Some Account of the Life and Writings of John Milton: Derived Principally from Documents in His Majesty's State-paper Office, Now First Published

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C. and J. Rivington, 1826 - 370 עמודים

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עמוד xx - riming parasite ; nor to be obtained by the invocation of Dame Memory and her Siren Daughters, but by devout prayer to that Eternal Spirit, who can enrich with all utterance and knowledge, and sends out his Seraphim, with the hallowed
עמוד 315 - Solicit not thy thoughts with matters hid ; " Leave them to God above : Him serve, and fear ! " Heaven is for thee too high " To know what passes there : Be lowly wise : " Think only what concerns thee, and thy being ; " Dream not of other worlds, what creatures there " Live, in what state, condition, or degree.
עמוד 47 - In thy right hand lead with thee " The mountain-nymph, sweet Liberty ; " And, if I give thee honour due, " Mirth, admit me of thy crew ; " To live with her, and live with thee, " In unreproved pleasures free.
עמוד 222 - Of heavenly grace : and, God proclaiming peace, " Yet live in hatred, enmity, and strife, " Among themselves, and levy cruel wars, " Wasting the earth, each other to destroy ; " As if (which might induce us to accord) " Man had not hellish foes enow besides, " That, day and night, for his destruction wait.
עמוד 317 - Thee next they sang of all creation first, " Begotten Son, Divine Similitude, " In whose conspicuous countenance, without cloud " Made visible, the Almighty Father shines, " Whom else no creature can behold ; on thee " Impress'd the effulgence of his glory abides, " Transfus'd on thee his ample Spirit rests.
עמוד 331 - ' to be of no church is dangerous. Religion, of which the rewards are distant, and which is animated only by faith and hope, will glide by degrees out of the mind, unless it be invigorated and reimpressed by external ordinances, by stated calls to worship, and the salutary influence of example.
עמוד 97 - lawfull, and hath been held so through all ages, for any, who have the power, to call to account a tyrant, or wicked king ; and, after due conviction, to depose, and put him to death, if the ordinary magistrate have neglected or denied to do it : And that they, who of late so much blame deposing, are the men that did it themselves,
עמוד 316 - As may advise him of his happy state, " Happiness in his power left free to will, " Left to his own free will, his will though free, " Yet mutable ; whence warn him to beware " He swerve not, too secure.
עמוד 230 - which in his youth grew daily upon him, that by labour and intense study he might perhaps leave something so written to after-times, as they should not willingly let it die ;
עמוד 22 - Towers and battlements it sees " Bosom'd high in tufted trees, " Where perhaps some Beauty lies, " The Cynosure of neighbouring eyes.

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