to yell, and ran off, crying out, 'Mokow! Mokow!
עמוד 30 - This really was nothing ideal ; everything, both animate and inanimate, gave way before it ; the horses stood with their backs to the wind and their noses to the ground, without the muscular strength to raise their heads ; the birds were mute, and the leaves of the trees under which we were sitting fell like a snow shower around us.
עמוד 53 - Ye shall kneel down around the dead, And wait upon your God in prayer. What though no reverend man be near, No anthem pour its solemn breath, No holy walls invest his bier With all the...
עמוד 62 - Then a good many blackfellows came behind in the scrub, and threw plenty of spears, and hit Mr Kennedy in the back first. Mr Kennedy said to me, 'Oh! Jackey, Jackey! shoot 'em, shoot 'em.
עמוד 342 - ... upon which they made signs that they were going up the creek, and that he had better go down: they packed up and left the camp, giving Mr. Wills a little nardoo to take to us. During his absence, while Mr. Burke was cooking some fish during a strong wind, the flames caught the gunyah and burned so rapidly that we were unable not only to put it out but to save any of our things, excepting one revolver and a gun. Mr. Wills having returned, it was decided to go up the creek and live with the natives...
עמוד 62 - I pulled out the spear at once from Mr Kennedy's back, and cut out the jag with Mr Kennedy's knife; then Mr Kennedy got his gun and snapped, but the gun would not go off. The blacks sneaked all along by the trees, and speared Mr Kennedy again in the right leg, above the knee a little, and I got speared over the eye, and the blacks were now throwing their spears all ways, never...
עמוד 51 - The only serious accident that has happened was the loss of a spade : but we are fortunate enough to make it up on this station, where the superintendent is going to spare us one of his. Though the days are still very hot, the beautiful clear nights are cool, and benumb the mosquitoes, which have ceased to trouble us.

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